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  1. [Survey] The Internet & you !

    Damn, now I see why they call him Reaper lol.
  2. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    Bought them all. Please close/delete this thread
  3. Buying x4 Dolmanax

  4. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    bump, offering 14mk each for x4
  5. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    bump, offering 13.5m each for x4
  6. [Stats] PvP Ladders

  7. Buying x4 Dolmanax

  8. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    Bumperino, offering 13mk each now for x4.
  9. Haha i just click buttons till attack lands
  10. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    bump. Buying x4 more. Offering 12.5mk each.
  11. Buying x4 Dolmanax

  12. Buying x4 Dolmanax

    Offering about 13mk each. Feel free to message here, inbox, or on Echo /w Casino-Royal, thx u (2)
  13. Assembling crew to run Count Harebourg

    Might be able to help you tomorrow or some time this week if you still need it.
  14. The Elkamysts

    It's been 2 years can I join now
  15. The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I would like to add to the circle jerk. There's a million people I want to nominate, including @laoshi . Waited late so I could pick someone who hasn't already been nominated h. Though he's probably not as respectful to women as Juse, I wanted to nominate my friend @Jodx. I've recently been playing a bit again (kek was this a mistake?) and without hesitation he helped me mage about 80-85+ endgame items that I myself was too lazy/bad to touch. It goes without saying that for someone to do all that without asking anything in return is ridiculous. And the fact that these were given all at once shows how much trust I have for this dude. Homie's chill af and also a great go-to for music recommendations while Zaap Sitting. Bless. I wanted to give @Jericho and @Nasyna shoutouts as well because they basically sponsored my entire team with mages and Seems and helped me along the way as I AFK'd my way through Dofus content. 9/11 frens.