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  1. Catseye dice - 120kk ea Koutoulou larva wing -100kk ea Meno's hair -90kk ea Dantinea's dentures - 80kk ea Solar's brain -90kk ea bethel's akarna tail - 130kk ea tal kasha hair - 45kk ea Turtelonia's Scale -40kk ea Count Harebourg's Scapula - 45kk ea Vortex wing - 140kk ea Klime's Moustache -14kk ea Sylargh's Wool - 24kk ea The Queen of Thieves' Embroidery - 50kk ea Protoz'orror Nucleus - 170kk ea Ougaa eye - 9kk ea Kanigrula Fur -4kk ea Ice powder -32kk ea Bworker nail -24kk ea Minotot Ethmoid -34kk ea Wurmlord Eye -13kk ea Kimbo Sphenoid -23kk ea + Sparkling pebble - 165kk ea Tourmaline - 44kk ea
  2. I guess this thread can't be used anymore ;_; *(except for 1.29 players)
  3. #Woof literally 3h ago ,i almost collected 2bk' #now 30mk discount ples xDD
  4. Veri fast and professional service. Price 11/10, he made 100% discount for his leader
  5. I remember when they released official 1.29, i played few h and i decided to go on gob dun, i had no recall potions, i couldn't enter a fight or leave so i came back on echo xD
  6. i tried everything, i have this issue from few days. There should appears 2 NPC but nothing happens
  7. Hi, i can't progress the quest and nothing happens ;f any ideas?
  8. (panda and sram ain't mine but i like this pic)
  9. There's any condition to buy it?(achievements) except that such amount of dream reflection ._.
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