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  1. What kind of features is it you're looking for specifically? Support for BB code was actually very recently dropped, but for the most part all the functionality that offered is available within the current editor. HTML formatting is disabled for users as it can be used maliciously beyond the intended use case - which is dangerous.
  2. It's there as database searches can be server intensive, but I've just significantly reduced the time restriction .
  3. Good question. I think 2.0 was earlier than that? It’s a jump from 1,400 monthly posts in March 2011 to 8,400 in August 2011. My guess is that data pre-2012 is under reported rather than a true spike. Might be something to do with 2006-2011 archivegate we had in 2013.
  4. As is evident over the past few years we've seen a dramatic drop in activity on our forums (though that has been a continuous downward trend since 2011). This is in part due to the general decline of the English speaking community on Dofus but more significantly from changing trends in how we as players interact with the game and it's communities. Since 2015 Discord has clearly been the biggest challenger, taking over the role of large multi-server communities, guilds, events etc. The graph below from my ACP shows the extent of this: In the short-medium term there is a
  5. I'm happy to announce that our private 'Guild Forums' (formally clubs) are once again available. You can access these through the "Guild Forums" menu in the hotbar above. The Guild Forums feature allows users to create personal spaces within the Imps Village site allowing you to manage your own forum communities for guilds and/or alliances. The functionality is open to all Imps users. Anyone can create a forum for their guild, but all new forums must first be reviewed and approved by an administrator. As a general rule, new Guild Forums will only be approved for guilds or alliances. How
  6. Ho, ho, ho. This is the 6th year I've wished you all a very merry Christmas or happy holidays from those of us at Imps Village! Unlike last year, I won't make any wishes for the future given how that turned out...
  7. Evening, Just realised I hadn't posted in about 6 months, I'm sure Coops is pleased. How is everyone? How have you been spending various lockdowns or whatever other policies have been introduced? I was fortunate in the sense that I was able to work from home during the UK's lockdown in Spring/Summer without being furloughed. We've just entered another 1 month lockdown until December, but it looks as though I can continue working from my firm's office, no dining room table for me ...
  8. Kikn


    Apologies for the late results guys! Congratulations to @Sunbathe and @Rob for your winning entries and being Imps’ no1 power couple .
  9. Congratulations all on your promotions, thanks for keeping us safe . Please make your way to the club anti-bullying mods sub-forum where you will be briefed on your top secret NASA mission.
  10. Granted but now everyone's going to know he's an idiot I wish that it would stop getting dark at 3:30pm...
  11. Hey guys, I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays from those of us at Imps Village! It's definitely been a quiet 2019 for the forums, but I hope each of you have had a great year so far and have greater things to come in 2020; be that in Dofus or in the 'real' world. All going well we should be welcoming someone new to our team for the New Year, so make sure you keep on posting prices just for them Rob
  12. @Goatee I'm a little worried about you, is there someone you could talk to? x
  13. Launching the first topic in the new retro subforum! Post your goals and achievements, retro edition. You know the drill... Set yourself goals in this thread and post a screenshot once you accomplish one.
  14. A big old OH thread makes me very nostalgic, I hope you keep us updated on your progress. I bet @Youbutsu will be impressed too, I read a few posts of his recently talking about how he only plays 1.29 for the nostalgia high! Good luck!
  15. Thanks to all those who participated! Congratulations to: @Khai (highest reaction count) @Sorwen @Pink-Ivy Please can you each send me a PM with your desired prize of either a Haven Bag or Emote from the below lists: Emotes Haven Bags These will then be allocated to the character named in your entry post.
  16. Kikn


    Pretty funny post on the fourth rendition, the :v) really tops it off! Can you include an estimate of what you're looking to pay though please.
  17. Please include a price range of what you're looking to buy/sell for as per our marketplace guidelines. The reason we ask for this is so that these forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a future resource for others to price check items. Thanks!
  18. Break out the Pimm's and your best shades because there are hot prizes to be won! Enter between now and the end of summer (23rd September) and three of you could win a Haven Bag or Class Emote of your choice* *Based on those available within the Dofus Boutique at the time of prize allocation *Prizes available on all 2.x servers How to enter: 1) Take a screenshot of your Dofus character and a companion enjoying someplace warm in the World of Twelve, 2) Post your screenshot(s) in a reply below along with something you'd like to do/achiev
  19. Neither do I. Are harnesses sold in the pet market? If so, this is the correct place.
  20. Hi, As promised, both our previous themes (Imps at Night & Imps Graphite) have been restored. For those that weren't aware, you may view the site in a 'dark mode' by selecting Imps Graphite under the 'Theme' dropdown menu to the left of the page footer. While I have completed an expedited bug check, I did prioritise pushing out the updated versions, so there is a likelihood of issues that slipped through the net. Please report any theming issues to me via a personal message on Imps. Over the past few months, we have been experiencing higher than usual levels of spam
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