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  1. Random Screenshots

    At least you did not spend +3 month grinding Kromaster for boarhog. The times before achievements.. getting that 20 kroz a day.
  2. Hahahahahahahahaha top scam from ankama

    I do not understand this decision, why would anyone keep playing kromaster if you can just buy the unlocks with ogrines. They will lose whats left from already dying kros community. Next up all the kromaster emotes in ogrine packs? well at least I was able to sell mine for 55mk, was worth the 3 month grind :ph34r:.
  3. Someone can help me osa kolo gear?

    I used to play a 150ish kolo osa back in the days. Being full resist/summon is probably not worth anymore as spiritual leash got nerfed down to the ground. Any people with common sense will just focus to your other team members while preventing you to buff them. Erosion is a still a bitch even if you have 50% resistances. I used to have a lot of different gear depending of the other team (dodge set, ap/mp resist sets)
  4. You could use wisdom set with a decent sidekick.
  5. b>boarhog or razorbuck

    I have a boarhog for 60m
  6. Well if you add the transfer feeds (~9mk) I can come to Rushu.
  7. I have a boarhog for sale but you have to come get it from Rosal.
  8. Selling Boarhog

    Bump - I am f2p so please be kind and use ankabox
  9. Selling Boarhog

    bump 50mk
  10. Price check for boarhog

    Thanks. How much are these fuckboi items in rushu?
  11. Haven't played for ages. How much does this petmount cost these days? Can't find any from Rosal merchants and last time I saw one being sold was ages ago. (I know it is now days super easy to unlock from Kromaster and takes max 1 week to do so)
  12. Selling Boarhog

    bump 90mk
  13. Selling Boarhog

  14. Selling Boarhog

    Looking for 60mk. Send me a PM / Ankabox message or buy it from my merch at [-1,1] (Merch will be up only for 1 week)