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  1. Plats got guild in 1.29? and whats your ign Mark?
  2. Well a quick update i currently trying the 1.29 on Algathe and its pretty good, might try to play here and relive all good old memories. Eh and btw, if you guys on Algathe have discord channel, please let me know! Thanks!
  3. well seeing the discord channel is not so dead in my opinion, alright, might try to play on Echo with both of my char Iop and Eni it is! see you guys! thanks for all the input was mean a lot for me!
  4. How about making a duo team? Is it good enough if i want to play again in 2.0?
  5. I wonder. Marko is a Dofus mods?! He got audio code, he sell shadow helmet code, etc.
  6. So Iops is no longer good for duo? I need to learn about the new meta as well i guess. sram is the best class for duo? And sadida?
  7. Hmm yea, i agree. Dofus offers flexibility, i guess i will try to play on Echo for duo at this moment, soo damn lazy to queue 2k + just to logging in on Retro lmao and, correct me if im wrong, but do we need team of 8 for Retro? To be able to farm the sets, unlike the 2.0 dungeon mechanism. As for the 2.0 any suggestions on duo combo that can pretty much duo all dungeons? thanks mate!
  8. Lmao baguettes. You still play at Echo too Marko?
  9. do you still playing? are you the one enu from Imperium at Solar?
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering, if i wanted to return, should i just play on 2.0 (Echo), or transfer server (if possible)? or just go straight to Retro? The goal is to play on the well populated server, don't want to find myself playing like it is a semi-private server Thanks in advance!
  11. just wondering, will the queue getting lower ? or it will stay like 2k + queue everytime i wanted to login? queue in 2k+ everytime i want to log is eating my subscription time, just saying.
  12. Im thinking about starting new in 1.29. Is there any “starter pack” there? Lol
  13. Like title said. Willing to pay in 2 options: 1. ochre + kammas 2. kammas only Lemme know.
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