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Status Updates posted by Iamthenumberonenub

  1. holy shit, I was stalking my old posts on the official forums and I cringed so fucking hard. if you want a laugh, go check it out

  2. wtf how long have I been on your sig lmao

  3. wow they nerfed me bro


    idk what the fuck 508 is either 

    1. Masive


      508 is op idol combo.

    2. Iamthenumberonenub


      hey get on dofus rushu lad


    3. Masive


      Ok but I work in an hour

  4. I have a bad toothache :(

    ankama still hasn't replied to meh ticket!

  5. HEY YOU. Lets plan a dungeon run, Friday night or Saturday morning (like before). Anything that suits your time ya nub!

  6. mkay.. how long will you be on? so i know it's worth even waking up this damn early..

  7. Woke up at 6:35am an you're not on


  8. Well it's your fault for slacking in school you nub.

  9. 7am i can POSSIBLY do. stop sneaking to play pc -.-

  10. K fine 1am my time. Better be on you nub

  11. No school on Friday. You better come on scrub!

  12. Y u no go on during day

  13. Prophet... WHO'S THAT?!