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  1. Should have renamed it Rosalt and called it a day Hey guys what's up, and cya again next year
  2. So who's gonna start roleplaying as if they're still enjoying this game after the server merges?
  3. S3 rating started off where you left at S2 and aggressively either put you up or down based on performance, and smoothened the bell curve. Medals are also within team, so entire team might do badly and still may get a bunch of golds. But pretty much it ended up happening so that 3k+ people went to 3.5k after decent placements, 2,7k people went to 2.2k after decent placements. I went from 3k to 2800 after 2-8, but climbed back up quickly.
  4. I would advice against going with Razer/Logitech/Corsair/anything with the price of a "gaming" keyboard and a non-standard bottom row, in case you ever want to customize your keyboard further or just pay less for it. In case you don't care about either of those things, you're fine with any of them. Hardware with those brands is not bad, it's just that you can get comparable/easier to upgrade hardware for a lower price. Non-standard bottom row refers to anything where the modifier buttons aren't all equal in size and 1,25u compared to regular button (which is 1u) and spacebar isn't 6,25u long. You mentioned looking at cooler master, which is a good brand. I know you can get new tenkeyless quickfires for like 70 USD, in that american ANSI layout that you are looking for. I don't know about the price of the fullsized variants. You sound like you'd probably enjoy browns, as they are the most common go-to Cherry MX switch. You could also look at cheaper options online (like MagicForce keyboards) which are still great build quality but have the Gateron switches. Gateron is not only cheaper than Cherry, they feel smoother and are typically preferred over Cherry MX switches by those who have tried them. Gateron Brown = smoother Cherry MX brown with more noticeable tactile bump. I personally also enjoy using red switches, which are completely linear, but I find them harder to type on than browns. If you don't mind paying a similar price for an (imo) better quality product, go with a Ducky board. KUL, DASkeyboard, Varmilo and Filco are also great brands. WASDkeyboards have nice quality boards, and you get to order them with fully customizable keycap colors/printing but the keycaps themselves are not great quality. I don't know about the programming availability of all those products, but I do know you can easily (and affordably) modify a Cooler Master QFR to be fully programmable. Personally I'm currently using a Vortex Pok3r, which is fully programmable and 60% size. But I get that you might want to have dedicated arrow keys or a numpad.
  5. Sugared


    Haven't played actively in about a year, a little less. Game got less and less fun as a result of some changes and the general direction it was heading. F3 to Eliotropes still golden era of Dofus. Started this game in 2006, so it's about time anyway. Fog best class forever. Shoutouts to all my friends, enemies (there were like 3 but you're all worth a mention) and guilds on the way here. Especially Knights of Fortune, Turqouise Dofus Hunters, Diamonds in the Rough, Winland, Rosalt (despite being a joke). Special shoutouts to everybody who made the official Doomed forums "F*****s of Rosal" list in 2014. Wouldn't wanna type that out, cause I'd probably get banned due to new imps rules. Catch me on facebook or through a former or current Rosalt member, if you need to. I'll likely keep logging every now and then to see who's online, but not expecting any sort of resub when it runs out. -Your Sugar daddy, Tiny-Bastard for the OG Rushuans.
  6. As a former vit fog main I'm into sacs. But what I'm reading here doesn't remind me of sacs. A bit of wakfu sacs, of course. Need that tank back, honestly. This game could use more diverse roles of importance in combat like any other mmorpg. It started to get more and more stale for me after revamps and changes drove my (imo) diverse team into shambles and was forced to follow a certain mold with only one or two options for specific functions, not so much actual roles anymore. I feel like at this point 50% of the classes have pretty much same abilities under different names and that they're all beginning to remind me of a jack of all trades master of none -class. Which used to be a role reserved for Fog :^)
  7. Overwatch free weekend happening right now, highly recommend to test it out Also golden Ana wep next week Oh and Sombra is out
  8. And by that I meant that being on separate platform explains it. Different groups of players, different experiences. It doesn't still quite explain how 10% accuracy Hanzo places in what is literally top 10% of the playerbase but it doesn't really matter, as the system punishes people who got places too high/rewards people that got placed too low fairly aggressively via the win- /loss streak bonuses. And if the rank is held, well then the placement matches did their job correctly.
  9. That explains it to some extent. Old rank 60 (new 3000/Diamond) is already meant to be roughly for the top 10% of players. The hill is very steep, they got literally 80% of players between 2000 and 2999. 10% also below 2000, of course.
  10. The system still places different heroes at different ranks pretty wildly, that is one reason. Also maybe just lucky enough to not have leavers and such. Players are reporting premade teams DPS players getting placed several hundred seasonal ranks higher than their support teammates, with tanks it seems the most random of all. And this is after blizzard "fixed" the system. Who knows really, although I did see a lot of ex-diamond players at platinum and even gold, and usually they were playing DPS so I'm thinking placements are still a bit crooked.
  11. Pharah is kept in check by McCree's and other hitscan artists. It's not a big issue, despite being a fairly popular pick. Not nearly as dominant as the early pharah + mercy days.
  12. Ana was added a while ago, and Sombra will be added next month by all odds. A stealth based hero, somehow. Competitive certainly seems better received on Season 2, they removed coinflip entirely for starters... New map too, which is pretty cool. Like I said I climbed almost a total of +50% my starting rank with a 55% winrate, so it can't be too bad at the moment. Each win/loss was roughly +- 20-30, and numbers increase with streaks. Going both ways. General balance of the game is far better. Heroes are limited to one per team now so no more stacking Winstons. Meta is seeing two types of team compositions. 2-2-2 (2 tanks, 2 supports, 2 offense/defense) and 3-3 (3 tanks, 3 supports). Addition of Ana and balance changes to each support hero makes the support hero pool fairly equally balanced right now, besides for symmetra (which sees quite a lot of play, but as a defense hero). I'm enjoying it more now than I was during Season 1, that much I can say with ease.
  13. How's season 2 going for folks? Too silent in this thread, busy playing the game I imagine. I know jericho started a while ago (and on his first night we went 0-8 or something like that) I got placed in 2200's after poor placement matches. Team leavers, attack symmetras, you know the usual. Climbed slowly but steadily and just hit 3000 (Diamond) after a 53-43 record in comp S2. So not too bad all in all, climbing is possible with a 55% winrate. And if you get lucky enough to get a winstreak the SR gains are even higher. Gonna get that golden Zarya gun at the end of the season. Feels good man. Edit: Zenyatta winrate still 65% across all gamemodes. Literally 65% in comp seasons and quick play. I don't know how.
  14. The finn starter pack Finnish (Vedä vittu päähän ja pakene vuorille -level) English (I'm a finn so I'm obligated to have great english skills but always apologize for the mistakes I make/didn't make -level) Swedish (Still hold a grudge for having to study it in elementary school. Despite that can understand written swedish well. Speaking or producing text not so much -level) Russian (Competitive multiplayer esports -level) Estonian (Teretulemast Tallinkil -level) German, Spanish, French etc. (Memes, insults, order a beer -level) Ps. Sry for bad english
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