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  1. Today I learned they added a second recipe for Frozen Icefish and that the Fricassee isn't used in the inky fish juice
  2. For wild golden this didn't work. But Beehiveone said you have to make it end its turn on the cell it starts from. Then it loses 10MP and gains 500% power or something like that. And will be in tameable state.
  3. Gonna just log on for a bit before work, get a few fish up, maybe catch the last one needed for inky 0 seconds and I still got 2.
  4. A website just informed me I am the #18755 Lucio player in the world so we can really talk about excellence with me.
  5. I suck at video games but I love this one (so far). I don't have anything to teach you since I have very little experience in FPS's but I can play with you. Don't know if I'd say I main anyone but I have by far most hours put in with Lucio. Also love Junkrat, Mercy, Winston, Tracer and Torbjörn. Edit: trying hard to get Rosalt addicted to it but they're lazy and/or busy fishing in Dofus
  6. If test server is indeed on heroic mode it's likely it'll launch next tuesday. Or at least that's how it has worked in the past with most patches.
  7. Well with DT's, striped ones from already obtained pairs ended up making completely new colors when put together and that's all there was to that. With muldos you can just look at achievements list though. If I recall correctly they had 8 generations in total, which makes sense since ginger doesn't exist. And to my understanding inbreeding is allowed, you just get a penalty in the amount of babies that way. Unless I really misunderstood the system.
  8. What's really sad is that they made them harder largely because of the panda + rogue combo. That is getting nerfed, but will the dungeons? I don't think so. :D
  9. You're not wrong. The thing is, this thread created a problem out of thin air that wasn't even what was proposed by the original poster. And I'm not addressing Quadro specifically by this, but Pokii herself said this in the original post. She even agrees with the fact ignore/enemy list is the easy quick way to fix an issue, and she wishes to suggest an additional solution. The imps community instead doesn't even skim through the original post but instead tells people to grow balls and a backbone. It's hard to deny these comments are useless as shit. ^You're right.
  10. Ok looks like the problem got solved thanks to the previous three posters efforts, is cool
  11. I'll do it, pay me in unlinked ogrines. Fuck it, even linked is fine.
  12. They're unpaid, (likely) shouted at by salty players & only ever a small amount of people to begin with.
  13. But what Extreal is suggesting is precisely how they have balanced content before. Odds are it'll get changed.
  14. Well I can remember one instance where a dude was calling a couple of players by racial slurs and got banned for a month very swiftly afterwards. Could try contacting a moderator (do they exist anymore?) or support. You'll only lose a few minutes by trying. As for your suggestion, I don't see a reason to not have a client-side report function other than the amount of troll reports Ankama would get. Maybe it would also /whois and /time automatically, it's kinda funny that they have to require all that info in untouched screenshots. Important info, bad execution.
  15. Do you know where? Or is it the new ones at the old spot?
  16. Wow they still managed to make a wave boss fight outside dimensions. A round of applause.
  17. Are they encouraging invisibitch sram gameplay or what Edit: Just noticed the dimension dungeon change. Making them harder after this long is exceptionally cool for idiots like me who still can't run any of them. Hopefully kraken land is cool.
  18. Right, now I got you. Gonna be interesting to see how this will play out. Personally don't care either way, as long as there is meaningless stuff to look forward to.
  19. Nobody's current exp amount is changing to any direction, only the points where level ups happen (or with 2.35, only level 200) will change. You would just level up to 200 at 5'ish bil instead of 7,4bil or whatever the amount is right now. If you're at 15bil now, you will be 15bil post-patch. Can guarantee.
  20. Best possible way to do 200+, no need to wreck the entire equipment economy and make existing content trivial by raising the hard cap. Ornaments are cool.
  21. Well it does require having an alt permanently in merchant mode for 6-12 months on Rosal
  22. Was trying to vit overmage this fresh craft, had 1 AP rune, the usual story Now I gotta either pull a Hakfu to use the sink or craft a new pair and both annoy me in their own way
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