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    Farming cigan dofus:*
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    I'm hunting in gypsy ghetto ;)

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  1. :unsure: Person do ya have any old french/spanish you could give me? I want start business pls don't be bitch :rolleyes:
  2. Current 2.17 feanor is better I think That +MP pet looks nice but lmao ;D it looks pretty funny :P
  3. FFXIV ARR any1? :) I'm playing on EU - Ragnarok ;c
  4. Make me one sig with nice asian girls big tits and hispanic shield and Iop frizz hat inky there plzz i give you some kamas on rushu for it ty -Rik
  5. dis video is boring ... >.> there is no music. add some or speak >.<
  6. butcher + some profs on other char ;)
  7. Guys so Miner Farmer Lumber on iop Hunter Alchemist Handyman on Eca?
  8. guyz atm I have no profession on my ecaflip and my iop what professions should I take? I'm fishmonger and fisherman on my other acc - enu and on my osa i am tailor,shoemaker,jeweller something useful
  9. It was on youtube. Some french kid put download link for 1.29 sounds also themes for dofus(many people are using) like dofus is blue etc..
  10. Tearjerker haha Guyz is that emerald quest hard? or easy?
  11. I didn't drop it. I got it from quest but still dofus My Ochrawa -_-
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