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  1. I'm going for Iop. Totally forgot that I had a scrolled noob iop Thanks a lot, guys!
  2. All these 5 are lvl 199~200 Agi/Str Sram Int Eni Int/Str Xel Int/Cha Sac Int/Str Feca Seems to me that having a panda and enu is unanimous. I'm going for it! Now, the last but not the least: Iop or Cra? Which one would YOU choose? PS: I've been out of Dofus for 3 years. Don't those new classes worth any chance or they're just lame?
  3. Hi, fellas! I've got at hand 5 chars which are: Sram Sacrier Xelor Eni Feca and I'm thinking about a whole group of 8. Any reasoned advice? Thanks!
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