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  1. Another major hurdle for new players is complete lack of information regarding classes, spells builds etc. Also, how to get items, etc is also not documented any where. Dota 2 has a nice concept of in-game guides. Something like this should be available in Dofus.
  2. Can someone please point me to an Osa guide which is up to date ? Which spells to lvl and the recommended gear etc. Currently , i am 31 with all points invested in wisdom. So far Summons (Goball) is able to deal with most things. But would like to what spells to lvl and equipment to use. thank you.
  3. Newly started on Dofus (have some prior experience from couple years back). Currently i am playing an Osa (starting fresh, so lvl 30 atm) on zatoishwan (which seems to be empty :P )
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