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  1. For osas and ecas they both require very cheap sets and their kits if used correctly are very strong and easy to level up (level 100 for osas and 150 for class ecas) instead of using other classes that require more time to prepare and more money The only dangerous area with the name Astrub in it is the Astrub Rocky Inlet or the sand dungeon area. Just to let you know also, the gobbal dungeon area is also an aggro zone which was changed since the release of the server. And just a general tip, every area with an alliance prism is an aggro area with a few exceptions and vice versa Ask away!
  2. Rays-Shade=me ray Crunchiee=haxx/crunchie Ignore=Ignore
  3. Crunchie/haxx is the panda from alliance LGN and attacking alliance is VNR
  4. Dofus Map

    I know I'm asking a lot but I just want to say you've already done an outstanding job creating this, but I have another suggestion and a BIG job if you want to really keep going. As seeing how a lot of the current Dofus wiki pages have not been updated with in the past 100 years, you can use the wiki as a guideline but basically put a bunch of information (max health, resistances, spells and what they do, if they are invuln and how to devuln them, ect.) And you can do this for every bit of the game, and I understand how this is a lot to ask for but you don't have to do this because I understand the amount of time it would take. And if you need any help getting butt loads of information I and I hope a lot of other people would be happy to help.
  5. Are they really this money hungry???
  6. Like I said I don't have any experience with other operating systems, so I'm not sure how good it works for mac
  7. basically what you're able to do is make a script on it so that when you press a certain key it automatically opens that window of an application This is an example of what my script is F1::WinActivate, Raysed F2::WinActivate, Freewee F3::WinActivate, Meewee F4::WinActivate, Yeewee F5::WinActivate, F6::WinActivate, F7::WinActivate, F8::WinActivate, This makes it so that whenever i have a dofus client open with a character named "Raysed" logged in, it will open that window if i press the F1 key on my keyboard.
  8. Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    Rip oto
  9. Updated guide a little bit, if anyone wants me to show you guys how to download and use ahk then I can. Just let me know :D
  10. Dofus Map

    I thought this was a great idea and already a great start to it :D i just a couple of suggestions to make it better and you may already have thought of them or are working on them now so i am just suggesting :D make it so that you load the map completely and not whenever you move the screen show the number of trees/ores (or whatever) on the map next to the symbol for it (like top right) make the symbols for the trees/ores (or whatever) much brighter so they stand out compared to the background, like i just tried looking through frig to see all the aspen wood and it was a little hard to see the aspen wood be able to click in an area and see the types of mobs there (might be a little hard so save for later) on maps where the resources (trees, ores, ect.) are hard to see or they are hidden behind objects like trees or stuff on the map, show where they are like maybe a screen shot of where to click or a little text reminder
  11. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I have: Acct1: Strength Sram Number of new accounts: 1 Goal: duo for most frig dungeons Leaning toward: Int/Agi Eni
  12. I would say it has doubled in the past couple of months but there still aren't that many people unfortunately :(
  13. As of now they have yet to say anything about it, so either they forgot or they are still working on it. I can not say yes or now but if I had to guess we will have it returned by the end of the year.
  14. You almost need to have a scout for both of them and you have to get the requirements for both the character you want over and the scout. So you have to get your scout to level 50 of you want to go to frig and all the items you need for the Otomai quest for both your scout and the character you want over