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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a low level Golden/Emerald Seemyool. I'm not sure on the prices, but the ones in the market feel overpriced. I'm willing to discuss the amount, but my initial offer is 350KK for a level 1-5 Golden/Emerald Seemyool. Please leave a post here, or message me in game [Tfc-Tear] if you have one for sale. Thanks. :)
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a 'The Dorado' for 20mk. Please PM me in-game, or post here if you have one for sale. My user is Tfc-Tear. Thanks. :)
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering what the current price of Castuc Cocktail is. I'm also trying to buy one, so if you would like to sell, please contact me in-game, or just post here. My user is Tfc-Tear Thanks. :)
  4. Just came back recently, and was wondering if I could test a few things out. If anybody has a spare water maged Ethical Wand, Major Powerhouse, Powerhouse, and Major Barbarian trophies to lend out, it would be greatly appreciated. My in-game user is (Shi)Tfc-Tear.
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