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  1. I had a lot of fun stalking people too. It was actually interesting once people started using hisdad bow to heal versus the level 100 neutral knight. Then people just aggroed non-wings too. Hisdad, the original archytype bow. But figuring out stuff like that was one of the reasons we had interest in Dofus I think. Nowadays, people just know what to do versus no one having an idea on how to become a tailor. The quest wait for that book....
  2. Multi-logging did not kill this game because of the fact that it allowed multi-loggers to get ahead of the community. People should be rewarded on their effort and work. However, multi-logging destroyed the social dependency of one another, thus people began to go "solo" rather than team up. There was no need for people to help each other, and thus you begin a disconnect.
  3. 1 MP 95 vit 53 Int 52 Agi 32 Wis 6 Crit 1 Range 1 Summon 5 fire dam 5 air dam -4 lock -3 mp loss 10 crit dam 8% water res 1 earth res (LOL) 1 air res (for the long stat bar) Thinking about selling it around 50mk, was a pain in the arse to mage.
  4. Greetings folks, I've played since beta 2004 (I want to say summer, some time very long ago). So watching this game develop and start is similar to watching a child grow, if I am going to be a little bit dramatic about it. This is definitely a great question and I love reading everyone's comments. I think an easier way to approach this is why we had interest in Dofus in the first place? I always been a fan of "final fantasy tactics or ogre tactics" and was actively seeking games of that genre. I stumbled on Dofus because of random searching and the fact that it was an MMO was a huge plus. Even until now (with the exception of Wakfu, which doesn't count) I don't think there is any game that brings both RPG elements and tactical elements together. Some may argue Atlantica Online, but it doesn't have the field/chess-like play we all want. Hence my reason for losing interest (besides getting scammed by Amouri, if you guys remember that whole shpeil), was the fact that the game started to drift away from being a fun game where you PvP and put things on the line, to a buddy buddy grind system. Secondly, I think the PvP aspect of the game was a huge perk. I think everyone as a bit of competitiveness in them, and having PvP is an impetus to improve ones self in many ways, gear, levels, relations with friends and enemies. Being able to join a faction (Bonta or Brak) and have open PvP with that concept was awesome. I still have screen shots of me ganking the crap out of everyone like Soviet- and made a lot of friends and enemies. Granted some people didn't like getting aggroed or ganked in a market map (sorry again), but it was fun 99.9% of the time. Then, started the waves of bots and multi-clienting. This literally killed the social aspect where people teamed up. Remember the days when people grouped for ghost mobs or dreggon mobs? That doesn't happen anymore. Back then, people grouped together for everything, from trees, to blops, to wabbits, to ghosts, ouginaks, and etc and etc. The only people that didn't group were Ecas, because well AoN is too op and you solo wabbits with that. So the social aspect of the game died. Then all the PvP aspects of the game died. I'm not going to go explain this as it has been a long dead beaten horse. I still love the game, it was a large part of my childhood, but yeah.
  5. Orcher - 39mk Turq - 10mk Emerald - 4mk All prices are negotiable.
  6. Bump, all prices negotiable. Also selling orcher/turq dofus.
  7. AP broucie (25mk) 1/0 AP 290 vit 68 str 25 wis 1 range 14/14 damages 4 dodge 6 mp res 10% fire res MP Frizz (35mk) 1/0 MP 290 Vit 49 str 48 int 49 cha 3 crit 10/10/10 damages 10 earth res
  8. Looking for a series of exomages, very flexible can be AP/MP but on these specific items: 1. Moowolf Ring (AP preferred) 2. Dreggon Ring (MP preferred) Might be interested in: 3. Elya Wood (MP preferred) 4. Soft Oak (AP preferred) Paying a price based on stats from 5mk-15mk (cause of forum rules)
  9. Cas, could you post your ring? I might be interested in it.
  10. I just traded a set for a pair of mine. I was looking for "ellies mental amulet". Thank you for the reply.
  11. Paying between 1 kama to 50.000.000 kamas, depending on stats.
  12. It's these sort of things that make me wish I didn't move from Rushu. That and the population/economy/etc.... and so on...
  13. Greetings, So after some time, a few weeks/months of lurking and playing sparingly, I've decided to officially come back into the game of Dofus. This game is just too fun and unique for what it's worth. I know a lot has changed, but I'm mostly on top of things. For those that are wondering, I am the original Osiristina from Beta. So hopefully I can see a few old people. I'm currently in Rosal, so probably not, but still. Hopefully I can spot a few old folks on Rushu still when I lurk there. See you guys out on the field. (Took forever to guess the password to this IV account...)
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