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  1. Hi there imps could someone make me a between 130 and 155 summon/vit/res osa set
  2. Class: Eniripsa Build: Cha/agi Kamas/time available: Not rich, but got enough for trophies and gear Current team: none, just a kolosokens farmer/pvper Lvl range: 150 Comments: i know about grozilla at 158 but just wanna know what to wear before that. thnx in advance
  3. guys, whats the best alt for a strength sacrier? hes lvl 162
  4. Hello imps, So i have a lvl 156 sacrier (str atm) and i was wondering if is houd stay str or change to a other element.. And my second question (i know loaaaaaads of people aks this xD): how can i make kamas? I have a lvl 60 lumberjack a lvl 78 miner and ofcourse my 156 sac Thanks in advance! -koekenbakker
  5. But hits are gonna be pretty low on a hybrid arent they?
  6. Hello imps ^^, So im planning on making a panda but i really dont know what build (and ofcourse what set). So far ive made this 2 sets on dofusbook ( a str one and a int one):http://dofusbook.net/perso/Trikman7/strpandabosssss-1.html (str one) http://dofusbook.net/perso/Trikman7/strpandabosssss-2.html ( int one) I wanna do kolo on lower lvls (130-150, this is also lvl range) but wanna do pvm when i get higher! So anybody got some advice? Thanks in advance ~koekenbakker
  7. Okay maybe this looks a bit weird but: Class: any Build: any Kamas/time available: no exos or dofuses:( Current team: none Lvl range: 120-140 Extra comments: I just want a fun class which is good in kolo but i do wanna go pvm when it gets higher... PvP or PvM oriented: pvp (mainly kolo) and at higher lvls pvm
  8. Hmm okay anyone got Some tips on lvling miner and lj? (Like what alloys to craft, were to mine/lj)
  9. BUMP got 60 lumberjack and 100 jewelmagus now
  10. Okay masters teach me how to make the 6mk then Professions in first post -koekenbakker
  11. The problem is i dont got 6mk just laying around xD and im probaly gonna sell it after a while xD
  12. But cobalt is such a pain in The ass to farm anybody got tips on Farming cobalt AND lvling shovel Smith?
  13. Yo imps! So i Wanna mp mage a gelano, but to do that i need mp runes (duh!) And i cant really find a good way.. Anyone got tips i got 55 lumberjack and 73 miner Thanks for reading and answering(maybe) -Koekenbakker
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