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  1. Yeah dude. You should make multiple desktops. This might explain somewhat better: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/use-multiple-desktops-mac-os-x/ Go ahead and bind desktop 1-8 to F1-F8. Log in on all chars and put 1 client per desktop. You can use the F-keys to switch between chars now.
  2. title. 12m or negotiable depending on stats, leave a message below here since I won't be online too often
  3. Class: SramBuild: ?Kamas/time available: 50mCurrent team: Enu MP red, panda cha/int, omni craLvl range: 200Extra comments: Changing my main once again. Probably from sadi>sram, but not sure what element to go. Any advice on what element would go best with my current team? PvM
  4. ^ this Your main kinda looks like willie though
  5. Go str/int/agi with this set and you'll be good to go in pvm and pvp (can adjust characterics if you'd like). 12/6/4/2 without an expensive exo (since MP gels are only worth 700kk atm). All spells are levelled too so everything is maxed atm http://dofp.la/Q0Zml/
  6. What I Have Acct1: 200 agi elio Acct2: 200 str/int/agi iop Acct3: 180 omni eca What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: pvming, achievements. Not sure on what to add. I currently have several accounts which contain 199 enu, 200 panda and 2 200 cra's. What'd fit best with these chars? Kinda low on kamas so I'd either have to level something new if it's another class apart from those mentioned above. if you could add a set which is worth <20m excluding trophies/dofusses that'd be great :> edit: I have no clue what idols to use for at least 300 with this team. Any reccomendations?
  7. It still shows on my alt that i've "completed deep crimson". You get the egg after completing that achievement, not by quest. So I kinda doubt that though
  8. Just discovered that achievements on a single account are now shared, right after I completed my totankama's tablet. Sold my crim on my main and wanted to get another by doing quests through an alt. Is there no possibility to complete deep crimson twice on 1 account anymore?
  9. With the changes to elio/insult coming up, do you reckon iop/elio(agi) duo's are still doable? Was just about to change class until I read about these changes
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