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  1. Heres my submission, always a good time here

    Sorry no can do, it is my job to stay retired and block paths.
  3. Echo Tournament

    Defuse est bourre. I'll donate to the prize pool if you guys can get some good people and good fights for my satisfaction of spectating.
  4. Frig 1&2 Dungeon Service

    Im interested in these services message me in game /w itzmewtwo
  5. ~ Arisoune's Art Thread ~

    hey thts me

    Damn that Intro is sick mariusz send it to me please
  7. Rushu goult thread #3??

    Team Compositions are already out for rushu Rushu A: Fog/Eca/Sac/Feca Rushu B: Elio/Iop/Enu/Eni Rushu C: Panda/Xel/Rog/Masq Rushu D: Sram/Sadi/Osa/Cra Our teams are actually very similiar to spiritias compo's, also agree with steam-noob sram is probably the best counter to many classes as well as his poisons being far superior then anything iop or eca can even with rekop. I think all of our compos can counter xelor or elio teams quite nice we just need to build synergy within the teams for us to do better maybe do a couple practices once goult server opens. https://www.dofuspvp.com/fr/g8-equipes here are some of the compo's
  8. Rushu goult thread #1

    The Cra/Sram/Sadi team can be used as a poison team, ie poisoned arrow/insidious/para poison. The poisons add up highly since about 1000 dmg per turn on each char, not to mention madoll with +range is extremely effective add osa buffs to it then if you invis it its practically a nuke waiting to happen. Cras main role is to hit the poisoned arrow which easy since class cloak makes it non los, poisons are very effective since they go through shields, I think its a team with great potential.
  9. IRON THRONE Alliance

    We are looking for a savior since the great cagri is here to kill Iron (once again). Pm bootiful to apply to be our savior.
  10. Rushu goult thread #1

    I would like to nominate swift the ultimate champion of goult and savior of the server hecate in 2012. He will lead us to victory this year.
  11. Goult thread

    I think every class should be full vit, and definitely use atcham for every class. This will win goult this year, also I highly suggest that the whole sweetkraz family be on a team together this way they can give each other tips in the living room rather then get ddosed through skype.
  12. Random Screenshots

    I always knew lindsay lohan could play my guitar
  13. 4 vs 4 Evening Practice

    I agree today was nice for a first day, but I think we should definitely try to be more organized and this way comps could be tested way better and faster. More trial and error of teams the more we learn. I think id like to see the Fog/Elio/Eni/Eca team again and maybe try to use the trident technique through the portals, it seemed to work nice in the video romo linked. I definitely did see lots of good stuff from Panda/Sac/Rogue/Sram it was really nice. I would also liked to add that even having nice 4v4's whenever you guys can helps a lot me/op did one with romo and thesus after the practice and I felt like it was really good because it helps you learn a lot just from experience.
  14. Rushu goult thread #1

    Personally I think that sadida's madoll with buffs is an extremely deadly weapon. I saw steams and romos team lose because of it in the hecate tournament. So sadida would be best with an osa/masq/cra because maddolls range could be increased, without madoll sadidas full potential isn't being used. Enu should also be placed with a blitzing potential team i.e iop/eca and placing it with elio/sac for bribe, coop/portal ko yeah its the basic fuckteam strategy but its not easily avoidable. Panda/Feca combo is incredibly strong as well seeing as panda is the only character able to mess around with grav glyph put it with a lock char like an agility sram and this team is aids. Elio/Enu/Iop/Eni Xel/Cra/Masq/Rogue Panda/Feca/Sram/Sac Fogger/Sadi/Osa/Eca I think those teams could be a possibility of working every team has erosion/ub/ and map manipulation. Just my two cents
  15. Rushu goult thread #1

    Where did he say last years composition was great. Learn to read