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  1. not even 10k here
  2. Latakia

    mounts gone

    i think they werent expired (might be wrong) and no i didnt clear the cache. thx for all the ideas everyone and this topic can be closed
  3. Latakia

    mounts gone

    i had tons of mounts in paddock, but they are all gone, thats why it surprised me. if they werent chamos i would not even care but this is not ok
  4. Latakia

    mounts gone

    so i logged today and i saw this msg multiple times [13:36] (Info) After checking his records, the paddock keeper tells you that he has released "?", a mount that you had left with him.He had received no news from you or the new owner within the set time limit. can anyone explain wtf is that and why all my mounts are gone?
  5. Latakia

    Breeding Revamp

    omg, no more breeding achieves pls
  6. Latakia

    Post your goals and achievements

    joining the 100% club (curse the person who made breeding achieves)
  7. Latakia

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    lets just all nominate and vote for urself and make this nice even irrelevant, shall we
  8. Latakia

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

  9. Latakia

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    Since @Oxisius and @Casino-Royal were alredy nominated so im going to nominate a person that is not know that much - Alain aka Paciflore. Yhere are so many reasons im gratefull to this person, beeing a very good friend, always nice and helping , without whom i would still be breeding dt's today. We need more people like this on dofus.
  10. Latakia

    Post your goals and achievements

    Finally back to 100% dungs [bethel achieves are pain]
  11. Latakia

    Qot leech

    when sadi cra can duo it , you can trio np