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  1. Intoxicante

    It's been a long while!

    whats up! so i've been away from this game damn near 5 years, and i'm looking to dip my toe in the water and get back in. I've got a Panda, and a Rogue. i'm looking to drop the rogue entirely, and pick up one of the new(to me lol) classes. i'd love to read some recommendations on what panda/XXX combos are viable nowadays. I'd also love to know if this game is even all that active? i'd imagine with all this news of servers meging, populations have got to be fairly low. so what's new guys & gals?!
  2. Intoxicante

    Hello from the past!

    Heya pal! i do remember Milky-Way the panda! i always used to think how sweet a name that was. thanks for the kind words, homie.
  3. Intoxicante

    Hello from the past!

    Clock! as i recall you a xelor? how's it hangin' brother. glad to see ya again! and i'll try, i'm not playing as regularly as i once did, i find myself playing most often when i'm bored & under the influence of some sort of drug. as we all know you can't play this game entirely sober xD @Nix thanks so much for the kind words, if i eve find myself logged in for an extended period of time, i'll say hello! though both of my enus are still in adv sets & lvl26. so i dont play to frequently.
  4. Intoxicante

    Hello from the past!

    Heya guys, i've been away for about as long as the frigost update was first introduced & have decided to start playin' a smidge again! i'm an american time zone player, i used to play as Punch-Drunk, the Panda. Then evolved to Muddy-Shove, the Strength enu. so uh.. i'm playin' on Zatowishywashy. if any old pals are readin' this, look me up brothers! l8r dayz. EDIT: i Play twin Enus Fuerte & Aguado. If you're also a zato-native, say hello!

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