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  1. What does Vulbisaur have to do with any of this?
  2. Purely objectively I kind of appreciate it. For example being able to gamble 10mk to win 5mk is a completely legit profit since you do get the entry fee back if you succeed at the challenge. You put 10€ in a slots machine, get 15€ out of it, are happy. And if you don't succeed, well that's just the name of the game. I'm not expecting the community to use the feature appropriately most of the time though, but instead fish for easy free money with abusing the system or people who don't quite understand how the community challenges work.
  3. Rosalt is more than a Dofus guild. It's a secret society. It's a whatsapp group. It's a concept. It's a political movement. Keep in touch, and good luck in future video game related endeavors B-)
  4. I have no respect for the new rune creation system :^)
  5. Yup they're 10 power. From 0,25 stat power to 0,2. Pa vit is 3 power instead of 2.5 now too. Nobody cares about regular vit rune.
  6. We need her around to guide us through alignment quests. Come patch with 91-100 alignment quests, we will get rid of her.
  7. Yup pretty cool ^Masterful mage right there :^) Also (sort of) helps with the issue of increased amount of stats on Ra Vits, since you can still slam a Ra Vit rune at 370 total vitality and it just might work out for you. Instead of being unable to even use the new rune at that point.
  8. Blog post #233: Trying to go back to Rosalt-related programming by posting early Game of Thrones spoilers, because we talk about Cerseis beauty daily. [Click here to apply to Rosalt]
  9. Capn stop bullying Brock he's very sensitive. Oh wait I think that was Abood.
  10. Is there even a full unbewitch spell in game anymore aside bamboo milk? I just kinda forgot about that, since -1 turn seems pretty standard for those kinds of spells nowadays...
  11. New WoY is great. But is it just my imagination, or does coney now seem a bit more aggressive at the A.I. section...? Mine keeps running to monsters if they're within its MP reach. Unless I am imagining it, it used to pretty much run away before.
  12. With new paralysing word being castable every turn they really need to watch out for MP reduction to become a problem. Dangerous skill :D I'd like for them to do something more with the alchemist/poisons theme with agility. Maybe some damage over time, poisons, I don't know. I always imagined eni revamp resulting in enis getting their own Insidous Poison clone or something.
  13. Personally while I wouldn't mind a slight buff on turbulent word, I think it might be the most balanced out of the agi spells currently. You're normally fine paying 1AP for frightening word, paying another AP for what is practically leek pie damage sounds useful and fair to me (despite the minimum range, you have high agility if you're using that spell anyway and might be able to dodge without issues). I didn't get a chance to see the new wounding word yet, but let's just say, a spell around the power level of Foggernauts Anchor should not be the one less "limited" damage option a class has.
  14. To be fair, this approach might end up being better for Eniripsa. Rather than going from release day OP (Xelor, Fogger, Rogue, insert class here) to more or less sizeable nerfs. It is certainly a new approach for Ankama. I agree with everything regarding agi build though. Also this new Eni concept seems one that becomes absolutely overpowered very easily, so I understand that they're doing minor improvements rather than major ones.
  15. I leave for couple weeks and nobody has memed in the blog during that time. Good for Maria for putting some effort in it, shame on the rest of you.
  16. It's been traded once since the patch, from my inventory to his, as it was on my account just in case it does get linked while inside the gift. But keep calm and pleb on.
  17. That's what leaving Rosalt does to a man
  18. lol, Tynril dungeon NPC is enough to make me annoyed
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