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  1. Unless it is absolutely necessary to get right now, I'd wait on this mens Ankama giving them out for free with 1 month sub soon kappa
  2. the god

    1. Gimpster


      the universal legendary mogul sr cas 

    2. Youbutsu


      Wow universal!!??? You ARE a god!

  3. Hi, I have a little over 1500. I'm asking for about 169, 420 K each but willing to negotiate. Inbox me here on IV or PM me in-game /w Casino-Royal thx u 2
  4. Rest in peace, my friend. You won't be forgotten.
  5. Hello, Because questing is boring, I am going to cheat instead by throwing money at my laziness problems. Looking to pay about 2mk each. PM me here or in-game. thx u 2
  6. What up, playa :^)

    1. Veldin


      👋 whatsup my dude

  7. "Breaking 'News': Jodx is still Zaap Sitting"
  8. Late af to the party as usual but finally got x8 Abyssal Dofus done after playing again recently :). Farming x8 exploration items was not fun/10. Shoutouts to the homies for telling me to stop being lazy, and big shoutout to @ReaperSurm for keeping me company/leeching me when I was too lazy to farm exploration stuff :^) (nice sadi hackeur strats, very balanced) Also congrats @-Siegfried- on the x4 Sylargh Incisor :^)
  9. Who is this imposter xD


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