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  1. Oh hey! It turns out I beat the quest a few days ago and forgot to update this thread. As it turns out, you only really need two people at most with the sword, and just fill the rest of the group up to 8. As long as the other characters can manipulate someone with the sword next to Rickmortar each turn, it's pretty easy to kill it. If you'd like help killing it just hit me up in-game.
  2. Fi! Venerable Saints. Straight be our prayers. Forbidding be our future. The answer is 5 8 4
  3. Hello, I'm trying to track down people that are doing the quest Food, Folks and Fungus. The quest fight against the Rickmortar Mushroom Avatar is a pain in the ass, and the more people that have the Firey Tongue Sword acquired during the quest, the easier the fight gets. I've found two other people trying to complete the quest, if a few more feel like helping out that would be wonderful. I don't know if you keep the sword after the quest, but if people that have already done the quest and can still help, that would also be great. PM me in-game (Jesternaut) or the two ot
  4. Well I was cleaning out my inventory since it was getting pretty cluttered and I clicked too fast and...anyone know how I should get some use out of this? I had this sitting there for four goddamn years I'm so salty right now.
  5. Maybe Ankama is playing some five-dimensional chess here. They're implementing an aggro system that's SO bad, everyone is begging for the old system back, so they can turn around and claim there was nothing ever wrong with the current system since we all called for it back so much. That way, they never actually have to solve the current aggro system in the game.
  6. HAVE - AP Inky - MP Ringaling - AP and MP Shylocks rings - Various pieces of intel and chance gear -50mk WANT - AP Bearb wedding ring and MP Fuji snowfoux ring (Or Vice-versa) - Nevark's belt - Kamasterisk Boots I want to try out a couple of possible hybrid agility sets in anticipation for Air enutrofs being a thing again and I'm missing a couple pieces. Also, to take my mind off the fact that clumsiness is now linear (kill me).
  7. I've started (shoddily) translating all of the Enutrof spell modifications listed here, since those were the ones I've cared about the most. First, the changes to the base spells: Bribery - No longer skips a player's turn, ally or enemy. Heals allies for 40% of their max HP and applies the pacifist state, applies the pacifist and invulnerable state for enemies. A pretty big change, this might actually convince me to cast this on an ally though. Now for the spell varients: Coins throwing - 3 ap, 1-8 range (non-modifiable), linear. Deals 19-23 (22-
  8. Anything related to Enutrofs, especially if they gain another push spell/modifications to their summons.
  9. Hey, I recently completed this quest (as an enu) and my friend completed it on his eca/eni/cra/panda, I'll do my best to explain what we did. In general, you'll always want to go first before the octodoll, it takes 2600 initiative to go first. Your Octodoll friend deals a fair amount of damage to the Diepwon, and also self-buffs itself to heal and avoid 1-to-1 hits (like Sacrier's evasion). Knowing when she'll cast her self-buff is important, since you'll be able to know when you can leave her get hit by the diepwon or not. From the perspective of an enu (I'm full int
  10. Class - Enutrof Build - Intel or chance or strength or hybrid Time/Kamas Available - Unlimited/Unlimited PvP or PvM - 1 Vs. 1 Kolo specifically Extra Comments - I'm currently using https://www.dofusplanner.com/dVBmG/ but I'm looking for something possibly better or more flexible. Haven't played that much recently, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with any good set combinations using any gear post-sufokia expansion. Any element or element combination, as long as it has high amounts of dodge/resistance/mp reduction. Would like 11/6, with 6 range and 3 summons minimum. Will have acces
  11. Welcome to Dofus! For spells in general when just starting out, you'll want to choose your favorite group of element spells you like out of intelligence (fire), chance (water), strength (earth/neutral), and agility (air) and level up the corresponding glyph/offensive spells. You can play around with what you like the most, each element has its own playstyle/strengths/weaknesses. For leveling the spells themselves, focus on getting a spell to level 5/6 first instead of leveling up multiple spells to like 2-4. You want to max out one spell at a time. Fecas have a good amo
  12. None that give AP or MP. Plenty that give AP/MP Resistance/Reduction, and at least two that give range. Other stats include linear resistances, crit resistance, critical hits, vitality, and pushback damage. There's a fairly wide variety.
  13. Just by looking over some of the shield recipes, it looks like most of the higher-leveled ones will require: - A number of sparkling pebbles - An alloy (so far I've seen ardonite, pyrute, and kouartz) - A substrate (so far I've seen sylvan, virgin forest and thicket) - A dungeon keeper essence (Most expensive I've seen so far has been Count Harebourg, King Nidas, and Merkator). - The last few resources required are miscellaneous Frigost/Ghost Panda/Dimension resources.
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