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  1. What the fuck y’all edit: sorry for getting back to this so late though. I just wanted to post as a warning to not make the same mistake, even if you trust the person enough to meet up. Literally took him 4 days to be forgiven and invited back to his guild (and he seems to be coming up with a new story everyday). Also I just wanted to say thank you so, so much to all of you who offered to help me out with regearing To be honest I don’t have the motivation to play anymore, but if I do come back in the future for any events I would be very grateful for your help. I’m always
  2. Final update: Donee Odegard, Sarah’s mother, has been added as the GoFundMe campaign’s beneficiary and is now in direct control of the funds. Arrangements for Sarah’s transportation are in place. In addition to your donations allowing her mother time to grieve without financial worry, your kind words have also been passed on to Sarah’s family and community back home. We hope this can help paint a picture of how far and how expansive Sarah’s light had spread. Sarah, you are loved and deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.
  3. Update 3: We are currently at $57,000. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your thoughts. Sarah's killer made his first court appearance Friday and remains in custody.
  4. Update 1: Sarah’s boyfriend, Nico, is our main point of contact and will be helping us add her mother as the beneficiary. Her mother and stepfather will arrive in NL Saturday. The family has received a new inclusive estimate of transportation and funeral costs at $40,000. In total, the US/Dofus/NL funds have reached roughly $30,000. From Sarah’s friend: “Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your generosity to Sarah’s family. Her parents are heading overseas today. There have been some questions about costs etc. The goal on this fundraiser is just an estimate of travel costs, funeral
  5. Sarah’s nickname on dofus growing up was “cc” after her iop Casper-Cutie. We both started out on Rosal as 11/12 year olds and we spent all day everyday together at -10,24 talking about life. The little things. Transitioning into new schools. First crushes. Staying up past bedtime texting because we were so fascinated by our first cell phones. She wanted to be an astronaut back then. A few weeks before this happened, Sarah talked about how she didn’t feel like people were proud of her diligence and her accomplishments. Sarah had to go through the pain of her brothers suicide. She t
  6. Sarah Papenheim, who many of you know as Wink-Wink on Dofus, passed on Wednesday at the hands of her roommate. Sarah was a bright, kind, thoughtful, beautiful soul who touched the lives of so many people including those in our community here. Her family wants to bring her home but they are unable to afford the cost of the transportation, which is estimated to be around 40,000 USD. Sarah has been a member of our community for over a decade and she has become more than a friend to so many of us. Those who knew her know of her unwavering dedication to her family and friends. She has helped her Do
  7. IGN: Killer-Spirituel (KillerSpritualYT) lvl 200 Elio - Echo Hi Kuru. Your VPN messed up when you were cleaning out my account and trying to pin it on another Dofus player. Also just so you know (and we both know you do because you knew to clean out the paddocks on my noob alt), breeding is how I funded community events. Tldr;; had a fight. A couple of hours later, he accesses my account after a week of not logging. Not subbed and zero reason to log me. IP is an exact match to his home city and to his main account. Two minutes after he connects on web via his own IP, he uses a VPN s
  8. Congratulations to our tournament @Champions , Nabila! Prizes for our top three teams have been distributed, and battler items for our winning team will be distributed by the CM in the coming days. Any future events will be advertised on this server, but in the meantime please feel free to use this server to chat with others. Thank you for participating!
  9. UPDATE: The finals of Echo Tournaments S1, Nice Boonax v Nabila, is scheduled to begin at 21:00 DUT (roughly 30 mins). Match 1: Map 6 Match 2: Map 4 Match 4: Map 7 See you then @everyone !
  10. THIRD PLACE FIGHT 19:00 Unique v Viol CHAMPIONSHIP 20:00 (best of three) Nice Boonax v Nabila @Unique @Viol Reminder that map bans are due by 13:00 Sunday. @Finalists Ban 3 maps and we'll roll three - you'll begin immediately after the third place fight. Good luck! EDIT: Fights have been postponed until further notice.
  11. @Participants The bracket for tomorrow has been posted below - remember you will be fighting a second match tomorrow after winners from the first round have been decided. Because of this, we ask that teams complete their matches according to the official schedule times. The deadline to submit map bans has been extended to 13:00 Saturday DUT. See you tomorrow! Nabila v Hejo Fedora Family Kaja v Unique Viol v Underdogs Nice Boonax v J'ai piqué ton marj
  12. ROUND FIVE Nabila – 300 Viol - 245 Jai cassé mon clavier - 200 KAJA - 135 Nice Boonax - 190 Underdogs - 175 J'ai piqué ton marj - 120 HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - 25 Conciliare - Withdrawn Unique - Withdrawn ROUND SIX Nabila – 360 Viol - 250 Jai cassé mon clavier – 200* KAJA - 195 Nice Boonax – 190* Underdogs - 180 J'ai piqué ton marj - 180 HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - 85 Conciliare – Withdrawn Unique - Withdrawn `*TBA Round 7 Concilliare(withdrawn) v KAJA HEJO FEDORA FAMILY v Unique(withdrawn) Nice Boonax v Viol Jai cassé mon cla
  13. Round 5 J'ai piqué ton marj v Nabila - Map 10 - Jox Unique [withdrawn] v Viol Underdogs v HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - Map 12 - Flaming-desire Nice Boonax v KAJA - Map 16 - Kenjamin Jai cassé mon clavier v Concilliare [withdrawn] Round 6 Viol v J'ai piqué ton marj - Map 9 - Jox KAJA v Underdogs - Map 11 - Flaming-desire HEJO FEDORA FAMILY v Concilliare [withdrawn] Nice Boonax v Jai cassé mon clavier - Map 8 - Kenjamin Nabila v Unique [withdrawn] Referees and maps are posted above. Good luck!
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