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Everything posted by Punkowiec

  1. Punkowiec

    Population on 1.29

    I remember when they released official 1.29, i played few h and i decided to go on gob dun, i had no recall potions, i couldn't enter a fight or leave so i came back on echo xD
  2. Punkowiec

    The last rock

    Hi, i can't progress the quest and nothing happens ;f any ideas?
  3. Punkowiec

    The last rock

    i tried everything, i have this issue from few days. There should appears 2 NPC but nothing happens
  4. Punkowiec

    The last rock

    yes, i do
  5. Punkowiec

    Show off your new colours

    (panda and sram ain't mine but i like this pic)
  6. Punkowiec

    Transendence Runes

    There's any condition to buy it?(achievements) except that such amount of dream reflection ._.
  7. Punkowiec

    The official newbie question thread!

    Can any1 explain me why i can't buy orgines? i tried to make an offer but i had the same alert edit.
  8. Punkowiec

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    What kids with cancer have in common with filzpunkte jokes?
  9. Punkowiec

    B> Vulbis dofus

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Punkowiec

    B> paddocks

    8 slots -> 9mk 9 slots -> 11mk 10 slots -> 13mk 11 slots -> 15mk 12 slots -> 16mk 13 slots -> 18mk 14 slots -> 20mk 15 slots -> 22mk 16 slots -> 25mk 17 slots -> 28mk 18 slots -> 35mk 19 slots -> 40mk 21 slots -> 80mk prices are negotiable
  11. Punkowiec

    Redesign of Pets

    Whether the diet will affect the xp from super croquette?
  12. Punkowiec

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    nice 1ap :^)
  13. Punkowiec

    The "What gear should I use" thread

  14. Punkowiec

    B> pets without stats

    Hi, i would like to buy these pets without stats Boarhog 1mk Tatouh 1mk Fosfor 400 kk Maulleycat 1.1mk Black dragoone 440kk Friendrake 1.4mk Bulbutting 200kk I can negotiate the price
  15. Punkowiec

    Redesign of Pets

    It's seems to me that best way to xp them is to feed them with [Enriched Croquette] 1lvl->80lvl 47,5k xp 80->101lvl ~197k xp so, for 101lvl pet u need 39.4k kolossokens
  16. Punkowiec

    Redesign of Pets

    Umm, what gonna happen to pet hormones and improvement potions?
  17. Punkowiec

    Alliance [PvM]

    Hi, if you already have enough of strictly pvp alliances, You've came to the right place. I won't force anyone to defence percs or do koths, Whoever want to do it, go for it if you like The only thing i want from you is to keep the atmosphere friendly x)
  18. Punkowiec

    Idol score and Prospecting

    The more pp u have, the less % u'll get 166pp+342% = ~733 307pp+224% = 994 quick maths +group idols doesn't work on protectors
  19. Punkowiec

    Rhineetle eq [0,0]

    I can trade or nego the price
  20. Punkowiec

    Rank 5 alignment quest

    He's there