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  1. I just kind of want someone to do something with. The game seems so team driven, but really just pushes multi accounting. I don't expect, or want really, a level 200 to drop what they're doing to come kill mobs with me, I just want someone to sort of grow with.
  2. In my experience, even guilds that are not 100+ are still full of people well outside of my level range. Anyone who is below level 100 is usually the alt of someone and I simply can't keep pace with them. As I said, progressing hasn't been a problem, it's just a bit lonely at times. There just seems to be a general lack of new players in Dofus. Thanks for the tip. I actually have level 100 sets for two of my characters and am working on the third, I just can't wear them yet. I'll look into crafting kwakwa set pieces, I have a tailor and swordsmith so if I can get them up to level 60 then I
  3. My team is a lvl90 Int Eni, 77 Int Feca, 78 Agi Sac, and 70 Str Cra. I don't really know if you would call it solo since I have 4 characters, but I've been farming jellies so I can make gelanos.
  4. I've been avoiding kolo until I have a more fleshed out understanding of what each class can do. I guess you could say that the best way to learn is through trying, but I don't really want to feel like I'm dragging down the team. I'm also somewhat undergeared.
  5. Yup, level 90. My guild is the guild of the people who introduced me to the game (all 199-200) and is still relatively small. I mean, I don't want to say I dislike the guild, because everyone there is great, but the level gap means I can't really do much with them besides leech and chat.
  6. So I've been playing this game for just over a month now, and my circle of friends hasn't extended much past the people who introduced me to the game. Every once in a while I'll see someone asking for a team to help with low level dungeons, but these have always been people who just don't want to leech their new character. As someone who is new to the game, this can be a bit discouraging sometimes. Progressing isn't a problem, as I'm capable of supporting four characters, but I ultimately feel like I'll just be playing a perpetual game of catch up rather than experiencing the game for what it
  7. I checked the wiki, but it seems a bit out of date. Note that I don't necessarily want a set made for me. Thanks in advance.
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