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  1. Are you an English player looking for an English speaking guild on the mono-account server Fraktal? Then look no further! The guild English Community is now recruiting players of all levels and expertise! First time playing Dofus? Don't worry, we can help get you started. Are you coming back to Dofus from a multi-year hiatus and completely lost with all these recent changes? Not a problem either! Have you been playing recently, but are struggling to find a helpful community of English players? We're right here. Come join us :~)
  2. Sommanker, I thought that might be the case. Thanks for clearing that up :~) Super-Beast, I don't think my first point about Paralysing Word is reaching; I honestly believe it needs clarification. Me asking about the spelling of Paralysing is somewhat reaching/ignorance. Another instance of reaching would be when I posted on the official forum that they used "they" instead of "the" within the description of Lifting Word. I would consider THAT reaching. But hey, I'm just trying to make the game better one baby step at a time ;~)
  3. I stand corrected, Paralysing Word DOES indeed work on allies. Thank you for the correction, Piro, Masive, & Salmonella. Now that I know how to correctly use this spell, I would agree that if used correctly this has great potential! Along with the poorly worded spell description, did they intentionally misspell Paralyzing?
  4. Okay, so I understand how it works now. The spell will heal your allies after the TARGET'S turn. I think this spell is poorly worded; I think "caster's turn" should be changed to "target's turn". I hope this helps someone else. Also, this spell cannot be used on allies.
  5. I do not understand how this spell works. Could someone give me some clarity? I've tried using this spell multiple ways and I have not seen this heal anyone. What am I doing wrong? Is this suppose to heal allies near the caster? Is this suppose to heal allies near the target?
  6. Welcome aboard Mr. TriHard (I enjoy the name). I wouldn't mind sending you an invite to come play on Solar. I'm at work and they have the Dofus website block because it falls under the 'gaming' category with their content filter. I'm going out for a drink with my coworkers after work for an hour... SO, when that's all done I can, haha. We'll talk more later. Take care and enjoy your time back on Dofus!
  7. Welcome back to the world of Dofus! You have a lot of catching up to do with all that has changed while you've been away; I'm sure you'll figure things out without a problem. I hope you enjoy your time back. If I was still on Zato I would hit cha' up. Take care~ and again, welcome back
  8. Holy shit, you were CurtissJackson on Rushu? Alright, get this: so there I was playing some Dofus back-in-the-day. I was at the Crackler Mountain zapp when I first saw you with your angle wings. When I saw you it blew my mind and I took a screenshot of it (when I get home I'll check to see if I still have it around somewhere). I took a screenshot of your character because earlier that week a kid that I went to school with died at the swimming pool (heart failure while swimming due to medication he was taking) and his name was Curtis Jackson; seeing that in game PLUS the angle wings blew my mi
  9. My eyes hurt after reading so much ranting and raving. I know it's frustrating when your character gets hit hard by nerfs and all that time seems to have slip down the drain; but instead of bitching about these changes - maybe it's best to just accept what's to come and learn to adapt (or give constructive criticism to the developers instead of flooding them with "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?!" *cries and cuts self*). Accept the challenge and conquer what's to come. Then again, this is coming from someone who plays a Foggernaut and Osa and enjoys their changes. Being a negative Nancy w
  10. Yeah, that's what I was thinking; that's why I came to Imps seeking the truth. I would like to start selling some breeding equipment but I don't want to charge the public the ridiculous price; but I also I don't want to undercut my own profit. Business is business.
  11. What do people typically strive for when purchasing breeding items; do high end items sale more, or is the price efficiency best suited towards mid-level items? What does your server charge for standard breeding items?
  12. I'm pretty much in the same boat Sljm- I hardly carry cash anymore (I suppose a few dollars do tend to show up in my wallet from time to time). What would happen if you replied to the mugger "I don't have a wallet"? What kind of reaction would that stir up? What would I do? I'd just play it cool, give him what he asks for, and contemplate whether to try some psychology bullshit; ask him how his day had been and try my best to befriend him... THEN TURN AROUND AND ROB THE MOTHER FUCKER BACK!
  13. Very good question; I was wondering the same thing last night. Well... that sucks.
  14. Welcome back to Dofus! There's been a lot of changes- for better or worse, it's for you to decide. Enjoy your time back- it's always best to get the friends around you addicted to Dofus :)
  15. Welcome back to the world of Dofus! I'm on Solar as well. If you ever want someone to chit-chat with feel free to hit me up; I'm always down to stir up conversation.
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