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  1. What I Have Acct1: 200 Strength Sadida Acct2: 200 Intell Eniripsa Acct3: 200 Strength/Intell Iop Acct4: 200 Agi Sacrier Acct5: 200 Cha Panda Acct6: 200 Cha/Mp Rape Enu Acct7: 200 Strength Cra What I Want the last addition to my pvm team Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: whatever would fit best to be able to run most dungeons/do achievs, 200 score Leaning Toward: so far the advice has been to get any build eliotrope or a rogue, not sure what build pvm rogues are usually, I know nothing about them really so any advice on what class/particular build to do would be appreciated!
  2. will pay between 8-10mk, PM me in game or message here
  3. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1150-bug-reporting/335206-rollback-glitch as well
  4. I'm on the server Echo and have 7 characters. A day ago my friend was rolled back and no one else we knew was. But today, I logged into my accounts and found that they have been "partially" rolled back.I noticed I still have the achievement points I earned yesterday, yet I sold a Green Piwin for 5.4mk and now both the original kamas from the sale and the Green Piwin are nowhere to be found. On my other characters, some of them no longer have completed a bounty quest that I completed TWO days ago on my entire team. I lost all the scrolling I did for my enu as well and since the rollbacks appear to vary for each character, it won't be easy to make up for it. I'm assuming this is all a huge glitch. I opened up a support ticket as well. I also don't know how many other people are being affected by it but it appears all 7 characters of mine have been affected. I'm also wondering how the support team usually reacts to these kind of issues and what kind of compensation I might receive once they review the ticket. God help me if they're only going to offer those compensokens for all this damage. Thank you...hope to hear from someone soon or others experiencing something similar...
  5. back again going strong since 2017 >:) also I really need 7mk for a green piwin so...
  6. holiday season vibes let's get that kwismas spirit going
  7. That is not how I fixed it, I had to clear the cache because by changing the dpi compatibility it messes the whole thing up even after I reset it to default (I have display issues bc of my laptop) but nice try!
  8. There are currently none in market...please PM me here on in game (Bellutrix). Thanks
  9. No MP exos currently in market...please PM me here or in game (Bellutrix)! thanks
  10. Hello, I need to get 1 level 200 pvm iop through MF for an achievement but can't seem to defeat the boss with all these glitches. Will pay a good amount...message me on imps or pm me in game (Bellutrix) if you would be willing to help me get through! Merci d'avance
  11. Offering around 8mk PM Bellutrix or post here
  12. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Amaknians and the First Men, Khuleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, & Mother of Dragoones (Nickname: Charnahh) The world is made of faith, trust, & eniripsa dust... (Nickname: Hanlotte) Escape from Azkaban (Nickname: xcharx)
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