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  1. Congratulations to @Mapleminou and @Aureus! Please send me a private message with your emote of choice from this list, character name and server. Thanks to everyone who took part :x
  2. You've got until 18:00 DST to get your entries in!
  3. Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    @Goatee No, see you in court!
  4. mounts gone

    Are your mounts actually gone? Or did you just recieve the message? In the past there's been a bug where after trading certificates for scrolls you'd receive the message letting you know they'd been released a month later.
  5. Breeding Revamp

    @winged-one Yep. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/660653-server-fusion
  6. Breeding Revamp

    Once paddocks go abandoned they are not put back up for sale until the instanced number reaches one again, so supply is going to continue to decrease.
  7. Breeding Revamp

    Very true. The question is what proportion of people currently using public paddocks would continue to do so if they had to buy and manage their own breeding items. The very casual nature of public paddocks attracts such players, they may simply ditch breeding altogether for another activity. Especially once you combine this with the 25 total slots. This low slot count also heavily restricts how many new breeding items would be required for public paddock users; relatively it would still have a low impact on the economy.
  8. Do you like free stuff?! Then head out and explore the World of Twelve! Two of you could win a class emote of your choice worth up to 5,000 Ogrines, such as: The rules are simple: Take a screenshot of yourself with the ugliest monster you can possibly find in-game. Afterwards, post it below along with three lovely compliments for your new found friend; plus your IGN and your server. For example: Entries will close 18:00 DST on Monday the 21st May! Two winners will then be randomly chosen from all valid entries in this thread. A bonus prize of the write emote will also be given to a random user who follows Imps_Village on Twitter and has retweeted the following: Happy posting <3
  9. Breeding Revamp

    I can't speak for Dan, but this was my take. I completely agree with you about ease of access, in fact, that's my key point. There are currently very low barriers to entry for people who want to breed in their spare time using public paddocks. This is a good thing because it makes the entry-level breeding accessible for all. With your figures, you're probably looking at 15-20m a month absolute maximum in revenue (25 days to gain fertility, 7 days pregnancy). Compared to other kama methods such as achievement leeching, idol drop farming or exo-maging this is relatively low and certainly not unbalanced. Introducing the need to craft personal items and reducing the total paddock size to 25 will dramatically reduce the already low efficiency levels. This discourages people from even taking the first steps into breeding and is nerfing something that financially was already average by today's standards. The next step is 'pro' breeding. This is a totally different ballpark. When I was farming I was running two sheds of pure repros and statting these in four-five days maximum. I'd then mate them and immediately re-stat while pregnant, this means every single week I am birthing on average 700-750 mounts with no gaps. With today's prices that's 30m, previously this was potentially double, netting 200m+ monthly. This is not easy, but at the same time, I still regarded it as relatively passive. Once you've developed a routine it's a matter of logging for maybe 15 minutes to rotate mounts and an hour or two of active breeding to swap around the serenity levels. Even now the kama gains are not excessive in comparison to other end-game options of players with the same dedication; in fact, following the server merges, scroll prices have almost halved from an existing low. The only real disruption these proposed changes will have on large-scale breeding is the need to replace the mounts every 10 weeks. This could take a couple of days tops to level out serenity, mature and level, but is also completely contradictory to the alleged intention of reducing monotony within breeding with these changes. I think anyone will tell you levelling mounts to 5 is the absolute worst part of the process; so much so that I pay people 50kk / mount to do it for me. In the current form, these changes have a largely negative impact on first time and casual breeders who are predominantly using this as a second income. Yet, the devs are somehow under the belief these changes are beneficial to them. They also make completing the current breeding achievements significantly harder for non-breeders, which are already one of the most hated achievement categories. Pro breeders will certainly see a mild dip in productivity and thus profitability but certainly nothing drastic. So whether in favour of nerfing breeding or not, these changes are the wrong way to achieve this. The below proposals show a clear disconnect between development staff and their own game. Of the five outlined goals, the first misidentifies the cause, two of them are completely obsolete, one contradicts another major proposed change and one contradicts the entire proposal itself. Limit the excessive generation of Mounts (mainly Dragoturkeys) to guarantee them a higher value The vast majority of mount generation is by scroll breeders, both pro and small time such as Winged-One outlined. This does not result in an increased supply of mounts as they are traded 1-1 for scrolls. The greatest cause of mount devaluation is a reduction in demand. New equipment such as petsmounts, PvP focused pets and predominantly Seemyools vastly outpower traditional DTs. They are no longer a staple piece of equipment. Increase the global destruction of resources and boost the economy of Breeding Items. The proposed changes to public paddocks and the nature of casual breeders mean the increased demand for breeding items is likely to be negligible. Pro breeders do not buy breeding items from the market, simple as. We make them ourselves and thus there will not be an 'economy' of breeding items. The proposed increase in effectiveness will also reduce aggregate demand for these items, contradictory to the proposal. Strengthen the mechanics of decreasing profitability: the more players (at the scale of a server) raise Mounts, the higher the consumption of Breeding Items must increase and therefore limit the profitability of raising additional Mounts (setting up a natural and dynamic balance). These changes inherently discourage people from picking up breeding, so decreasing profitability is unlikely to occur as a result of the update. This system is already how the resource market for breeding items works in their current state. Allow players to be able to do Breeding without needing active breeding (use of Emotes), to get rid of this too repetitive and too poor mechanic. Sure, but let’s double the frequency that you have to swap your mount at a paddock 250 times and complete a single fight to reach level 5. Would you rather wave your arms 25 times or swap a mount 250? Priorities. Limit the almost exponential proliferation of Dragoturkey abilities and allow the natural introduction of the Chameleon trait for Dragoturkeys. Refer to my response to goal 1. Who gives a shit about DT traits if no one uses them? This goal is obsolete. tl;dr the devs of Wakfu were probably given a word target and 30 minutes to compile these proposals.
  10. Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    https://www.twitch.tv/morchaa is live with the finals now!
  11. Random Screenshots

    Back by popular demand!
  12. Random Screenshots

    Good meme, but Imps was around long before 1.29
  13. Random Screenshots

    Oh not again...
  14. Under The Edge

    1.29 is independent of 2.x so it isn't shared, no. But you can purchase some items from the Ogrine shop such as Livitinems and various pets. Just be careful that they're compatible before purchasing.