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  1. Rob

    Random Screenshots

    That's dumb
  2. Rob

    Random Screenshots

    @Veldin What's the chocolate Dofus do?
  3. - Moved to Suggestion Box because suggestion That's not a bad idea. However, anyone can start a thread of that nature and ultimately it is natural forum activity which will determine whether something is adopted as an 'official' thread on the site. Staff shouldn't be required to be part of that process until it gains enough traction to be pinned, believe it or not despite me being a fascist dictator I still can't force people to post. I'd invite you or someone else from the 1.29 community to open such a thread and promote it to that end and we'll see where it goes. I should note that in the age of live communities such as Discord, forums are becoming much less popular overall. Imps is not what it was several years ago in terms of activity and that is unlikely to change to a significant degree. In a slower moving community, I wouldn't expect to see any rapid adoption of new threads which you might be envisioning.
  4. Rob

    Dofus 1.29 Godfather/Shop Items

    The official 1.29 servers are long standing Spanish communities which pre-date the release of 2.0. Many of these gifts were likely acquired through their original means and may not have been attainable since.
  5. Rob

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    It's not Adam's fault he can't read, blame the British education system
  6. Rob

    warning point from 2011?

    Or maybe I'll give you another for disclosing your warn log
  7. A minor theme patch has just been pushed out. If you encounter any issues following this, please contact me so they can be rectified. 


    Unfortunately, this will also have had the effect of resetting your theme back to our default 'Imps at Night'. For those that didn't know, 'Imps Graphite' is available as a dark alternative by selecting the theme drop-down menu in the footer of the site.

  8. Rob

    Do You Like Fun?

    Youb certainly leaves an impression, if you can call it that
  9. Source https://www.ankama.com/en/news/gamakna Vulbis Dofus quest: Dofus gift code: GARASALAR Other game codes: PAZTAKNA GRINCHKNA KROSMAGA2019
  10. Rob

    BUYING Champions Set

    That's enough. Everyone's expressed their point of view and this line of discussion can now be ended. The OP is welcome to offer whatever they feel fit, I'd like to remind you all of our Guidelines. Merry Christmas.