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  1. The Server Fusion will take place in several waves. We'll start on April 18th with the fusion of the following servers (which will be grouped together to form a single server): Rushu (int) Rosal (int) Solar (int) Aermine (int) Zatoishwan (int) Shika (int) Dark Vlad (nl) Ereziah (it) Nehra (de) Padgref (ru)
  2. komrad are u hyped for merge 

    1. Rockyou



  3. activity feed doenst work at all for me, same for links to sets that end with /edit. it just shows a blank site. /global doenst work for me too, it just loads forever. im using firefox version 52 activity feed:
  4. but 11/6 sets with trophies were superior to 12/6 or 11/6 dofus sets...
  5. do you guys think the cawwot text is wrong? you get ap res when someone reduces your mp. why not ap res when you get ap removed. would make cawwot even more viable
  6. -16 ct res tho :(((((((((((((((((((((( why does it always land when stats suck, someone help pls
  7. You have been many to react and comment on the publication of the latest Devblog about the 200+ levels and the Spell Variants system. After two days of debates, we would like to review your feedback and tell you more about what we have planned. We have read your comments carefully and we understand your concerns regarding the suppression of spell scrolls, as well as the fringe effects this would have on Kolossium rewards. Following up on your feedback on this topic, we understand that the time investment required to obtain the maximum amount of spell points is consequent, and the conversion we are offering you isn't appealing enough. This also impacts Kolossium rewards, with the risk of devaluing Kolossokens. We have decided to pick a handful of players in order to start a discussion regarding the possible alternatives. For those of you who speak French, you can follow our talks in this forum thread. Together, we are discussing new compensations, as well as the 200+ project in its entirety. These talks are proving rather constructive and very enriching for us, so much so that we want to take the time to keep the dialogue going and take the opportunity to offer you a game mechanic that would be better suited to your expectations, even if it is released later than initially planned. In the coming days and weeks, we will keep exchanging views with you, in order to keep you updated on our progress and let you have a part in it. That way, you will also be able to be part of the think tank on the express condition that you write calmly and rationally. Please don't be a Iop. And please do tell us if you are motivated and want to discuss this with us! As for the rest, the next Update will still include two important features: The second chapter of Ohwymi, with its very high level content The Sacrier class revamp Furthermore, due to the time already spent discussing and brainstorming the 200+ level system, the Beta won't start this week. At the moment, it is planned to start next week. We are of course still listening to your feedback, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the players that are helping us right now: welcome to this wonderful adventure! source: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/589766-level-200-taking-stock
  8. damage = (((stats/100)+1)*basedamage)+damage 70 strength/chance. min damage = (((70/100)+1)*13)+20 min damage = (1,7*13)+20 min damage = 22,1+20 = 42 neutral min damage edit: fuck you brock i wanted to do the same also, why is there even an option to add power (weapon) as exos? you cant do that ingame, so why on dofusplanner
  9. looking for a english speaking guild on eratz, pm Rockyouu
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