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  1. I win PS: Any person that posts under me is going to get banned from Imps Village.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I laughed really hard at that meme and thought it was the best post out of this entire thread. PS: Sorry for randomly bumping this thread up (I only just realized the last post was last Friday kek). I hope you're all doing great!!!!!!
  3. We get bored of looking at our sand over here so we use milk powder to symbolize the presence of snow in the middle east ^_^
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot, you're too posh for milk powder ?
  5. You can have my milk anyday Santa. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I know I don't come on IV often, but I just had to pay tribute to my trusty kettle (my old homies out there get the reference lol). OTHER THAN THAT THO, I HAVE A REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION. Do you pour water into a cup first and then put the milk powder in? OR Do you put the milk powder into a cup first and then put the water in? OR Do you just put kettle on head
  6. Granted, Kikn now loves you back. But only in your Asian form (ಥ ͜ʖಥ) I wish I had chest hair so that I could feel more manly irl
  7. Just to let everybody know, the DOFUS discord server is still around after 2 years and a half and we're as active as ever! We even survived the really over powered April Fools prank that went wrong and wild ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Make sure you join the DOFUS discord server if you're bored as fook as we have really interesting convos over there (even if you do not play DOFUS, as we have an #off-chamber section for off-topic discussions). The discord server currently has text and voice channels for the following communities: English French German
  8. Disclaimer: Before I start, I'd like to thank Dissolved, Foxer and everyone else who's still in Ancient Spirits right now and was promised that I'd help out with the guild when the server merge occurred. I'm very sorry I let you guys down, but due to several reasons, I just honestly can't motivate myself to play the game anymore. I wish you guys the very best and hopefully I'll try and stay in touch with you guys <3. I'd also like to thank all of my friends that have helped me make every "short stay" as of late as enjoyable as possible. Loads of my friends (James, Suruj and Vic
  9. Hey guys... it's been like nearly 2 years, holy fuck. Anyways I kind of made a new updated version of the video (with better mic quality this time) and I decided to cover a wide range of topics in the video. In particular, I covered the following topics in the new video: 1.) How to get DOFUS on steam 2.) How to play DOFUS 1.29 audio ingame instead of DOFUS 2.0 3.) Discord and general cool things about it. I tried doing a lot during a 20 minute window time frame. Please take note that the actual Dofus 1.29 STEAM tutorial for the music is DIFFE
  10. Oh rofl, I didn't even know I entered (I wrote the message incorrectly on purpose) let alone win haha. Anywho, this was a fun event, thanks for setting it up Rob <3
  11. I've been cheeky this year Santa!
  12. I can confirm downloading Dofus via the above link works ^ However, I ran into an issue where the game decided to log me into Shika and for some odd reason I couldn't switch servers. So like I'm pretty much stuck on Shika atm, every time I press on "change servers" it takes me back to the Shika character menu... ---'
  13. Reading this made me upset tbh because of how true it is. I don't know what happened to you Timeless, but you were honestly never like this before you came to Rushu. When you were in my guild on Shika for months upon months, not once did someone accuse you of ever scamming them or doing some sneaky ass shit. I also remember how much you used to be a fantastic person in Ancient Spirits, back when you used to play on Armageddon. Now I don't play anymore and my opinion's probably like meaningless to you, but it's just sad to see you've decided to go through this path. I feel like over
  14. Yup definitely move to Rushu. You'll find more Shikians on Rushu than you will on Shika lmao. Most of us moved because the server pretty much killed itself since people just server transferred out of it anyway. There's honestly nothing that's really 'bad' about Rushu, the markets are x200 times better than Shika's, the people over there are pretty nice for the most part as well and you always have people around to do things with. It's just so much better in every sense of the word tbh.
  15. Gonna cry if this is what my current sacrier is going to turn into js.
  16. Sounds gimmicky as fuck and it still feels like the main issues that were present on a Sacrier were not actually dealt with. I might be wrong though, I'll definitely need to test out the class during the beta period.
  17. I'll be 100% honest with you, if you're planning to play DOFUS with one account then you'll definitely not enjoy the game as much as before. Times have changed sadly, and as much as I'd like to say you can really 'progress in the game' with only one account, that would probably be the biggest lie of the century lel. Probably the biggest demotivating factor as of right now is the fact that when I transferred to Rushu, I only took my Sacrier with me and left all of my other characters behind on Shika (which was a very very big mistake). You honestly, can't do much on your own and as much as I'd
  18. I definitely miss the overall neatness I had going on about a year ago... lmao Also, jesus christ, my icons were bulky a f back then ;-; @Kiba if you check the 8th column and the 2nd row, you'll see a "Geology" file, which means that Saif knows his rocks and ores very well (heuhueheuhu). Go away @Sommanker :( #CopperOresShouldStillBeGreen
  19. There are bubbles present inside some of the water tanks that are around the game, which means air is present, and therefore, oxygen is most likely present. Copper ores should be green a f, cause oxygen does indeed exist in the world of 12.
  20. Sorry for the double post, but what idk about you but I breathe in my daily dose of oxygen and exhale my carbon dioxide :^)
  21. Copper has an orange colour, however Copper Ore (the one that is actually gathered up from the mines) is green. Saif got a C- in chemistry and therefore clearly knows his shit Rob :^). " Copper miners were confused about nickel and copper because they both occurred in ores with a green tint." Source: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/L-P/Nickel.html#ixzz4NtIvgRML
  22. k, so even though I don't play anymore, the fact that copper ore is orange a f, triggers me a lot and doesn't make me sleep any better at night. I've been thinking about it hard, every single night and the orange a f colour in game, really has had a negative overall impact on my life. So............... Ankama p l s #MakeDofusGreatAgain #CopperOresShouldBeGreen
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