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  1. JerryDB

    Wakfu Damage Calculator

    Ok, as I love maths I think know some of the Wakfu formulas which I use when making builds for myself and other people. However with all the new equipment critical hit bonus,backstab bonuses it was getting harder to quickly see what is better in terms of equipment. So I have made a full damage calculator which I am going to share with you (which you will have to download to use). Now if someone wants to turn this into a html webpage please do . Before you argue that any of my maths if incorrect please can you test it. As I spent over an hour using this spreadsheet with a extremely low variance between the game and the calc which is most likely a rounding issue. I do not claim that any of the formulas I use are correct as Ankama, maths and logical rarely work together. To use the calc simply enter your numbers in the boxes then magic. By base damage/combo I mean if you cast 3 spells with a base of 25 your damage per turn will be 75. Notes: You can never hit less than your base damage so 100 base against 500% resistance and you hit 100 I couldn't get the special rule to work in my version of open office (not excel) as thats all I have atm. This calc can be used in and outside of combat, if you gain +20% critical hits after using 1 Wakfu Point then add it in, so you can see the damage difference. Sidestab is +10% final damage so 1.1 final damage. Backstab is +25% final damage so 1.25%, backstab bonus damage is added to bonus damage I have put the formulas at the right of the spreadsheet. I didn't think backstab just gets added to normal damage however I have run the maths so many times it can only be like that. Now damage is not everything as this is just a straight calc for certain classes/builds you may want to lower your damage in order to gain resistance for example.
  2. I would like everyone's help if possible with this subject as a Dofus player I remember many of the fundamental rules do not apply for Wakfu. So sometimes I was worse than a nub as I would be arguing incorrect stuff on Wakfu. Also I have not played Dofus in 3 years so I could be wrong about some things. This is not what games is better topic I may say if something is clearly better or worse as an individual feature. This topics intentional is to give a Dofus player a clear understanding of where Wakfu is different (not better). Overall tactically Wakfu is more simpler game, positive and negative states usually only last one turn. There is no turn order as such, on dofus you need to cast spells in a certain order to maximize the tactical potential. Overall Wakfu is meant to have much shorter fights than Dofus, most dungeon only have 4 floors including the boss. Wakfu's turns last for 30 seconds per player/monster. Summoning osa's capture 5 monsters of their own choice so like pokemon . There is no set element for anyone class , most elements are extremely viable for most stuff for me this is one of the biggest difference. You can use characteristic points and buy AP/MP and range I love that ^^. You can not scroll characteristic points using scrolls to a high amount of anything as they do not really exist on Wakfu, there is one dodge scroll thats it. There are four nations, bonta, brak, amakna, sufokia. There are no pvp wings or nations quests (atm). Each nation has a governor which needs to be voted in every 2 weeks. The majority of monsters and all plants/trees/crops do not respawn so everything is managed (LOL) by the players. You can make your own kamas aka kamas minting. There is no energy, when you die you get a 4 minutes penalty that's it. You can use Ogrines to p2p however Wakfu will never have a kamas exchange system I asked the makers of the game myself in Feb 2012. Anka-box message system is not yet incorporated into the game. Ok, a massive negative no re-connection system this is because the game is programed in java not flash like Dofus Each class has 15 spells and 5 active specialty's and 5 passive specialty's, without going into much detail spells have levels up to level 200, so a level 100 fire iop would have level 100 Iop's Wraith so builds not only vary on element but what actual spells people use as you can not level them all.
  3. This is from Nanners pvp event click here to read more. All fights have been uploaded, enjoy. Round 1 fight 1 Team Swag Vs. Team Soviet Union . Round 1 Fight 2 Team Kack Vs. Team Synergy. Round 1 Fight 3 Panda Team Vs Team Wubwub. Round 1 Fight 4Team Noname Vs. Team UN. Semi-finals Fight 1 Team Synergy Vs SU. Semi-finals 2 Team Noname Vs Panda Team. Finals: Team Noname Vs Team Synergy.
  4. JerryDB

    New to Wakfu! Remington server.

    Hey Checkpoint Here is my my guide for new player is also contains lots of useful website and some videos that I made. Feel free to ask me stuff in-game. JerryDB
  5. Here is the video for the event filmed by myself. This post has been taken from the Wakfu forum. This event was hosted on the Remington server of Wakfu by Rayne the Governor of Amakna. Heya everyone! As referred to in the politics section, the Government of Amakna will organize an event again! We won't organize a Hunger Games this time, nor a Horde & Seek Event. This time, it's something new. And it will be something that matches the new Jellish content perfectly (thanks to Blantuise, who helped creating this idea). So what is it? This event is roughly based on the 'musical chairs' game. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the game goes like this: Someone turns up the music, and everyone else starts dancing. As soon as the music's turned off, everyone has to rush to sit on a chair. But there aren't enough chairs for everyone, so the one's who aren't on a chair is out. Until the last Sitter's standing. Or sitting. But of course we're all way too cool for chairs so we gave it a completely different twist. Actually, it's a mix between the musical chairs game and killing each other mercilessly. How does this turn out? It's simple: One of the organizers (the Challenger probably) will play an instrument and all the participants start dancing, derping, or anything else that's fabulous you feel like doing at that moment when you've got no dance emotes. But don't stay too concentrated on the dancing because you'll have to pay very good attention to the musician! When the music stops, everyone has to aggress one other participant as quickly as possible. The person who's left with no fight is out. The losers of the fights are also out. When the fights are done the music starts again and this swinging disco killer scene will repeat itself until one participant's left who shall claim the prize. What's the prize? It will be a kamas prize, with the amount lying around 100-200kk, depending on the exact amount of money we can raise. Where will it be held? This event will be held at the fabulous disco and dancing area, Bilbiza! After some searching, we've found the exact and only worthy location for the event - the Disco! -- Sadly enough Ankama wants to avoid any Panic! at the Disco, and made fighting in the disco forbidden. The fighting of the event will take place at the entrance of the Jellith Dimension in stead! Right here: An eventual afterparty will still take place at the disco, for everyone who wants to talk and hang out some more, or share their ideas for future events or other things we can do! Here's the entrance to the disco, it's a bit tricky to find. Just follow the red carpet and click the spot I drew that arrow at. We'll end up in this fancy crib to do the afterparty. So when is it? This Friday, 9th of August at 3 PM, GMT + 2/Wakfu server time. Please don't confuse this time with GMT + 1, we've seen this happening a lot because of the confusion surrounding daily saving time. Write it down on your agenda and be sure to join! How can you join? Joining is completely free! There is no entrance fee. Just leave a message on this topic or let Ahobaka, Hemrys or me in-game. We're looking forward to your participation! So people, get your best dance moves and fighting gear and make sure to sign up for this fabulous yet aggressive event! -Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna The event itself The first season of the So You Think You Can Dance Event is over already! Thanks a lot for joining eveyone! It was a really great event and I'd love to organize it again. Here's some screenies! Everyone danciiin'! The first fights have started! The last round and... Ahobaka (Suto) is left with no dancing partner, which means he's out! It's now between the last two fighters! Teh last battle~ And the winner! Congratulatiosn Genjutsu! That's it for this event, thanks to the sponsors, everyone who helped and to the participants! Seeya next time! -Xx Rayne
  6. Earlier this year, I came up with the idea to have a real-life event in France the Official Meet and Greet 2013, which turned out to be an epic success. So I thought that this summer I would run another event, this time in the UK! If anything changes this post will be updated as soon as possible the date has been updated from 29th June to 27th July and now to the 24th August. Overview: The first part of the event the barbeque The Chefs (masters of burning will be...) JerryDB will be cooking sausages (bring on the jokes) NAMstorm will be cooking burgers Arachi with the vegetarian alternative The barbeque of course is weather permitting. If it rains (its always raining non-stop in England) we will stay inside and use the kitchen to cook the food. The second part of the event. The Wakfu quiz: Will be done in small teams. The scores will go up to 125 (as do levels within the game). Each team has 6 Wakfu Points, which can be redeemed during the quiz; that when used gives useful hints to the answers. The quiz contains various rounds from normal questions, quick fire questions, a sound and music round to a picture round. As I suffer from ludicrous amounts of insanity the complexity of the questions will vary violently. The winning team will receive Wakfu goodies. Who the event is for? This event is open to anyone able to get there. I play exclusively on the Remington server but most of the other servers joined in my France event and as I met some awesome players (such as Demion) and so I will be opening it to players of any Server. Age limit There is no age limit as I have loosely aimed this event for players over the ages of 18, as travelling may be required. Further consideration may be needed if people under the age of 18 wish to join the event. After party The event will last roughly 5 hours after this everyone is more than welcome to join me for further drinks at a pub which is a 2 minute walk down the road. Warning Throughout the event I will make making various crude jokes relating to sausages, buns and anything else that comes to mind to still be considered crude, I may also disregard my usual passive/easy-going demeanour and be in full hyperactive event management mode (100% making the event a success). Location Venture Centre 2000 Bromley Road Lawford Manningtree Essex CO11 2JE Travel The venue I have choose has excellent public transport especially by train. It is only a 5 minute walk from the train station. Date and time Saturday 24th August 2013 this has been put back from June/July Event starts from 12:00-17:00 BST (gmt+1) +After party (optional) To join this event Go to this website and complete the necessary information. Please note the banner says Wakfu Birthday but it is the correct website. The cost to join this event is £10 per person (which is non-refundable). Every single person who wants to join the event must sign up to the website. I will not accept cash on the day. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the numbers of players to join this event as I have already paid for the venue. Final points If you want to join and need help with anything please contact me as soon as possible and I will help you as much as I can. Also if you know anyone who might be interested in joining this event please tell them all about it as soon as possible. You will need to buy your own drinks as the delicious barbeque food has already been covered within the £10 cost. Please also tell me as soon as possible any dietary requirements so I can try to prepare you something nice to eat. The venue has a full licensed bar which we will be using complete with bar staff so don’t forget to buy me a drink. Essex is the cultural centre of the UK, so there is much to be enjoyed about the county I will be able to accept everyone who pays the ticket price even if its 24 hours before the event as long as they clearly let me know. As naturally before the days before the event I may be quite busy. There is no deadline but I would be advised to pay as soon as possible and arrange travel etc. I will also be running the Official Meet and Greet event in February 2014 as well (every single year hopefully) so whatever works out best for you. JerryDB (loves BBQ food)
  7. JerryDB

    IV-ers in the Wakfu World

    Who puts in more hours in and outside of Wakfu for Wakfu a week?
  8. JerryDB

    IV-ers in the Wakfu World

    Nice topic Loz. I am the opposite of Loz I am pretty hardcore and try to play as many hours as I can within a day. I have built a small community of decent players who are more than willing to help people out regardless of their level. If you are looking for a more hardcore style with proper leadership and organization then join my guild which is on Remington. I have earnt the title of the most insane Wakfu player here is a little video to prove this.
  9. JerryDB

    Are you curious about Wakfu? Check in here!

    Thank you Salazaz for a wonderful topic. Loz thank you for the mention. I have made quite a few videos , guides, pvp events, pvm events even role-play event. I will even go so far to say they show off whats great about Wakfu and why I can't Dofus ever again, who makes a game? the community (well to a certain extent). I will warn you I even made a special show which is jam packed full of humuor. So check out this video and there are plenty more where that came from. On Remington I have built a community of good players and we all play together using voice chat. Personally I get tired of all the I cant find a group I have been making groups for the Remington server since June 2012, if you join my voice chat server you can simply make your own groups.
  10. JerryDB

    [Dathura] Elysium | The Band of Heroes

    Keep up the good work with the guild. It seems you guys are really dominate the toughest challenges Wakfu has to offer. For any Remington players or anyone wishing to join Wakfu. Please message me and I will help you out on most things. On Remington I have a voice chat server which all well-behaved people are welcome to use. Which boasts decent people to enjoy the game with.
  11. JerryDB

    Frigost Main Quest & Enemy Data

    Hey, I had the same idea however I made a video. In these video guides I show you how to the complete the main quest line of frigost some may deem these videos as spoilers please bare this in mind. In order to start the quest line you need to be level 100. I have broken the guide down into three parts:- Part 1 Chillberg Island (Ice Floe Zapp) Part 2 Ruins of the Asparah Gorge (Snowbound Snowbound Village Zapp) Part 3 Harebourg County (Harebourg Castle Zapp) Doing the quests not only gives to complete access to the whole of frigost it gives awesome exp. The characters used in this video are my 12 AP fire cra in dark hurl set and my 12 AP water eni in admin/exc so both pretty normal characters. I do not change my equipment through the videos. I wont show you cra resistances too embarrassed. Please feel free to ask me anything if you get stuff. Remember drinking tea inside and outside of combat reduces freezing.
  12. JerryDB

    A Guide on how to make money

    Hello, Before you read on I may give information some may deem as spoilers that they wanted to find out for themselves. So read at your own risk. This is my attempt to make a rough guide to help new players as a introduction how to make money within the game. I will update this from time to time, my words here are not absolutely perfect and they may well be room for improvement or in my experience my beliefs may be based on wrong assumptions. I am not going to give you any specific details. Why not? Because this is a capitalist style economy after all. If I tell you make item X and you will make lots of money. Everyone will do this and I will have lost my way of earning money. Eventually no one will be able to earn money as people always want their kamas instantly so you get into a price war going lower and lower until your both losers. How to make money aka kamas? Firstly there are many different ways to make money, the limit is your imagination (well to a certain extent). Mining The first way we are introduced to in the games is mining the most exciting thing possible. Acquire the miner profession from the various npc's before you start mining I would strongly recommend you keep all the iron ore that you gather for the copper +iron recipe. Like usual the resources are split up within a nation from low to high, in your nation that's from your headquarters to the far reaches of the nation. So iron can be found within the first maps, then copper and so on. Locations for ores can be found on the wiki please use the links in the next sentences. You may also want to read Miner and Kamas Minter on the wakfu wiki. If you are purely going for kamas you could only mine the ores that are used in kamas recipes BUT the best receipe on the game requires level 60 miner. So its up to you if you want to aim for the best recipe straight away. I will warn you number mining does not level very fast, other players can attack you within the mines without any penalty. Also there items such as the Miner's Hat that improve the amount that you collect you may want to think about getting these if you do that much mining. What most players do is we earn some kamas from mining, enough to travel and buy sets then we use other methods to earn kamas from then on. Drops and Resources This is very simple sell the equipment that you drop and sell the resources that you drop. There are 4 main ways to sell items in-game. The main places to get drops are from dungeons where the Boss monster usually drops equipment items. I believe this to be the most common ways to earn kamas, at present the UB boss drops are worth a lot of kamas, good luck . 1. At the market places for example Bonta 5th Avenue. You will pay a tax the second you put the item up for sale, the tax is the same for every 24 hours so if you put the item up for 72 hours you really paying the tax on 24 hours three times. I would argue this is the most common way to sell items. 2. From your haven bag, this time you pay a one time only tax. For a player to see your item they will need to manually click on all your sell room chests. This can be great, especially if you know that your going on holiday. You can set up shop then when you get back your rich muahahahah. 3. Shouting it out in game selling "Item X for X kamas" 4. Selling items using the forums Trade section then trade in-game. Supply and Demand As everything is driven by the players, we make the prices and we make the demand. We do not have a vast amount of players on the server so you may find that lower level sets have an artificially high price then they really should. This is because the supply is low and the demand is high making a higher price. I don't think its worth mentioning price strategies its only a game after all. I am new to the game, I do not know the price of the item I am trying to sell. Firstly is the item low level ? if it is the chances are its going to sell for a low value anyway so I woudn't worry about making the perfect profit margin from it. Secondly check the sell rooms to see what someone else it selling for. Last option very nicely ask a high level players, could they please tell you if the item in question is worth anything. Now if they say its not worth anything I will buy it off you for 1 kamas please think about they may be lying to obtain the item cheaper. They could be, being 100% truthful and helping you out you will have to learn this lesson for yourself. Also check what an item is used in my clicking "used in profession's" icon on the item then right click on the list some times make be used to make something else then something further which has a high value. General rules Low level items = low price. High level items=high price for two reason harder to obtain and higher levels have more money. The higher the rarity the higher the price. Rarity is colour coded orange is the rarest. The higher the difficulty the higher the price. The higher the time taken to obtain the higher the price for example levelling a maka item lv 100 Stats of the item the higher the higher the price. Availabilities and usefulness, for this I am taking about Pets that can only been obtained through more than +3 months p2p and rings and amulets that are useful for all classes like a pp ring. There are of course many exceptions to this simple general rules. So looking at the list you can work how to get rich obtain items that are rare, that take lots of time which have high stats and that are useful for everyone. Easier said then done but I hope you get the idea. Also items that are new (recently released) will have a higher value then perhaps there actual stats are worth because there current supply is low also items that have been out a long time may have a low value. Speculation What is speculation? this is when you know the true price of an item and someone sell it for less lets say 50 kamas less. You then buy the item and put it up for sale 50 kamas more than you brought less the tax the profit you earn is the speculative profit. Like all profit venture there is a risks. What happens if the true price for that item is actually 50 kamas below what it use to be, you will then be stuck with an item, you may even have to sell it for less than you brought it. In general trying to sell for a higher price takes longer, so you will have to be patient. As the server population isn't massive this option can not be fully realised. On dofus I fixed the price of my items the second I saw them in the markets I would buy them and sell at my price. The player who put in the original item was happy for a instant sale. I was happy as I was earning kamas for very little effort, the only effort was waiting a few extra days for the item to sale. Professions I have already told you about the miner profession. In general all the gathering professions themselves do not earn pretty much any kamas however they are used within the crafting professions. For example using the trapper profession to gather resources to make a bag. If all you need to do is gather using trapper then you should make very good profit. Its up to you to find out what makes money, what sells well. I will give you a general tip, rings and amulets sell well because they can be used by all classes. You could look up an items that have a high price that are craft able then say OMG that price is too high let me try to make it and see how much it costs. Making an item+profit. If you do not want to level a profession you simply want to gather or buy the resources then get someone else to craft the items this is quite common we can't have level 100 in every profession. Lets say the craft you want to make involved you buying every resources for the craft always be in mind that the market prices of resources can switch daily, when you make the item good luck on selling it for a profit. If you keep using the same crafter eventually they make start to copy you, so try to use a guild member or good friend who will not let not let your secret out. Also if your going to quit or take a break, let your friend in on the action . Pets Leveling pets to their maximum stats can be a way of earning money. You can easy get gemlins and bow meow and level these very easily to the maximum level it make take some time. For more please read pets. Conclusion There are many more ways to earn kamas but these are the main ones that I use. Also I would like to add you will need to come up with new ways all the time because of the other players. Say I make X item and earn massive amounts of profit one day (sooner than you think) someone else will find it out as well. So then you will need to find new ways of making money all the time. It is possible that you and the player come to an arrangement about fixing the price but even if you sell 50% and they sell 50% you have still lost 50% of the normal profit you was previously making. JerryDB (Community Helper) Rage Against The Stasis (Guild Leader) The Wakfu Alliance (Leader)
  13. JerryDB

    A guide for new players

    Updated as 11.09.13 Hello, this is a long time overdue. Before you read on I may give information some may deem as spoilers that they wanted to find out for themselves. So read at your own risk. This is my attempt to make a rough guide to help new players as a very long introduction to the game. I will update this from time to time, my words here are not absolutely perfect and they may well be room for improvement or in my experience my beliefs may be based on wrong assumptions. To play Wakfu firstly you will be to create an Ankama account and download Wakfu. On the menu type in your username and password. Now due to Ankama decision you will be automatically assigned a server based on your location. To change server you will have to contact Ankama support who should supply you with a new account for the server of your choice. There are currently six servers:- Aerafal (French speaking) Remington (International English speaking) Elbor (Spanish speaking) Amara (German speaking) Nox (English speaking North American community) Dathura (International French speaking) Some servers have their its own official forum and Community Manager. Remington & Nox servers is the legend aka Troyle. Nox and Remington also share the same forum. Deciding on what class to pick? This is 100% up to you, I have been playing a very long time. All the classes are good they all have good and bad points. People can spend years arguing over the best class so what I like to do is think what do I want to do within the fight. I personally went for an Eni because everyone loves and needs healing, also I can do a moderate amount of damage when I solo. What nation to pick? Again, this is 100% up to you, people can argue night and day. Nations also give extra damage bonuses bonta air, brak fire, amakna earth and sufo water. I went bonta because there is no option on this can to go neutral or no nation. You can change nations at a cost of 25,000 kamas I do not know where the npc is though. Now Plan! You character build I will try to keep this as short as possible, as a new player you may not know understand all the aspect of the game to make perfect decision but I will give some general advice. If you do not know what to level, in terms on special abilities or characteristics point level nothing, yes you heard me correctly if you level nothing you can not make a mistake. The game rarely offers a chance to reset your special abilities or characteristics so don't fall into the trap of "I messed up my build ". Now you could test every ability until you learn what they do, I would simply level the one's where the description make sense, the best one's for an Eni is Expert Healer +40% to heals (nothing beats that for a water eni at least). A massive help in deciding builds and class is base damage. This is quite simple, look at a spell at level 100 lets take Eni's healing word mark 38 base damage at level 100 3 ap. So at level 100 with 6 AP you could use this spell twice So 38 x 2= 76 damage/healing. Good you understand. Now in an overly simplified view 100 base damage equal roughly 400 damage at level 100 Anything above 100 base damage I deem as good damage, some close range classes and push towards 200 base damage. Lets ignore resistances. This is simply for all classes(some classes +/-) 100 base damage +0% damage = 100 damage 100 base damage +100% damage=200 damage average level 30 100 base damage +200% damage=300 damage average level 60 100 base damage +300% damage=400 damage average level 80 100 base damage +400% damage=500 damage average level 100 (yes people can get a lot more) How to work out combo's look at your choose classes, look at spells in terms of level 100 then look at their AP requirement. It is possible to get 12 AP but you wont get more than 300% on an average class. Lets look at eni's Sadist mark at 38 base if I went 9 ap that would be 38 x 3 = 114 lets say I have +300% damage = 456 healing/damage a turn not bad. How does resistance work? Its very simple it just minus's your +damage. For example 100 base damage + 200% damage -200% resistance you will hit 100. So damage is stronger than resistance, this is why many players focus on this on their character. Now say a monster has 400% resistance the minimum you will hit is the base damage of your spell in my above example I hit 114 with healing word even though the monster has more resistance then I have damage. If you have the time try to read other people's builds, or ask a high level player for advice as a build is just an opinion. Characteristics, for me I like to keep these simple I usually go 1 base AP and 1 base MP then all the rest to improve my damage%, look at other people's builds if you want to learn more. Level trapper! Before I start the tips section I would strongly advise learning and level the trapper profession. The trapper profession allows you to spawn your own monster this isn't so you can be a eco-lover this is much more for yourself and your group. Lets say you was killing a certain monster with a group size of 300, once all the 300 mobs are gone you have to leave the area instead with trapper you can plant your own monster mobs . The size will be slightly random however certain maps part of the map will tend to spawn bigger mobs have fun finding out where. Tips!! Do you turn as fast as possible because its a turn based game this will help you, others and maximise your time. Try to learn and unlock all your spells even the one's that are not in your chosen element as all have some tactical benefit. Use short cut keys (not if you have fat fingers) change "End turn" to something quick but that can't be pressed my accident like F1. Change the short cut key from delete (give up) to something else. DO NOT TYPE ON YOUR TURN UNLESS ITS 100% NECESSARY COME ON USE YOUR BRAIN FOR ONCE. Also if you need to go for a short period of time especially while playing in a group doing a dungeon please shout BRB or AFK the amount of times fight get started without people is quite amazingly bad. Especially when they just said R (Ready or Aie!) or ready 30 seconds ago. The thing to do after you have picked class and nation. Get 10 citizen points more details can be found here this is to get your citizen bonuses, these are bonus for various stats but they was so easy to get, get the citizen points ASAP> Try There may not be milions of people on this server but there is more than one person you will be able to play with. The main tip here is to find the right guild personally I put massive importance on this I would read the Guild section of the forum related to your server. So you know what you are looking for in a guild so getting searching . A common place for players within each nation are the market places for example 5th Avenue in Bonta. Levelling This is the main grind of the game, but at the end your awesome so get started already!! Press M and bring up the mini-map in the top right it tells you the recommended level for each area overall its quite good. Now fight some thing, I am not going to tell you everything. So lets say your an iop I would suggest do not fight long ranged monsters why? you will find out. Fight what is easy to kill. How is exp worked out? very simple its done by the level of the group and then for every member of your group to get +10/20% (not 100% what the bonus is). From my experience say you fight a gob solo it gives 1,000 exp , if you did the same fight with a group of two you would get more than 1,000 exp so I always try to fight in as big a group as possible. As long as they don't take forever on their turns you should be laughing. Also you could try to be social and omg have fun playing with other people who knows?. Also don't worry about group size the main thing to think about is can my group kill X mob within a decent amount of time. The best exp is out in the world and not inside dungeons generally speaking. Equipment Realistically getting levels if you play with others can be done quite quickly, so I would suggest don't bother wasting your time doing 50 Royal gob dung's for that Royal gob set, instead I would use what you can. P.S many guild or even players may give gob sets to the right people. It might also be quick to make/mine kamas and buy your starting sets over farming for them. Kamas and earning money To read my guide on how to make money please click here. The main ways mining ore's then mint them into to kamas is the obvious way. Selling resources and equipment the best way to price check an item is to use Wakfu element and look up the server you are on. For example type in gobbal hat Wakfu Element will then tell you the recent prices which the item sold at, so you can see if someone currently selling the item is selling at a fair price or not. Learning a profession and making item/consumables and selling those. I would suggest doing a little bit of mining until you have 100 kamas with that money sell resources and hopefully make more money. Or use the 100 kamas to travel to the different islands and farm the sets you need. How to travel to other nation and islands find the boat in your nation usually located at the back/last map then use that. Other stuff If you feel the game is lagging and its not your internet, quit the client as soon as you can and load it up again. Go to the options, Game/tick the box "allow interaction with the left click I find this much more comfortable. If you experience a bug, log to the character selection screen should fix most bugs (do not do this during a fight). If you get stuck anyway, or your cheap (like me) and want to save kamas then zapp back to your home nations type /suicide then press enter it should kill you, and you go back to your phoenix statue. When you start a fight with a group and you are not sure everyone is in your fight. Look at the left hand side of the screen, the players who in a fight (hopefully your own) will have two crossed swords next to their name. So shout at the person not in the fight, sometimes you may need to pm them quick as group chat does not make a sound. The classic mistake most people make fighting against close range monster is they keep running towards the monster. This is pointless let monster come to you, the AI is not super advanced to drag out the fight in psychological warfare . What to do with yourself? Dont ask me, I dont know what to do with myself . Jks' this is sandbox game so the limit is your imagination (well to a certain extent). Here are some suggestions. Get all the zapps and drago-turkey expresses on the game Travel and fighting within all the different islands and nations + fight all the different monsters Get some tokens and then go to the troll fair Take part in the mobile arena's Look after the eco-system and help the government As a new player you can try to get a government position (people mainly use long standing friends or people who have done a good job before) Get max. level currently 140 Get the best equips this is a never ended process really Worship me (as your server god) Have fun, so find your own path to enjoyment Now if there are any sections you feel this guide really needed tell me please. Some sections like the eco-system I have left out because I know its all on the wakfu wiki. Useful websites The Wakfu wiki Wakfu Element I can not stress enough how useful this website is check it out. Wakfu World (this is in french so open with an auto-translating browser like Google chrome. Profession list (make sure to change to your server) Wakfu Encyclopedia (on this website). Useful topics Golden rules to play the game written by me. The guide section in general Useful videos JerryDB
  14. This posted was stolen from the wakfu forums , Awiti the Gov of Brak ran an event and I filmed it. Ready to fight?! Cmon and join our PVP Tournament at Martial Path in Brakmar! It will be 2 vs. 2 Teams , Players of the same Class are not allowed to team up. Anything else will be allowed (Candies,Maka rings etc). The Entry Fee will be 5kk for each Team, and the Pot will go to the Winning Team. It will start at 23.06.13 Sunday,6 PM GMT, Martial Path! Good Luck and see you there! Awiti and Pandaccio (also Epyon *wink*) My post Thank you for the wonderful event. I apologist I didn't manage to film every film for two reason I reformatted my PC recently and all my fraps settings was messed up, second reason some of the fights happened at the same time meaning it was impossible to film more than one. So IV users want to see some real pvp action on Wakfu? Here are the videos in no real order:- Semi-Final The Final & winners
  15. This is not my post I have stolen this from my friend Bryn however I filmed the event so check out the video at the bottom. World of Twelve Island Madness!! Mini War Madness Event The idea of this event is to hold several 1hour mini-wars between 2-4nations on different parts of different days to provide some pvp fun and soldier emblems for those who are interested in obtaining these. With a grand finale which will be announced when the time is ripe with a mystery prize at the finale...Why only 1hour? to minimize the discomfort on non attending players. This event is made with the clearance and agreement between the 4 nations. all the governors have been kind enough to lend their help in order to form the event especially Bonta who has lent us Calamari Island. (As of tToday there is a new Bontarian Governor, I'll have a friendly chat when I see him online to see if we can continue this current island loan systeem during his reign =D) The Rules: These rules wil keep on "evolving" during the event so that I can see what works out best in a competitive way. - Each Nation can have several teams to compete - If the Governor of said nation does not log on a War will not be instigated - If possible each ATTACKING-team must be made up out of 2x3 members of 2 nations or 3x2 members of 3 nations, for example Bonta+Bonta+Amakna+Amakna+Sufokia+Sufokia or Bonta-x3+Amakna-x3 (you get what I'm saying) in order to promote teamplay and "backstabbing/teamkilling" in order to win the island - Each Attacking team will start at the Zaap of said Island and wil Race/battle for the right to fight the clanmember and its defending team (killing other teams is allowed during the race to the clan-member) - Since Clan-Members can only be captured once every 24h the event is over when an Attacking team wins, or if the defending teams maintain a good defence for 45 minutes thus protecting the Island - The team that wins the most, and competes the most (players who join the event more often) will get their name added into the "prize-roulette" which will be done with a written down name for every 1nce an Attacker attacks the clanmember or a Defender defends him per event and then shall be drawn at random from a hat in order to choose the winning Defender and Attacker (there will be 2 winners for this event) - Prizes will be fun, and possibly usefull and any donation from contenders towards the final prize shall be noted and credited in this post, the more donations the bigger the prize =) The first set date Sunday 14-7 @14:00 server-time - Winner Bonta!!!! The second set date Wednessday 17-7 @8:30am server-time (2:30pm GMT+8 for the Sufokian Governor) Cancelled due to Bonta's current government ruining the plans by re-capturing and instigating a nation War. This even when I asked them to think over the idea and talk things over with me BEFORE any further action is taken. =) GG guys =) Kind regards, Brynheldr Brakmarian Governor P.S. (more obvious statement...since people have read over this several times) THE ISLANDS WILL BE RETURNED TO BONTA AT THE END OF THE EVENT since we are LENDING THEM during this time =) which will span about 4 mini events =) Video link here. I strongly recommend watching the video very good event and nice fights