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  1. I've seen people use the Pawl Ouatnos ring over the Deep Sea, not sure if that's a better switch or not. Overall, looks great!
  2. felt more accomplished getting this virtual childhood dream of mine than skydiving from 15,000 feet a couple of days before LUL shout out to Austin, Maya, and Rob for logging 8+ characters each to help me open the gates at such an unaccommodating time
  3. Not an achievement to many, but rather a personal one for me. As a seasonal player I didn't have the opportunity to log on everyday to do the daily Almanax but whenever i did log on, the last thing on my mind was to do such measly quests (didn't help I had the daily reminder off for the longest).
  4. hi ppl I'm selling my Vulbis Dofus as well as a couple of Ochre Dofuses Vulbis - 250MK Ochre x3 ONE LEFT - 31MK can easily find me in-game /w Kevin or /w Daddy ty!!!
  5. Are you looking for range in the Shylock's Ring? Wasn't stated in the post
  6. finished set! Four-leaf under Asse Shield mimi. damage is real great for bow damage as well as overall int/agi/cha damage. Strength is a bit lacking. Open to modifications! (wow first poster after a year)
  7. hi paying anywhere from 180-200mk can reach me here or /w Kevin in game thanks!!
  8. hii am selling some things. prices are negotiable You can contact me via /w Iamthenumberonenub or just comment here :0 ty
  9. planning on starting cloudy quest line on four characters and have a couple questions Does it matter what profession is level 200? (i.e have a lvl 200 magus on a char). Also, what's the most efficient way to reach lvl 200 for any profession on multiple characters ty in advance!!
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