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  1. Class: iop Build: str or str/intKamas/time available: 300mCurrent team: panda/enu/elio/sram/eni/craLvl range: 200Extra comments: debating class changing cra to a iopPvP or PvM oriented want 20-30% resist 11/6 or 12/6 looking for 1500+ str if it goes str and if str/int I just wanna see op dmg I do see some int/str iops and they hit hard with gigers/ look fun if str looking to lean towards using hammuture Or however u spell thanks guys p.s try not to use vulbis in set but if necessary vulbis is ok
  2. Class: sramBuild: agility/resist/rangeKamas/time available: I got every egg except ebony, and resources to get most items Current team: a teamLvl range: 200Extra comments: looking for around 15-1600 agility and over 20% res on every resist and 5 to 6 range 11/6 or 12/6PvP or PvM oriented bit of both
  3. it wasn't necessary and I probably should've waited but its 2 late already got one and can only enjoy it for what it is xD also close topic just bought~
  4. the god

    1. Gimpster


      the universal legendary mogul sr cas 

    2. Youbutsu


      Wow universal!!??? You ARE a god!

  5. I was told theres a quest coming out this year for it and people are letting it go for that price range a couple already sold again looking to negotiate if someone has one up for sale
  6. looking to buy a vulbis, not sure on what the price is but being told by almost everyone its 180-220 (feel free to correct me if ur up to date) but yeah looking for one willing to negotiate pm me pls @ Stizzed
  7. Hi random people, I'm starting up a free dungeon / dimension service for people in need of achievements, quest, or simply are stuck and want to get to the next level of something similar to the service I had in the past on rosal. the only thing that it'll cost you is keys for my characters, all you have to do is shoot me a pm in game or here doesn't matter I am mostly available Monday evenings Tuesdays and Wednesday depends on the week and whatever is going on. I'm back to the game and have a lot of dungs I need to learn to run I got the team power for it I just simply need to do them but have
  8. As title says looking to buy cloak of 1k excuses with ap on it looking for near perfect stats msg me on here or in game Stizzed / Terpx/ Gimpur looking to pay 15-25m depends on stats
  9. Class:Panda, sram, elio, eni, osa, iopBuild: whatever is best build for those classesKamas/time available: I got a couple picklesCurrent team: panda sram elio eni osa topLvl range: 200Extra comments: gears good enough for all the new dungs and dimensions PvP or PvM oriented both
  10. I can't comprehend french luck honestly.. the stuff you see on betaaa
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