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  1. I think it would depend what server your on. Personally I think if your on rosal and part of the alliance Aeon than Feudala Village Because all 10 star mobs usually and fast mobs. if not than umm Nolfis maybe or Frigost Mobs/dungeons :3
  2. I use team search all the time! More people should use it :p
  3. Honestly i was looking for something opposite i love helping new people <3 lol :P
  4. Night

    bot regards

    . They don't do bot kolo fights on rosal or rushu I think I've played both and never seen any :p
  5. Night

    bot regards

    I know zato server is average population but bots make up 90% of server now :p
  6. I am thinking I may try out shika c: on my 6 accounts if I do come over there I would have 199-200 x6 what would be a good guild/group of people it get to know c:?
  7. Im looking to buy Perfect Soul Stone for Gigantic Souls so yeah if you have any you wanna sell just message me in game ;3 ~Night-Mystress~
  8. Nice Builds for a sacier is Str And Chance for PvM =3
  9. Kolossium and Professions are a nice way to make money =)!
  10. Well Intel Cra's are really nice they have Good AoE and also can steal range and do awsome dmg <3 So id say Intel but its up to you =3
  11. Im looking to buy mahogany pebbles pm me please or like leave message here or something =3 Thanks <3 Night-Healer Night-Heart
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