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  1. Sorry no can do, it is my job to stay retired and block paths.
  2. Defuse est bourre. I'll donate to the prize pool if you guys can get some good people and good fights for my satisfaction of spectating.
  3. I always knew lindsay lohan could play my guitar
  4. bochi ferish is my woman. stop this
  5. Much love brother, take care wish you the best in life, don't be stranger message me on skype from time to time.
  6. Since I see no one has given solar any fame or honor ill do my bidding from my point of view of who I have seen tear up my server. Noosh- Arguably the best solar player ever, this guy has a 17/10 panda in dofus 1.29 he has multiple and exos and a vulbis before most of solar even knew what in the hell they were or how to even drop a vulbis. Ali (Gii)- One of my closest friends and I have to say he was probably the best pvper Solar has ever had, he could destroy people 3v1 which I came to see on multiple occasions one of the smartest players I have ever seen. Evangelion(Imp)- He was probab
  7. I have never been more disappointed in someone having a pokemon name. Square the f up.
  8. Solars all time best guilds. 1. Team America 2. Fortune Five Hundred 3. Lust 4. Ravenous 5. Clush/The Knights Watch 6. Parinjas 7. Veritas 8. Knights Templar 9. Satisfaction 10. Drift
  9. I don't know how many times I told you.
  10. There will always be only one great salchich. Also dylan check for those 20 turqs I think meli ate them.
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