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  1. Hey, i know dofus for a long time but was taking alot of brakes from it, most of my friends have stoped playing, i was originaly from Rosal. Was interested to find some friends who might help me to do some pvm stuff? Recently a friend of myne stole all my stuff, got like only noob equips left, soo was wondering if someone is doing some hunts and stuff i could join? Or just some suggestions how to even get a set xD, and get back on my feet? Looking forward to meeting some new friends , my IGN - Viners-lv, Endrulv P.S i hope i didnt write this in the wrong section of the forum. Cheers!
  2. Fireskelet

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    I feel for your loss, i got scamed by a friend 2 days ago... I dont understand how ppl do that, i considered him friend we were playing together for a while already and he just took all my stuff... All i had was orche and level 200 set, now got nothing left. Dont feel any motivaion to play again. Such a waste.
  3. I am buying ap range and vit gelano all on one ring! Place your offers and IGNs here or pm me IG Viners-lv !
  4. Fireskelet

    B> 11ch Turq

    Up! paying max 25mk for it !
  5. Fireskelet

    B> 11ch Turq

    Bump! Paying 20mk for it !!
  6. Fireskelet

    Closed. :D

    Hi i am interested. Could we continue to discuss on PM or in game? IGN --> Viners-lv
  7. Fireskelet

    S> Bunch of Exos (Buying Too!)

    I would buy cheap and sell for profit, if i see an oportunity to buy something cheap i do that. And i have done that some times already. I am not saying he has to buy cheap and sell cheap. I wouldnt be offended if he made thous exos himself, lucky you if you maged them with 1-5 runes. Like i said i am not trying to offend anyone. I would be much happier if he made all of thous exos himself. And i wiouldnt care how much he profits from them.
  8. Fireskelet

    S> Bunch of Exos (Buying Too!)

    I thought you are transfering back and forth from other serfers before you posted that in one of replys. The reply was not ment to be offencive. But when i see your merch or this thread it looks like greed cose you got too many exos, i dont think that demand is so high. Or you are geting them realy cheap. Also you replayed to me that orches dont sell so cheap in my thread when i was buying orche, but you were the last person who had to say that cose you are kinda bussinesman and you have bought something real cheap and resold for big profit.
  9. Fireskelet

    B> 11ch Turq

    Like the title says i am buying 11ch turq. Reply with offer in comment here, send a message or pm in game IGN--> Viners-lv
  10. Fireskelet

    S> Bunch of Exos (Buying Too!)

    Yea like i thought that this is not at all clean bussines, yust someone trasfering and then selling for profit... Wich server are you cleaning up from exos to deliver them to rosal? Probably Rushu? Profit for each item is how big? About 10mk? Maybe 20? Cose of the amounts of crap your flooding dofus with looks like that...
  11. Fireskelet

    B> AP Soft oak ring

    Gona check your merch when i got online, but i think thats too much for me, i was thinking about paying around 16mk for the ring.
  12. I am buying AP Soft oak ring. Reply here or in game. IGN ---> Viners-lv Edit: Bought
  13. Fireskelet

    B> Orche

    Whats your problem this is my Topic!?
  14. Fireskelet

    B> Orche

    I am aware of prices you sold your Orches and how much others pay for them, i know i am looking for real cheap seller but i dont have too much money to spend. Maybe i get lucky and someone will sell me it cheaper, i have talked to ppl who buy orches for 50+ mk and then resell them.
  15. Fireskelet

    B> Orche

    Buying orche for 50+mk