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  1. Yeah im f2p now. I want to do all astrub quest before p2p. Good to know!
  2. Both quest same problem. Cant event start it. All my 8 chars are at same lvl, all my chars got same quest done. I have items for touch of madness. Already done it at 4 chars. Two yestarday, two today morning.
  3. No, all chars got same quests done
  4. yeah, but starting from 0 with no support with old acc ;) update: did quest on another 2 acc and cant do on more
  5. hey im doing astrub quest by 8 acc some quest like: A Touch of Madness in Astrub Squirrel hunting i did on 2 first acc and cant do on another i clear cache 3 times nothink change Thas bug or they change quest hunt?
  6. https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/289270-fragola/3.html
  7. i want to trasfer 2 chars from rosal to rushu orgine gone, but chars are still on rosal more: i have discount for next transfer
  8. what is better for multi char ice or crimson?
  9. nidas hat/ring inky patho nileza amy, bow, age old belt, and that ring 2x 10% ress
  10. you cant cast shields, shields effects are removed but you gain 200% power and 200% power glyps dmg
  11. if you want free post go other topic
  12. looking to buy scrolls small 4kk ea normal 12kk ea powerfull 25kk ea need like 200 each element pm Sibee
  13. sac agi/cha panda int rogue int mask str at panda and rogue use boogey wand
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