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  1. define underrated? the most popular server to exist atm barring the 1.30 servers. Just because the english community is too stubborn to stop playing on a ~50 pop server doesn't make it underrated.
  2. Unfortunately there's only going to be 1 server as stated in this post. I wish they made one for FR and one for INT/EN but I doubt it will happen.
  3. Let's say for example, i take all the items im about to transfer + 10 or so items im gonna crush to crusher, then i crush them all, be 10k~ over pods and then get server transferred the following night, does this work? does anyone have proof that it does or doesn't? let me know what you guys think xD
  4. lmfao, but when he says " So, once you try to reach 0+ (in this case critical resistance) runes sink goes back to it's normal (from 1 back to 2 sink). Not just for this item, but any item. Once you try to do -1>0 runes sink is being on it's maximum. " which is in decent english, it's what you said basically x)
  5. In bad english, that's what he said you goofball
  6. cra is answer to everything we're getting buffed too 4Head
  7. Thanks for the fix but i dont want to play a game with no spell animations after they made them all look cool just because they fucked this end of fight stuff up, ill just deal with the d/cs until these potatoes fix it i guess
  8. What is this cancer shit that happens at the end of a fight where everything i guess explodes idk their team did a really shitty job with whatever the hell they were trying to do, but it d/cs people even if their computer can run 50 dofus's at once, how do i turn it off
  9. Sure does, why the fuck would you give it out for free when that's extra money you can have for no real effort, who wants to live Morally Rich but Economically Poor?
  10. Only retards give their stuff away or delete their characters, Both characters and kamas and worth money. That's like setting money on fire, to each their own.
  11. I'll be there to take your hand back into Dofus anytime, Babe. loljk Dofus fucking sucks
  12. something on your pc is messed up badly. I can run 8 accounts on high on a potato pc. your pc is good enough to run like 50 as he said, lol.
  13. Guild Name: Fight Night Level: 18 Members: 44 Language: English and French(Few people speak French) Doubt anything but yours and my guild will show up here, but what the heck :P If anyone new or normal to Eratz would like to join please feel free to PM any of the following, you'll find atleast one of us on at any given time! Mattyz | Mattehz | Liviosa | Jinih | Graceful | Byna | Glyceride | Gold-Fortune Just tell us you're from Imps!
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