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  1. Raysns


    I know I'm asking a lot but I just want to say you've already done an outstanding job creating this, but I have another suggestion and a BIG job if you want to really keep going. As seeing how a lot of the current Dofus wiki pages have not been updated with in the past 100 years, you can use the wiki as a guideline but basically put a bunch of information (max health, resistances, spells and what they do, if they are invuln and how to devuln them, ect.) And you can do this for every bit of the game, and I understand how this is a lot to ask for but you don't have to do this because I understand the amount of time it would take. And if you need any help getting butt loads of information I and I hope a lot of other people would be happy to help.
  2. Raysns


    I thought this was a great idea and already a great start to it :D i just a couple of suggestions to make it better and you may already have thought of them or are working on them now so i am just suggesting :D make it so that you load the map completely and not whenever you move the screen show the number of trees/ores (or whatever) on the map next to the symbol for it (like top right) make the symbols for the trees/ores (or whatever) much brighter so they stand out compared to the background, like i just tried looking through frig to see all the aspen wood and it was a little hard to see the aspen wood be able to click in an area and see the types of mobs there (might be a little hard so save for later) on maps where the resources (trees, ores, ect.) are hard to see or they are hidden behind objects like trees or stuff on the map, show where they are like maybe a screen shot of where to click or a little text reminder
  3. What I have: Acct1: Strength Sram Number of new accounts: 1 Goal: duo for most frig dungeons Leaning toward: Int/Agi Eni
  4. Once again you've convinced me how stupid your logic is, so I will respond to your post by breaking it down. I have you blocked but I am doing this so that other people and hopefully you will understand a little more and not be so dumb :D I think you over estimate the amount of time it takes to notice someone just moved onto your map, and "invulnerability time" would also compensate for people with high ping. Don't get me wrong though maybe 1 second is way to long for someone to be invulnerable but I think there should be one and it should be for a significant amount of time. And lets look at it from the person that could get attacked, you have to notice that someone is on the map you're on, and you have to have fast enough reflexes to either recall or x log before getting aggroed. The bots that you see, yeah, they are ONLY on normal servers right now. You know why? Because it's expensive to get ban every day while wasting how ever much money you paid to get subscribed on however many accounts you had. Currently the only bots you will find on Oto are not the big Kama farming companies, it's the people using the 3rd party cheating clients (the bot aggroing clients). And the quantity of people who do that are SO MUCH lower than any other server, except maybe Shadow. I don't know if you know this but there is a auto ban system for when people aggro too fast, I do not know the exact time but I am positive you can find it somewhere on the internet. and it would be much easier if it was done manually but of course it is unrealistic to ask ankama do get off their butts. Personally I think it's one of the best things that's happened to this game, but if you put away my biased point of view it IS working and it's very active. Yes the only way to die is if you get anxious or impatient and that's why that server is not for everybody. There are numerous ways to avoid FAIR aggros from other players, I would rather not make a gigantic list of different ways to reduce your chance of getting aggroed but i will list a couple. keep recall potions on all of your characters at all times use anything that transforms you into a different thing that makes you smaller (ex. catbread) use a rikki tiki wand (or whatever it's called) This whole rant doesn't really make any sense at all so I don't know where you were going with that. I don't know how you could think that being creative and innovative is bad at all. Do you think that everybody should just be dumb and not understand anything? Like I have no clue what you're trying to get at... Yeah in that example you used the xelor was being smart and creative, are you telling me he should have been one of those dumb people that just walks out into any area and gets aggroed instantly with all his stuff on and then quit because he died like the majority of the people who try Oto do? Like come on dude use a fucking brain. This is NOT just unorthodox this is CHEATING... like do you not understand. It's not like we are catching someone stealing a candy wrapper out of a trashcan, It's like someone bring a gun to a knife fight. back then they didn't have the anti-bot protection that they have now, so yeah they will abuse anything they can and that's why the server was out of control. While employing 30 people specifically to Oto Mustam would help a lot, I know that will not happen. I will do my thing, and you should do you're thing because for now we will have to agree to disagree.
  5. Oto mustam is being fucked right now by 2 big alliances (ATR and REV) ATR, the biggest currently with 3520 members and 44 guilds, has only a couple of people in their alliance that uses these 3rd party bot aggro programs. REV (2393 members and 32 guilds) has almost all of their members using 3rd party bot aggro programs and it is IMPOSSIBLE to counter these bot aggroers. One of the most obvious ways to tell if you've been bot aggroed is when it doesn't even tell you that you were attacked, you just appear in a fight after switching maps. This is a problem because these people ARE NOT getting ban and the people in REV specifically are the ones DDOSing the servers. How to fix it, make it so that when you switch maps you aren't aggro-able 1 - 1 and 1/2 seconds OR Permanent IP ban the people using these 3rd party cheating programs, I promise if this happens ALL the DDOSing problems will stop.
  6. They used to only DDOS the Oto Server but now it hurts everyone else so maybe they will find a fix for it
  7. My bank/credit card company support guy that I talked to has no clue what this 3D code is but maybe I talked to the wrong guy so ima try to talk them back
  8. If all you guys think I am a cunt lmao don't even try Oto Mustam... You guys haven't seen shit XD
  9. nah ima just keep watching them circle jerk about how what i did was rude and wrong, but maybe some day they will come to the actual problem
  10. 0 of you are having this problem, so you do not understandAnd just like the other guy that posted a compilation of all his successful tickets, all of them are easily fixable which is saying nothing at all, but being so mellow about everything it's gonna make it sound like it's not a big deal and just do nothing about it... If this was a problem on my side this of it then I would have fixed it but when I call my bank and credit card company and they say the problem is not on their side, what the fuck am I suppose to do??? Yes I may be rude but I am being real and this is a real problem that is just getting let by because they don't understand the problem is on their side
  11. I am entitled for their help I am a customer why else would they pay for someone to do that? To not help people? Is that suppose to make any sense at all?...I've made an almost similar support ticket to what I just made but in a much nicer tone and it was not helpful at all just like this one but you know what... Just for shits and giggles I'll try itAnd why is it that they can put a whole bunch of resources into getting xp gained given back to people after the rollback, which I bet would be a kind of hard job not gonna lie, but they can't find a way to stop ddos attacks?
  12. I've already talked to my bank's support and they basically said it's not on their side and the problem isn't originating from them.
  13. Those are all from problems that that guy can actually help with... I'm pretty sure in his position right now he is not able to help me directly but he can tell someone above him that something is wrong with the system.
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