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  1. u got 1 star imps rating, sort ur life out

  2. so proud of u slim luv u lots x
  3. wow u won fight with abood?! how is that possible
  4. persona trying to get his posts score up
  5. Gshock


    Bye Monz, it was a pleasure watching you turn into a man on this game. I knew straight away there was something special in you when i invited you to blank at a young age when you was awful and everyone wanted to get rid of you. (same with abood) But I gave you a chance and you failed to impress me....(same with abood) I wasted hours on this game to train you up and make you into a goultard champion but you was just a retarded little shit and a disgrace to the house of blank. (same with abood) Koloing with you destroyed my kolossium rating and reputation and forced me to quit... But i coul
  6. dont come back bro, i wont be able to leech u through kolossium anymore
  7. such a waste of a vulbis...
  8. ok ill stay at urs instead handz
  9. mayb i can come stay at urs for the weekend?
  10. These spells look way too complicated for me D;
  11. >.> Good job Kaitah that shit is incredible! Thanks for making me look gay and taller then everyone just what I wanted <3 And i love the needle, that was my signature spell <3 Makes me wanna come back to dofus now ;-;
  12. HI guys, I know this is a shock to everyone just before goultard but i am quitting for good. I gave all my items away and a friend will be playing my account now. Wish u guys all the best for the future and take care!
  13. sad to see you go Mary, my favourite Goultard champion pm me your number so i can inform u about upcoming updates
  14. I think u forgot to give me some of your items bro, still waiting..
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    • Yuekichi  »  Seri

      <3 miss you! how are you doing? I returned to Dofus and started Eudai again on Echo server ^^
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    • Yokimoto

      Join me now on the battlefields of Travian: Legends, the expert strategy MMO for masterminds! Epic battles and endl… https://t.co/C19ub3SNPN
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    • Nixstix  »  Lifee

      Been a while old friend. Hit us up on mono server Ilyzaelle if you still read this and are keen to check it out again. A lot of the old crew returned during Covid. 
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