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  1. Finally finished Ochre and got 20k on ilyzaelle. Feels weird posting it after Veldin getting 20k on 8 characters though
  2. either use oafs + dakid, or go yoshes + neki/dynamos. Worked for me. Granted I did all the low level dungeons (1-150) as a cha feca so playing distance was easier with oafs.
  3. Buying a Friendrake level 100 on Ilyzaelle. I'm offering 9mk. You can find me in game @emperor-sam or just shoot me a message here
  4. are the brak and bonta alignment quests different? If I switch from bonta 100 to brak and redo the quests, will my quest count increase by 100?
  5. 5 years too late but I finally got the 200 score ornament
  6. Since the Idol update, can anyone give me some good idol combinations (score 200) for the the frigost 3 dungeons? Trying to get the ornament hhehehehe also team is sadi, panda, eni, iop
  7. BUMP. Changed my order to sharp eye, so now I need a valiant heart and salvatory spirit.. not that it matters anyways
  8. Hello, I am looking for 2 people that are 5th rank in their respective orders, the eye one and the spirit/mind one, to help me with my 5th rank quest. There's going to be a few fights and if you have a propulsion accelerator that'd be amazing but if you don't it's fine. I usually play from 9pm - 11pm, and then from 6am - 11am. Just msg here or in game @emperor-sam
  9. Bump. 1 sold 2 left. Price lowered to 30mk
  10. Selling 3 Abyssal priced at 32mk each or best offer. Message me here or in game w/ emperor-sam thanks
  11. With the following stats: vit 290+ agi 56+ wis 38+ range 1 air dmg 13+ mp resis 6 earth resis 10% pushback resis 12+ offering between 13-19mk based on the mage.
  12. that's the answer to everything tbh
  13. So now ALL monsters aggro if the level difference is 50+ ??? Is 50 the level difference required between 1 single monsters and a character, or the whole mob level ?
  14. YES please. More Sadida, they are the best; i know it, you know it, everybody knows it.
  15. Selling 4 level 100 chamo golden seemyools. 1,2 mk each. Pm me here, or in game w/ Euler
  16. Stats are as follows: 50 strength 50 intelligence 50 agility 50 chance VERY /R A R E/ please buy 15mk or Best Offer. Message me here please, or if you must, pm Euler/Emperor-sam on Echo.
  17. Sadida plz .. I'm dying
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