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  1. How am I suppose to xp to Lvl 201 with that not perfect wis on exos ? Git good
  2. Dear lads , gurls and the rest of you who have tumblr, That time in my dofus career has come when you realise the game hasn't got much to offer and you make that hard decision to focus on real life over dofusing. it personally has been some time since I have truly enjoyed logging on for any other reason that chat with friends or make French kids rage in kolo. I feel like having done most challenging pvm , got cloudy it only leaves questing ( which I hate) and breeding (boring imo) and some low Lvl pvm which is not challenging at all. This has led me to spend more and more time at zaap doing fuckall and not really having much 'want' to play. This is overwealming boredom and a lot of my friends not logging and quitting dofus, and rosal dieing quicker then Jod passing skills in Goult, hasn't left me with much to do. Also uni is killing my life and u reach those times when u realise you need to get a gurl soon or u will die alone. So in the end this is good bye and I hope y'all enjoy ur stay in the game and make it great again. I have a few people to thank through my short stay on dofus of 4-5 years who have made my stay thrilling and exciting, although short. Jod - who has not only been a great friend outside game , but also maged , teamed with me and helped me whenever I needed it. Also his raging in kolo when dags don't crit or his amazing skill in count is priceless ? Martin - Niggah u COUDNT wait a few weeks before leaving Leicester?! Thank you for helping me gear panda and generally making dofus fun af... I shall visit as soon I ain't broke XD Pat - Even though we have basically died 100% of times we have Pvmed togheter I have never had as much fun doing so. You have always been hillarious to chat and play with so thanks. Jeri - Soz for scamming you out of 10mk to change to SRAM when I changed to Xelor Hh ur luck has rewarded you. David - Even if you are a lot to handle at times I am glad I met you. Even if I feel ur game with girls is so bad it's rubbing off on me. Pls quit dofus and get laid thx. Josh - even if we aren't on the best of terms, thanks for all the times we have challenged each other in pvm. Trymm - my favourite catfish ! Michal - get some heals on ur Eni thx sam - grinding xp and stealing ur idols cannot be topped XD Sven - I shall follow your footsteps ! Maybe I get as lucky as you ^_^ stijn - nobody still plays Pokemon go and I will always remember ur top Merkator play. sarah - learn2text back in a reasonable amount of time and pls learn2crit on atcham no point having 2bk crit damage if u never crit. Git good. horxy - Soz no queen leech but I Gotta give you the biggest thanks of all for helping me out gear back my team after I was hacked. Woudnt have been able to do it without you. Anateaga ( still can't spell ur name) - raga grazie di aiutarmi quando sono tornato! The tengo nel loop con quella ragazza è come va! And if I forgot any of the rosal nerds don't hate me there is a lot of you ^_^ and just know I love you all. And now the scrub who moved to rushu. Abood and Brock - rosal misses u if if I have missed anyone don't take it to heart I love y'all! only thing missing to do is carry rosal to win smother Goult but pls we can't even make one full preceptor team... cyas as all sometimes ^_^ and keep in touch
  3. Mood yolo that 1 missing damage
  4. ralph are u playing again sir?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ralphrus


      Nice to feel loved XD 


      i am am sad I am not gonna see any of u guys for this long tho ><

    3. -Amos-


      ;_; yeah, you should be sad cuz we are all so awesome huehuehue, enjoy the rest of your summer and imma work that ass when you get back >:D

    4. ralphrus


      <3 obviously 


      God bless from now on gonna message u on imps cause u answer quickly unlike Skype or fb ( still have that friend request pending lol) 


      enjoy is is a strong word XD but I'll do my best <3 hope u are enjoy urs too and getting loads of boot-ye-yh

  5. Ergh I thought this was it >< abood dieing seemed like an achievement to me ! Put me off >< someone move it ! P.S those are better quality don't hate
  6. A bit late but ^_^ here is a rosalt outing going to merk for that shield ! Le SRAM goultar 2k16 , le goat and moi ... Ohh and that charity case of an osa! lets make rosalt grate again !
  7. Let's move this away from rushu drama ! I am happy to announce I finished meno and koulou ( spelling Lel ) i think I might be first on Rosal for both ? Or just koulou ? Did Limp aswell XD https://imgur.com/a/dAThd If anyone wants ideas on strat or advice don't hesitate to PM me! FYi love how u can just upload pictures now ! Thanks whoever did this !
  8. Why is everyone doing 5 loot meno? Doesn't 5 loot spawn 1 more boss then 4? And same as 6?
  9. I will improve Ma picture quality taking for u <3 U haz to be different fuck print screen!
  10. Here it starts again^_^ https://imgur.com/a/OMvlK ... Someone teach me to make it appear properly ><
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