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  1. I don't know how you can say we're not compatible in the long run. When no one(you) know's the future. Sure, anyone can guess or assume, doesn't mean something all the time. And maybe it does have something to do with separation anxiety(?). I know she's got some issues, but she doesn't wanna get help for some things. Being abused as a child by her mother, than her ex of 3 years. She tells me she dreams about things like this, and thinks about it all. There's been other people(guidance counselors) who has asked her if she wanted to talk to someone and get some help, but she won't. I know she doesn't only got issues with this subject, but same as others, she won't get help. I recently grabbed her shoulders, whilst we were fighting. Didn't squeeze, push, or pull her. But her face turned into something I've never seen before, her emotions changed and she stopped fighting with me. I told her not to be scared, and then it came into my head, but her ex use to abuse her. Her mother did, when someone grabs her, she thinks they're going to hurt her. It hurt me so bad, knowing that I made her feel this way. Never again, will I lay my hand on her when we're fighting, arguing or whatever. Made me realize that things live with people for the rest of their life's. She knows I wouldn't hurt her, but she thought that's what my intentions where to do. I feel as if I over did it with my last few posts, even from the start. You're all right, i've been defending her and myself though-out this whole thread, when really I did come here looking for some(not stupid shit(just leave)) advice. Was looking for someone(people) to talk to me, give me advice in both ways of what I could be doing wrong, but what she's done wrong ect. I've always wanted to have a trusting, loyal girlfriend, someone who's not doing things with another man, just because i'm not there. I understand me doing that prank, or whatever you wanna call it with me pretending to be her ex, and texting her was immature and not right on my part. But what came of it showed me, how trusting and loyal she really is. But yet, I am still with her. It's crazy how many people(not only here on IV) but in real life, have told me to leave her and that she isn't the right one, or isn't someone I can trust, as she's lied to many times to my face. But yet, I can't seem to find the one reason TO leave her. Sometimes, as dirty and weird as it seems, sometimes I wish she'd cheat... that way I would leave, for good, for ever too. Wouldn't be a chance that i'd get back together with her then. But, when I think like that I can only imagine my feelings and how upset and mad i'd be. Anyway, i'll just keep this post up for whoever wants to check in, or ask about anything or even give me more advice or anything at all! I'll leave it be from here(less someone posts). Not sure what to do with this women, nor my life to be honest.
  2. Thanks for that post, I dunno if I mentioned or not... I already did tell her that it was me texting her, and not her ex. She was pretty upset, and mad, which I understand. But, honestly.. I did get what I wanted, and that was to catch her in a lie. After she went to the bathroom and came back and the texts were deleted, I was so hurt cause what if that WASN'T me who was texting her and it was her ex. Would think so much shit. Thanks for taking the time to post what you did, nice seeing someone who isn't just hating or saying rude shit and taking time to write something so long(some have, I know). So thank you! And, things are going better between us, a lot better actually.
  3. It's not a 'plan' to stop her from cheating. Just that's how I know she won't/wouldn't have the chance too, though I only thought of this recently that it'd help me over-come and not think about her doing it, whilst we're always together. Love the sarcasm though.
  4. I never once said I was 'to good for her'. And I didn't make myself seem that way either. I've got some really good advice, which I took and it worked, for the most part. I'm only continuing this by replying to others posts, besides the one I made last week or so, which I wasn't asking for advice. I'll just come out clean an say it, whilst most of you guys have probably already noticed; I'm very unsure of my relationship, but feel as if I need her, I never not wanna be with her, i'd rather be with her all day then my buddys, just the way I am. I feel as if we were to break up, we'd end up getting back together. We're very close to each other and each others family's, we've got a close bond, something I haven't ever really had while in a relationship, this one is serious, so it seems to be. That's why, most of the advice i've gotten, I replied with negative feed back, I don't want to end things, but at the same time I think it'd be best. All in all, i'm sorry for 'keeping' this going, didn't know IV( or any forum(sarcasm)..). had a 'due' date, or period where a topic had to be closed. One more point to add here; I don't think i'll end things.. things have gotten really bad, and I mean really fucking bad lately and we're still together and sticking it out. Which I wish this girl didn't take my heart, or have it fully.. or i'd be gone!(Moral of all this, she's got me.. I feel the need to stay with her, love her to much).
  5. I understand that, and lot's of people say go by that saying 'once a cheater, always a cheater'. But she hasn't cheated..........yet? lol. I don't think she will, nor would. Funny thing is, she's got NO time to cheat on me. She goes to school(I work, or sleep(if I work night shifts) than she goes home). I always meet her after school, pick her up. Then we hang out till 1. I go to work(which is when she goes to bed), or 2. Till next morning when I drop her off at school. So, that's why I don't go by that saying. Only because of the way our relationship is and how/what it revolves around. Although, yes, she could skip a class and go and cheat, but she knows i'll find out(could ask some people if she was in class) or check online, if I really wanted too/thought she was cheating/skipping for that reason. Point is, I don't think she'll cheat. But.. again lot's of people say listen to that saying, BUT people do change.
  6. Well I am just updating you guys, mostly. I am sorta looking for advice still, to what's going on now-that is. Not all my female friends are sluts, or hoes, but rather some of them. And your right it is the 'same stuff in a different set of clothes' but I can't end it when most of the time i'm (we're) happy... again it's these stupid little things she tends to do that makes me re-consider this relationship. But she's changed her ways, hasn't lied and as I said above about what i've been posting, she said she'd get out of the class, if he doesn't get out(she would try to anyway). So she is willing to change these things that bother me, which is good, no? That's the main reason I don't want to end it; cause she least trys/does change things. It's not that we don't trust each other talking to these other people, but rather know what'll come of it. I'm 99% sure her ex, little while ago still thought that he could maybe have sex with my girlfriend if she was upset with me/even wanted to get back with him. So therefore why, by me thinking in his shoes would I want/like for her to talk to him? Make him feel like he has that chance, when I know he doesn't/wouldn't(yes, I do trust my girl, but they were dating for 3 half years, still some feelings floating around between them two, and I don't want him to try and her fall for it). I sometimes over think, as you can see if you've read all my posts. An as for me, and her not wanting me to talk to some girls, they're sluts... I wouldn't do anything with them(my girlfriend knows that) but these girls don't, and why bother to even waste my time talking to them when I know what they want, and they aren't getting(not trying to make myself sound all 'sexy' looking, or whatever, just the truth). Honestly.. I don't know if that made any sense(above post here), tired as hell, but honestly it's all about the 'risk' you want to take, by letting your girlfriend or boyfriend talk to other people(that you know are 'risky' and shouldn't be talking to them). Yes, it leans on trust, but I do trust my girlfriend to talk to some guys, but do I want her to, no? Most of them think they're getting somewhere's whilst talking to a girl, I don't want a guy trying to get with my girl, just because they talk/text and he thinks something of it(that's how I met this girl, she was actually dating my cousin(only for 1-2months) and we were talking cause we had classes together, he'd ask why she was texting me and she'd say seeing if we have homework, or made anything up, or lied and said it wasn't me.. so that may be a reason or THE reason I don't want her texting/talking to a lot(any at all) guys). I dunno now i'm over-thinking and making no sense. Working 12 hour nights is killing me.
  7. Lol, well it's mostly my fault for her not wanting me to talk to her, as i'm the dumb ass for telling her she was a hoe. But s'all good. Edit: We've got friends, she's got guy friends, that i'm not jealous about her talking to/hanging with. But do I TRUST THEM 100%, no, but I do trust my girl. As for me.. I don't got any actual 'girl' friends that I talk to on a daily-weekly basis, nor hang with ever really, but it's alright!
  8. Lol, yeah. Thing is, I was talking to an old friend, who's some what of a slut. And she didn't like it at all, and would get very mad/upset, but I told her to trust me(which she's said to me), although it's the same thing with her with her ex(so she says..) I find it different in a way, cause I didn't date this girl for 3 years+(like she dated her ex) nor ever had feelings for this girl, as she had feelings for him and can easily get them back if she was to start talking to him(least I think she could/maybe would). So I sorta already done what you told me to do, Gimp, but I didn't do it to see if she didn't like it or anything.. was actually talking to an old friend (who's sexy as fuck, lol), which made my girlfriend even more mad. Anyway, I stopped talking to her/delete her cell number, cause my girlfriend didn't like it, and she did the same for me for some people, anyway, I know she can't be trusted fully, because of her actions before, but I am gaining more trust in her.
  9. Haha, you'll meet the 'someone' soon enough, and no girl wants to wait for a guy, that's the problem in your situation. Oh, I know they're hard, very hard some of them, just gotta work things out whilst in a relationship. I think I have found something/someone serious. About my last post, we talked about it, got into a big fight(she wasn't willing to talk nor say anything other than these words'i'm not changing out of the class just cause you want me too' '(it's not just cause my ex is in it)'<-- saying all that with a smile on her face, could tell she was lying). But later the other night, she said ' I will make you a deal' 'if he doesn't transfer outta the class, then I will try to get out of it'. I just replied by 'thanks, means something to me'. (Will I actually know if he transfers out of the class, couldn't she just say he did, but didn't actually? Yes, that could happen, but i'm trusting her more and will only just have to trust she doesn't lie to me).
  10. Lol, I'll talk to her about it. Just annoys me and kinda pisses me off; in a way. Say's she's getting outta that class, besides the fact that if she had any class with her abusive ex, she'd get out.. now he's in that class, and she wants to stay in it cause there isn't anything else she wants to take(lie, cause we talked about another class she can/wanted to take rather than the one she's in with her ex). I honestly don't know if i'm over-doing it here... and worrying way to much and over-thinking shit, but it doesn't make sense to me as to why she wanted to change/even any class if her ex was in it, now she's staying, that's all.
  11. For those who care... it's been a month, things are going great between my woman and I. We have been getting along a lot better, and we've been doing things instead of sitting around(that way we don't get as bored/nag at each other). She still loses her temper really bad/fast but I try not to let it get to me(all women get mad so fuc*ing easily :P). Anyway I though i'd just let some of you guys know that things are well and we're still going strong! Side note; She's got a class with her ex boyfriend next semester in school( told me if that was to happen, she'd transfer out of the class), now she doesn't want to transfer out of it, which bothers me some.. but, gaining/gained more trust in her and nothing I can do to stop her from going to that class! Wish there was something I could do, only because I know the real reason she's staying in the class(forgot to mention, she already told me she wanted to transfer out of this class, but then later on found out her ex is in it, and all a sudden she doesn't want to change out of it).. so yeah, bothers me because when I did ask her if that's why, again she did the 'little' smile and said no and anyways... know it's why she doesn't want to change out but whatever, don't even know why i'm telling you guys this, probably cause it's already bothering me and it isn't even happening for another 2 months, hahah. Anyway, don't hate on me for being nervous for her having a class with her ex, only nervous cause way she responded when I asked her if he's the reason she doesn't WANT to change outta it. Edit: I'm only nervous because I know if he talks to her, she'll talk to back because she isn't rude. And I don't want that happening because of the fact, 1 hour a day, every-single-day for few months, she may tend to feel 'something' for him again, if she doesn't anymore at all(which probably does/will for ever, she'll always have that closer bond then anyone else).
  12. Front wheel drive. Dodge or Chev trucks?
  13. Yeah, as Bigbad said, re-sell the vehicle to a college kid or anyone really. It's not wasting money(buying a winter beater) nor dumb, it's smart.
  14. Iop: SpaceManSpliff 17-18 AP Iop. Anyone remember him?
  15. And yet you're buying a MP Nomarow Ring? Lol. Mage it yourself!
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