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  1. For the 2.48 update, we will introduce the new Kolossium system: leagues. This system will complement the Kolossium Rating system, with several objectives: Provide a good representation of characters' rankings. Offer easily obtainable progression goals. Propose a continuous and intuitive progession system. LEAGUES There are six different leagues: Bronze Silver Gold Crystal Diamond Legend 1 - 2500 2501 - 3500 3501 - 4500 4501 - 5000 5001 - 5500 5501 + The three first leagues are split into 10 divisions: Bronze I league, followed by the Bronze II, Bronze II, Bronze IV leagues, etc..., up to Gold X. The Crystal and Diamond leagues are split into 5 divisions each: Crystal I, Crystal II to Crystal V, then Diamond I, Diamond II to Diamond V. Finally, the Legend is a special league that includes only the best players. Characters' rankings are displayed, which allows players to know at any times how many characters are ahead of them. PROGRESSING FROM ONE LEAGUE TO ANOTHER For a character to be able to be ranked in a league it must first fight in five combats. A number of league points (equal to its Rating score) is then attributed to them. So if a character has a rating of 4000 after those five fights, it will get 4000 league points, which places it in the Gold IV league.Subsequently, and at first, each victory will yield 10 league points while each loss will remove five points. Knowing that it takes 100 points to progress to the next league, advancing from one league to another is, at first, easy enough.The progression is then slowed down, as a result of victories yielding fewer points. If the character continues to rank higher in a league whilst its Rating stagnates, it will still be possible to progress but it will take longer.The leagues will be seasonal: after a certain amount of time, they will be reset. At that point, another five combats will have to be fought in order for the new league points to be attributed to a player, again according to its Kolossium Rating.At an initial stage, the seasons will end with each major update (approximately every three months). Some rules will be applied to the leagues of a character within the same season: A character can never drop division. The number of points gained from a victory is never inferior to the number of points lost in the event of defeat (but they could be of the same value). There is no league for the 1v1 Kolossium. For the same player, the 3v3 solo and the 3v3 team types give access to two separate leagues. The league taken into account for a character is the highest of the two. The choice of allies and opponents, as well and the end of fight rewards are independent of the leagues: they remain dependant on the Kolossium Rating. REWARDS Regarding the rewards, in addition to the XP and kolossokens won each fight, ornaments corresponding to the different leagues have been added. The Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Diamond ornaments display the character's division whiles the Legend ornament displays its rank.We have also added a shield in the Kolossium shop, which changes in appearance according to your league.And, at the end of the season, a title is given according to the league you have reached during that season. KOLOSSIUM IMPROVEMENTS Finally, we have made some improvements to the Kolossium system, independently of the leagues. During the preparation phase, enemy players are now masked. It will no longer be possible to see their equipment, placement or initiative. Nicknames, classes, and levels will continue to be visible. It will no longer be possible to create teams with two players of the same class in 3v3 team type of Kolossium combats. This was already the case for 3v3 solo combats. We have removed a good portion of the old Kolossium maps: Goultaminator ones, as well as the maps from the Ten Years Tournament. We have added the Dofus World Series maps to the Kolossium map rotation. We have added the class power evaluation system to the group formation phase, as well as the opponents' match-up phase. This system is already present in Kolossium 1v1, which we have now extended to the 3v3. It allows for a better fight balance, taking the participating classes into consideration. This system is based on the different classes' victory rates: if they are higher than the average percentages, the system will make them face stronger adversaries and vice versa. The system will be adjusted based on the results of this first version. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/906138-kolossium-leagues
  2. Rob

    The last person to post here wins

    I did long enough to amuse Quedru, it's just I'm too nice for my own good.
  3. Rob

    Koutoulou dungeon help!

    Moved to Echo War Room.
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    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    That's not your cra though?
  5. Rob

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    @xjoost you definitely need to collaborate
  6. Rob

    Alignment 100 HELP

  7. Rob

    Post your goals and achievements

    Hello 2013 Thanks to Sicilian for lending a hand with (totally not leeching) count statue.
  8. Rob

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Where have I heard that before? Definitely not on the OF because it would have been hidden by now.
  9. Rob

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Most of these decisions are made by internal support and not directly by in-game moderators. They either respond to reports through moderators or directly from players creating tickets. Therefore, bans should be backed up with relevant information as to whether a player is multi-accounting since they have access to everything. That's why these bans were more surprising to me. It seems likely they got fed up with all the controversy around not banning Thesus quickly enough and decided to take the benefit of the doubt. The problem is actually proving people are multi-accounting without doubt (provided they do it well) is incredibly difficult. So there's always this balance between pleasing the player base who want quick action and accuracy.
  10. Rob

    Old player wondering WTF?

    @Andeh It's being led by one of my alts. - Kikn
  11. Rob

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Good old guilty by association.
  12. Rob

    Imps village theme

  13. Rob

    Imps village theme

    Actually, that one totally blew up when we upgraded. It's likely your account got knocked off it when I was fixing it. Forgot about that.