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  1. I just wanted to post these two pictures. I don't think it needs any comment.
  2. Eca is on 1st place in damage output when cra is on 3rd XD gimme some green, I want to smoke what others smoke
  3. I like the idea of nerfing popular leeching areas. They could push it even further and finally remove exp gained dependence on wisdom character has. Most characters are useless with full wis build, so this shouldn't be an option (there are exceptions like full mp red enutrof or reducting feca, but those two not full wis will still work). This wouldn't stop leeching, but it would make leeching endlessly boring and maybe would encourage people to put on sets for their 100s when other 7chars are 200s and actually do something with this 100lvl "leecher" in bwork set, couse bwork set or naked char,
  4. No idea honestly. I don't track pods quantity on my chars, so can't really check
  5. Not sure if bug or I felt a bit too much Ecaflip and stole some illegal pods from Ankama.
  6. But if you miss the exactly 10k h point, you must make it 20k
  7. Maybe not as much as others, but I think it's a lot considering "only" over 4years total sub. I'm not the one, who wastes his p2p I guess
  8. Farewell, Mark, was fun to play n chat with you! we all know u'll be back.
  9. Long time no see, fellas. :) I've got a few recent screenshots with either freshly geared cra or some old stuff which I did not have yet. Along them my biggest enemy. My nemesis. Shadow duo. As you can see after dun nerfs even I can do some achievs in this game :>
  10. Okay ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO FREE this Dragon. I want mountains of Kamas! Ankama why ;-;
  11. I have to admit, never thought I forgot about piwis since I started doing achievs few years ago ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
  12. But come on... orbs are great business... they are 6k ogrines/ea and ogrines = $$$ for Ankama. No, but to be honest, I kinda dislike this idea. of course it'd make game much easier but I doubt that's the point... If you really need you can do res quests and farm 50of each relic. it take time but pays off if you really want to change char every fight. I like that you must put some effort in things like resetting char (make bunch of quests and then do dungeons) and I don't like the orbs in both; TH chests and also as a product for ogrines. You can't buy dungeons done (of course you c
  13. I think that guy needs some revamp. Ankama bastards made osas op but left poor dopples with no dmg spells and now they cry when keep trying to link with their summon :(
  14. Yay. [23:30] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Chamber of Tal Kasha] [23:30] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Tal Kasha (Ecaflip instead of Pandawa)]
  15. Quest in no achiev, you get it from some Droopik, you need to visit 3fav places of Droopik and then find map where Droopik isn't (I found 2maps with no Droopik but first map didn't update my quest)
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