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  1. It must be because of the 2 A's in portal.
  2. Still....... that miscount gives me cancer.......
  3. That sink miscount gives me cancer............... :(
  4. Credits to Svenie, rip 39 wis #FREESVEN
  5. The sad thing is.... I still have 51 sink left.... lol
  6. Hoping it will go better then the last time.
  7. Race to land it first? :P GAME ON
  8. Does the AP just not want to fall for you? Or just poor luck with things not landing properly
  9. Just a friendly post incase anyone wanted to feel better about themselves. @Tamale Landed AP... such pretty stats.... and..... (for those who don't know what happened, I was trying to drop AP for sexy 0 cri res.) It look over 5 minutes worth of maging for the AP to fall.......
  10. Sorry for the double post, but this shit is gorgeous. It's a shame the earth % didn't land previous to the 2 cri res runes.
  11. Not an incredible mage, but defs a nice one. More happy about that fact that it ended my 400+ fail streak (234 for this hat, 182 streak on 50vit/sum jammy ring)
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