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  1. Bloodseek

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Would you be so kind to give me advice on what elements they should be? Is 5 man better than a 4 man team?
  2. Bloodseek

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Returning player, haven't played since the cra nerf when I was trying to make a 508 team. Don't judge. What I Have Acct1: Iop 194 Str Acct2: Enu 138 Cha Acct3: Panda 108 Wis Acct4: Elio 94 Wis Acct5: Eni 83 Wis Acct6: Cra 160 Int/Dmg Acct7: Cra 160 Int Acct8: Cra 160 Int Acct9: Cra 145 Wis What I Want I want a 4/5 man team that I can play with now and when I rich end game content. A team that would let me grind mats and manage dungeons easily. I can change builds and can maybe class change the cras (not preferable). I would love to hear some advice.
  3. Bloodseek

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Thank you very much! If you find time can you tell me the 170 ones, I will hold my ground ^^
  4. Bloodseek

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Wep for 150 str Iop with moo set? 10/4
  5. Bloodseek

    Jus' funny stuff and stuff..

    Some alli chat from today.
  6. Bloodseek

    Jus' funny stuff and stuff..

    Yea but everyone is posting there and I want this to be my thread, cuz I'm selfish ya know.. :D And I will be posting a few times a day..
  7. Bloodseek

    Jus' funny stuff and stuff..

    Delete this thread please.
  8. Bloodseek

    Some help

    Hey guys, I decided to start playing Dofus again, but this time I am going to try on the Oto Mustam server. I already have an agi iop lvl 36 (just died) and was wondering how I should approach the server. Tried doing snappers a few times, but I always get aggroed and killed. If you have any tips any suggestions and so on please write a comment below. I have already read all the guide topics. Oh and if there is an English speaking guild on Oto please tell me who to contact so I can join. Thank you in advance!
  9. Bloodseek

    Ask a Mage

    When overmaging or exomaging an item, I get those drops of stats very often. Is there a specific way of putting back the stats like in a specific order and if there is, can someone list it for me?
  10. Bloodseek

    Best items to shatter for?.. -seeking rewrite

    Does anyone know what chance do I have to get a range rune from Arachnamu?
  11. Bloodseek

    S> Gelano

    Selling +130vit +120vit +90vit gelanos. PM me here or in game. IGNs: Bloodseek, Fortuneseek, Smahser
  12. Bloodseek

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    I am looking for sets(including pets and dts) for my 103 int feca and 90 int cra, any suggestions?
  13. Bloodseek

    Best items to shatter for?.. -seeking rewrite

    Hey guys, I don't know is this is exactly the right place to ask this question, but my question is somehow related to runes so I will ask here. Basically, I've been farming kwakwa today and it seems like a nice place to make decent kamas until I gear my nubs to do dp and I've been wondering if I should craft kwakwa items and crush them into runes or just sell raw resources. I have a lvl 70 Jeweller and lvl 100 Jewelmagus so feel free to suggest what I can do and forgive me if this is not the right topic for this question.
  14. Bloodseek

    Give me a Challenge

    Challenge yourself to drop a turq.
  15. Bloodseek

    DP with a 4 man team

    Thanks guys!

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