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  1. Thanks for all the sweet stuff you've said about me man, we're all going to miss you xD we've had some rough fights over the years, and now we're just like the day you first moved to Solar haha! I don't think we're ever going to forget those totally WTF moments we had on goult this year to be honest, crazy stuff man! Ulalala take care and chat on skype whenever you feel like it bro, peace! :D
  2. don't forget the part kraz got resurrected and instantly wrathed a lucked + bastioned iop which ended up fully healing + buffing him. lel
  3. Hey guys, I'd like to also point this out. Could be the same person I guess? I saw it coming so I just went along with it, then he immediately enemy listed me.
  4. intense fight, long map xelor/cra/sadi/feca/eni vs panda/iop/feca/osa
  5. -Larry

    RIP Solar

    Nah everything seems to be fine. for now..
  6. -Larry

    RIP Solar

    lmao inb4 rollback
  7. Same here, also whenever I re-install the game, it works fine until after I open 3 dofus windows at once, then the launcher crashes and the sound goes off. Edit : looks like todays maintenance fixed my uplauncher problems, so it should be fine for everyone else as well
  8. Finally our guild reached lv.200! wooo!!! :) Congrats TA!
  9. successfully duoed count with Sram/Osa, big thanks to Mewisking for helping ! :D
  10. Been having the same problem, I had to wait atleast 2 hours inside the maze while killing mobs with no success
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