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  1. Illusionator recruiting.

    I like your signature. Check out all these nerd moderators, glad I'm not one anymore
  2. Buying 3 Rings Exos

    Price pls
  3. Attract the French audience, I like your thinking.
  4. Hi, One of the new features coming from the forum upgrade was the ability to add custom reactions to go alongside the classic 'like' function; similar to what you might see on Facebook. You would then be able to react to posts in different ways based on how you feel about the content. For example: "Like" "Love" "Huh?!" "haha" What I'm looking for is suggestions for a set of four reactionary words that you feel would fit in well with the Imps ecosystem. These will apply to all posts so try not to limit them to specific purposes. I'm not looking for the actual images just yet, only the words themselves. It's possible to include reactions that won't add to the total reputation score of a user (as seen on profiles) but please try to avoid suggestions that are going to be perceived as overly negative. Something more neutral that could be used for less useful or agreeable posts would be good though.
  5. Obtaining the crown

    @Bart-simpson There's no reason why people shouldn't submit emojis, in fact, I'd welcome it. For the most part, these would need to be in sets of at least 10 so they can fit into their own category. If there are any particularly good standalone suggestions then exceptions could be made. In my view this boils down to quality over quantity; so while anyone can suggest additions there's certainly no guarantee they'd be included. Any ideas/submissions should be listed in the suggestion box.
  6. Obtaining the crown

    We also now have two new emoji sets: - The 'Classic Emojis' which you might remember from the older IPB 3 Forums - A full class set of 'Dofusmojis' which are very kindly provided with permission from Tawa You can include these by typing their distinctive code e.g : cra : or : ougi : without the spaces; or clicking the emoji button in the comment editor.
  7. Obtaining the crown

    Hi, Apologies for the choppy service over the last 20 minutes. We are now running on https://impsvillage.com, protecting your connections from MitM attacks. Rob.
  8. Characters new design

    It looks as if these are the models they're intending to use in the Dofus Dungeons expansion:
  9. Obtaining the crown

    All files have been transferred and the migration is complete.
  10. Obtaining the crown

    @Kiba Dreadful D:
  11. Obtaining the crown

    Hi again, I am now starting the final stage of the migration which is to move all your media to a new and isolated server. This will happen in the background automatically and does not require any additional downtime. I have started with profile pictures and will gradually move each of the categories one by one based on size. I will update you when this has finished. The colour customisation interface has also now been enabled within the theme. By clicking the following icon in the top right of the page header you can select your preference from a range of colours. I'd recommend either blue or grey but this is entirely down to you now! The next step is to then enable the 'clubs' feature which will allow you to create your own mini-communities within Imps Village, such as guild or alliance pages or to manage events. Finally, we will be looking for new emojis and reactions to posts. It's likely that I will turn to the community for these and a competition will be run to help create them. Keep your eyes peeled for this!
  12. Obtaining the crown

    Thank you for handling this information responsibly. We are indeed now on 4.2.8.
  13. Obtaining the crown

    Hi, As you can see our theme has been reverted back to something similar to what we had before. There is still a fair amount of work to be done, so please bear this in mind. I'd like to reinstate the floaty airship, reposition the logo and revert the background colour soon. Rob.
  14. Obtaining the crown

    Hello, welcome back once more. As you can see, we've gone default. We are also now running IPS 4.2.8. The theme should be fixed and returned to what we had before soon.