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  1. Title. 1,5mk ea. /w Sugared or reply here. bought can be closed
  2. If you are not on el capitan you can download a program called totalspaces2, it has a free trial and it won't stop working after that is done. Combined with placing clients on separate desktops like super-beast described, you can bind the desktop switching in system settings to for example cmd+1, cmd+2 etc. or whatever you wish. What totalspaces2 does, is it eliminates that nauseating animation of actually switching desktops so it becomes instant. That was the best way to do it without using scripts, and I didn't do much research on those. But yeah el capitan broke that program so if you're
  3. This is just a bold guess but I think they might be working on more than 1 thing at once
  4. Awesome fake people we're happy to have you Sister K9
  5. It is in english, can be used in other languages too though. It's accurate, and when it isn't somebody comes here to complain and Jon fixes it like a boss.
  6. The only way that might work that I can think of is (unfortunately) sending a ticket to support. They will ask for a picture of your ID and if it matches to your account information, they should be able to help you. I'm not sure which one would be easier, trying to contact ankama support or trying to recover the old email by contacting the email support.
  7. This is a fairly regular problem with their login servers not responding to your login request. Usually goes away with a bit of waiting, unless there's actually something new going on. Dofus requires practically no data so the internet speed is not that realistic of a problem.
  8. I have Trikidiki PTSD, I think many older players might. I have never played an agility build since those days until very recently. It's time to forgive. No but that shit was truly traumatizing. Probably one of the reasons I quit pvp for good. Getting abused by mainly agi xels.
  9. There's a seed of truth in that :rolleyes: However I think it's worth mentioning that realizing a working, easy and effective revamped eniripsa seems to me, a person knowing nothing about game design, significantly easier than doing the same for Xelor or Sadida. And I know Ankama didn't exactly advertise new Xel and Sadi as easy, but the working part is quite important I think everybody can agree.
  10. Rosalt isn't a hierarchy, it's a social construct where unique little butterflies of the world get to choose their own rank from the moment they join and change it based on their mood. True story btw. Rosalt confirmed butterflies.
  11. I feel like the two sides of the discussion are kinda talking about different things here, and I guess I'm partially guilty to that. Other half seems to be listing reasons why they like current eni gameplay and appreciated getting what they knew they would be getting years ago when they made their enis. The other half seems to be largely listing reasons why Ankama is changing the class (along with just stating their personal preference). I'm personally excited for the revamp, but wouldn't particularly mind if enis stayed as they are either... because they work. But I can definitely see the re
  12. Also yes what you described about re-using skins is accurate.
  13. Yeah it seems to disappear when you resize the window too small (or presumably use on mobile). I also don't think it used to do that, cause I often use it in a pretty small window.
  14. Ironically, our goat floats too. We tried drowning him.
  15. I pretty much put the first 9 members in it k, you can make another one and make yourself every tile :-) :^)
  16. That is maybe more accurate, I remember more than one instance of Martin talking about Borovicka, and at least one specific night when I wake up to approximately 70 whatsapp group messages, most from him.
  17. The sad moment when you describe Cas in what grinds your gears thread
  18. Remember to level your lvl 50 toons for Rosalt midget league. Straight outta Compton. Coming to fuck your shit up.
  19. It is a good idea. It's also probably too nice of a concept to expect from Ankama. Time will tell :D
  20. First Aid hella strong but 1/target and int fogs amirite. Nah you're right though. At the very least the %-based healing spells should imo work like lifesaver, so that they even have that small extra heal pool that takes intelligence and +heals to account. Even that gets quite significant when you rock a +150 heals build.
  21. If what Seyif reported is accurate, it even could be something better than the lifesaver-style split heals. Although those seem kinda reasonable too. Full int and +heals based healing for int eni is probably ideal. Ankama gets to add new fancy eni heal/damage state icons in the april patch lol.
  22. But how exactly is changing something that's worked pretty much the same for the past 10 years is not welcome in an MMORPG? Supporting other characters can be its role even after some modernizing. Let's be real, eni has seven separate healing spells and a spell that gives you REFLECTS. There is a lot of room to streamline and make the other two elemental builds be able to utilize more than a third of their kit effectively. While keeping them true to a support class role.
  23. They did, but eni is also the most two-dimensional class in dofus at the moment. You spam heals and pay with erosion. Any variation of that is a luxury. I can 100% see why they would go for enis, and I would imagine they were the easiest one to rework out of the three. Keeping sac/osa true to their concept while making them useful (and not making them broken) must be a bitch and a half. And two halves as long as they don't separate PvM and PvP spell effects.
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