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  1. Illusionator recruiting.

    I like your signature. Check out all these nerd moderators, glad I'm not one anymore
  2. Buying 3 Rings Exos

    Price pls
  3. Hi, One of the new features coming from the forum upgrade was the ability to add custom reactions to go alongside the classic 'like' function; similar to what you might see on Facebook. You would then be able to react to posts in different ways based on how you feel about the content. For example: "Like" "Love" "Huh?!" "haha" What I'm looking for is suggestions for a set of four reactionary words that you feel would fit in well with the Imps ecosystem. These will apply to all posts so try not to limit them to specific purposes. I'm not looking for the actual images just yet, only the words themselves. It's possible to include reactions that won't add to the total reputation score of a user (as seen on profiles) but please try to avoid suggestions that are going to be perceived as overly negative. Something more neutral that could be used for less useful or agreeable posts would be good though.
  4. Attract the French audience, I like your thinking.
  5. Obtaining the crown

    If you have yet to do so, please read Kyek's "passing the crown" before this post! Hi guys, While I’d expect most of you know roughly who I am, just in case, I’m that small, elderly Enutrof Kikn that can occasionally be seen around Echo. I’m less active there than I used to be but still stop by to make sure a certain Rogue knows he’s still a noob. Please take the time to read this post as it does concern you! Yes, you! As you will likely have just heard, on Thursday the 15th March (all going well) I will be taking over the hosting and technical management of Imps Village from @Kyek. He has been the important, but recently elusive, shadow that has been running these forums behind the scenes since their creation over a decade ago. It will be a great blow for all of us to see him step down. The contribution he made to the English Dofus community through these forums was without doubt significant and literally ‘game changing’ if you’ll pardon the pun. Hopefully, he won’t drop off the map completely though. After all, I’ll be needing his advice when I inevitably tit something up and erase the entire internet. I’ll use this post to briefly explain what you can expect in the coming days in the name of transparency. On Thursday the 15th March Imps Village’s database and the forum software will be transferred to a new, but almost identical server hosted in Europe. During this process, a small amount of downtime can be expected, this should last several hours at most. The domain will then be pointed to the new server and the forums should now be accessible again. The next step is to migrate all your media (screenshots, profile pictures etc) to their new home. Again, there may be brief downtime as this takes place to ensure nothing you upload gets lost in the transfer. I will make an announcement a few hours before this takes place, which may be on a different date to the main transfer. Following a (fingers crossed) successful migration, Imps Village will then be quickly updated to the latest version of IPB 4.2 to benefit from security patches. Unfortunately, with this may come with another segment of downtime [dependant on when this update takes place]. It is also highly likely that during this process our current theme will be broken, and the site will be reverted to something default temporarily. This will be fixed ASAP but may be outranked by other priorities. I apologise to your eyes in advance for the inconvenience. While in an ideal world this transfer will run entirely without hitch, if in the event problems do arise, I will communicate through the Official Forums with information regarding any extended downtime. [Hopeful end of disruption] Heading into the future, you can expect continued updates as Invision releases them. These serve primarily to ensure the site and your data remains secure but may also bring with them neat new features. As such, you can look forward to: - Reactions, to replace the current ‘like’ system - Clubs, this will allow members to create and manage their own miniature community within Imps Village. This could be utilised by guilds, alliances or used to organise community events, reminiscent of the old dedicated guild forums. The exact way this feature will be implemented here is TBD. A more detailed explanation of this feature will be posted as it arrives. - Customised (Dofus related?) emoticons and the return of Wub In general, my aim is that you should not feel any real difference in your experience at Imps Village following the transition; I hope we can continue to provide you with a valuable community tool in the years to come. That being said: If you have any feedback on Imps Village in its current form or have any realistic suggestions that you feel could improve your time here; this the perfect time to make them in the ‘Suggestion Box’ . Post price pls, Rob.
  6. Obtaining the crown

    @Bart-simpson There's no reason why people shouldn't submit emojis, in fact, I'd welcome it. For the most part, these would need to be in sets of at least 10 so they can fit into their own category. If there are any particularly good standalone suggestions then exceptions could be made. In my view this boils down to quality over quantity; so while anyone can suggest additions there's certainly no guarantee they'd be included. Any ideas/submissions should be listed in the suggestion box.
  7. Obtaining the crown

    We also now have two new emoji sets: - The 'Classic Emojis' which you might remember from the older IPB 3 Forums - A full class set of 'Dofusmojis' which are very kindly provided with permission from Tawa You can include these by typing their distinctive code e.g : cra : or : ougi : without the spaces; or clicking the emoji button in the comment editor.
  8. Obtaining the crown

    Hi, Apologies for the choppy service over the last 20 minutes. We are now running on https://impsvillage.com, protecting your connections from MitM attacks. Rob.
  9. Characters new design

    It looks as if these are the models they're intending to use in the Dofus Dungeons expansion:
  10. Obtaining the crown

    All files have been transferred and the migration is complete.
  11. Obtaining the crown

    @Kiba Dreadful D:
  12. Obtaining the crown

    Hi again, I am now starting the final stage of the migration which is to move all your media to a new and isolated server. This will happen in the background automatically and does not require any additional downtime. I have started with profile pictures and will gradually move each of the categories one by one based on size. I will update you when this has finished. The colour customisation interface has also now been enabled within the theme. By clicking the following icon in the top right of the page header you can select your preference from a range of colours. I'd recommend either blue or grey but this is entirely down to you now! The next step is to then enable the 'clubs' feature which will allow you to create your own mini-communities within Imps Village, such as guild or alliance pages or to manage events. Finally, we will be looking for new emojis and reactions to posts. It's likely that I will turn to the community for these and a competition will be run to help create them. Keep your eyes peeled for this!
  13. Obtaining the crown

    Thank you for handling this information responsibly. We are indeed now on 4.2.8.
  14. Obtaining the crown

    Hi, As you can see our theme has been reverted back to something similar to what we had before. There is still a fair amount of work to be done, so please bear this in mind. I'd like to reinstate the floaty airship, reposition the logo and revert the background colour soon. Rob.
  15. Obtaining the crown

    Hello, welcome back once more. As you can see, we've gone default. We are also now running IPS 4.2.8. The theme should be fixed and returned to what we had before soon.
  16. Obtaining the crown

    I should note. If you do experience any problems interacting with the site, delays loading pages, or anything generally out of the ordinary, please send me a private message outlining the problem. Thanks.
  17. Obtaining the crown

    Hello and welcome back! The server transfer was made without a hitch, welcome to Europe Impsvillage.com! Everything behind the scenes has been upgraded to facilitate a move to IPS 4.2. However, there has been a mild hiccup with Invision which prevents this happening right now. As such, we are now open for business for the time being and this update will come very soon. Once again, thank you all for your patience today. Rob.
  18. Passing the crown

    Thanks to @Youbutsu's bug testing, we've realised that the permissions for this sub-forum were slightly off. You should now be able to reply. Apologies!
  19. Selling cha set

    I'd recommend you actually include the specific items you are selling, as this is currently lacking any meaningful information for someone to gauge whether they are interested. You will also need to include the price you are charging for each item or the entire set as per our marketplace guidelines . Thanks.
  20. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    @ReaperSurm I knew it from Google Translate.
  21. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Argenté is silver in French.
  22. Micro Blogs

    I agree with @Happida, I refuse to support a company that cannot support its own houses. Disgusting.
  23. Resistance does have an impact in PvM. However, having higher damage output from a set with weaker resistance outweighs the benefits you gain from survivability. In most cases, you will have killed the enemy before a character dies due to a lack of resistance. This is further the case with a smart team composition that allows for further damage reduction or heals. There are certain instances where having res in PvM is useful, for example, solo quest fights or the Erazal fight. But it's normally easier just to stack these on a case by case basis with trophies or pets.
  24. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/854564-bonus-weekend-25-experience-your-professions Here's a nice way to enjoy the week-end: a 25% bonus on your character's Profession experience, from Saturday, March 10th, to Sunday, March 11th! Starting on Saturday, March 10th, at 00:01 (Paris Time) and ending on Sunday, March 11th, at 23:59 (Paris Time), you'll get to enjoy the following bonus on all game servers*: 25% bonus experience on your Professions This is the perfect time to go hunt Bosses in their Dungeons, since these bonuses will not work within the Bonta and Brakmar arenas! Enjoy your week-end! * These bonuses will be active on the 1.29 servers (Eratz and Henual) as well!