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  1. Animuffin

    IV Speedruns: Stage ONE

    benu r u ok
  2. Animuffin

    IV Speedruns: Stage ONE

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  5. Animuffin

    Post your goals and achievements

    one eternity later (-: many many many thanks to @ReaperSurm @Pagonis @Casino-Royal @Rootan @Bob-skittle alex jesse + many others!
  6. Animuffin


    The results are in... and wow were they close! The judges were extremely impressed with your originality and imaginations. With no further ado, here are your winners of Dofus Fashion Weeks, winning 2mk for each category! Nimaltopia Oasis - Filth Feelin hot, hot, hot - Jodx Belly of the Whale - Filth Lost in Another Dimension - Pagonis Oh, Wymi? - Filth Catch me at the Trool Fair - Rangiku-matsu-moto Feelin Royal - Snips You Jelly? - Jodx Mist Opportunity - Aureus Life's a Beach - Filth Do You Mine? - Jodx Honey, I'm Home - Jodx Filth scored a perfect score of 60/60 in the "Life's a Beach" category, closely followed by Rangiku-matsu-moto's 58/60 in "Catch me at the Trool Fair", making them the two overall winners of the ImpsVillage sponsored contest and earning them 2 mimisymbics each! Next we have the winners of the twitter raffle, winning a blue mystery box each! Ryu-roo Somniatis ...and finally, our ten honorable mentions, who were close runner-ups, winning 500kk each! Barley-maid Profus Just-Monika Tompicatju Fravanlan Vastelord Bellutrix Pac-Man Ryu-roo Somniatis Congratulations winners! Thank you so much again to our Judges Manaia, Sabi, Kikn, anjulica, Capngoat, and John Winners, please contact me on discord (Amber#5839), by DM on imps or ankabox, or pm me in game to collect your prizes!
  7. Animuffin


    Quick update: Winners will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday). Stay tuned!
  8. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    The player with the most kills in the finals (and the winner of the "Event Winners" title on Imps Village) is... Killer-Spirituel! Congratulations @KillerSpirituel
  9. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Thank you to our @Participants for participating, and @Referees for all of the time and energy that you invested in this tournament. And, as always, thank you so very much to all of our wonderful donors for sponsoring the prize pool for this tournament and for all events, we are so so grateful Congratulations to the champions of Echominator, team KAJA! And congratulations to the members of Recnac for placing second! You both were incredible. We will contact the CM about the results of the tournament for your battler shields to be issued.
  10. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    ROUND TWO --> RECNAC The final round will be starting shortly on map 13
  11. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    ROUND ONE --> KAJA Round two for the finals of Echominator is going on now at Goult map A X!
  12. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Congratulations Unique for placing third in Echominator! Prizes will be distributed at the conclusion of the event. The finals will be beginning soon. It'll be a best of three, with the first match on map A XVI. We'll be heading over there now.
  13. Animuffin

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    Defi's Mum will be replacing Guy Chill because they are unable to make it. Their match will be on map 17. Unique v Defi's Mum // map 17 // Animuffin KAJA v Recnac // map 16, 10, 13 // Morcha GOING ON NOW AT MAP 17: UNIQUE V DEFI'S MUM