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  1. ReaperSurm

    Monster's Spell Bestiary

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone had a good source that details all the monsters spells, ranges, rough damages, elements etc. I know dofuswikia does it for the more oldskool monsters, but i'm particularly interested in the endgame content from the last year or so. Even something like Veldin's old tutorials of F3, where he basically runs down the basics, but not the specifics (range, effects etc).
  2. ReaperSurm


    I made clones of the bestest person ever, me, Amber.
  3. ReaperSurm


    Nice 10dmg inky perfect stats with mp, 35mk. Even decent regular inky is 20s. 10dmg/near perf + mp = 100mk AT THE VERY LEAST.
  4. ReaperSurm

    S> Four Leaf (HISPANIC SHIELD)

    10/12 dodge. Crush
  5. ReaperSurm

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Queefro u can do better than that plz
  6. ReaperSurm

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: SadiBuild: Cha/AgiKamas/time available: Any gear, crim/turq, but fk all the other dofuses unless uber needed It's for pvm. 11/6 or 12/5, or better obv. Want at least 800 cha/agi (thats not including power u cheating scabs). Needs to have at least 2.8k init Ideally 15-20%+ resi Can't be noob Okay go
  7. ReaperSurm

    [Survey] The Internet & you !

    I really hope this is just the first stage of your thesis, because it's utter shit. Sorry, but considering this is for a masters program, it might actually help to put some thought into it... especially seeing as you'll be collecting data, preforming analysis and so forth. The majority of your questions can't actually be used to actually collect anything of value... Like half of your questions, you already know the answer to, or your data is going to be biased based upon the wording of your own questions... I'll start by addressing your questions: Do you think Internet as what it takes to be a global culture for everyone? ~ The internet even as you define it is something that "links" us all together. Therefore the internet will always provide the opportunity to learn about other cultures, and so forth. Internet is basically globalization. But will the internet ever been a "culture" that will be adopted around the world? Fuck no. You find the answer in one of your own questions, "Is your behavior online similar to your behavior offline?" If someone isn't showing their true-self, they aren't putting forth their actual culture, rather a shaped culture. Eventually, if you follow the whole globalization course, could there be a unified culture across the entire globe? The answer is still technically no, unless you can get every remote tribe, every single person aboard, you don't have one unified culture. But even if it were achievable, it would be through globalization of trade/citizenship, etc. the internet would be a teen tiny tool that may have influenced it, but would never ever ever be a driving force. If I were to share my culture with you lets say US to Middle East, particularly the drinking culture. The person in the middle east might not be able to adopt said culture, as alcohol is illegal/against the religion. So until you can convince the government to not regulate it, and basically have a universal religion, or lack thereof, it wouldn't be achievable. Or on the opposite, you think it just tears us more and more apart from each other ? ~ If this is the other side to your thesis argument, might as well give up now. If someone is adamant about their belief, lets say americans and their guns. And you have 100 different view points from around the world presented (via the internet in whatever form), that person is likely still going to stick to their own belief on the subject. Therefore, the fact that the internet offers more views, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to cause everyones belief system to gravitate to a new norm. People are still going to impose their own "culture" or belief sets more strongly. So the only way you could possibly insinuate that the internet reduces globalization (which even proposing the idea would require an IQ of a brain-dead donkey, because you just have to look at what the internet is....The second you have one person in one country and another in another country communicating via internet = globalization). Point is, "tear us... apart" is just due to dumbfuckers, or people who aren't open to forming new opinions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q2. You only allow for one nationality. ~ The "Nationalities" listed, are actually "Countries". So, perhaps you meant to say, country of origin? As you can be born in one country, and have nationality in another? Q6. "More than 5 hours" (Missing the "s"). Q8, 9, 10. The purpose of these questions seems vague at best. Everybody in the world "can" stop using the internet for the rest of their life. It's the opportunity or ability to. So, unless someone doesn't understand the question, all your data will be concentrated at the bottom end of your answer choices, skewing your data. What is the incentive? Even the questions are leading, "Can you stay off". Appose to "how much time do you spend on X". Both yield the same information, yet one proposes a lead, the other is simply a question. If you really wanted to keep this phrase of questioning, consider things such as, 1 finding out how much time they spend on the internet, 2 find out if they feel as though their time spent on the internet is excessive, appropriate, etc. Q11. You seem to suggest that native English speakers are unaffected by the internet? That last category, wouldn't be useful in any collection of data. If they perceive their language skills as being unaffected by technology, they can simply answer neither agree nor disagree, or disagree. Q12. As someone that has lived on 4 continents and travelled to dozens of countries, "Internet" topics are not something used as icebreakers. When meeting people online, basically everyone is a foreigner, and even then it's not the internet that is used to communicate, but rather the common collective knowledge of a certain subtopic. I have never once referenced a meme, or netflix, or any videos to "break ice". Have those topics been discussed at some point in the 'relationship' or subsequent dialogues, sure. But it's only part of the conversation due to the commonality. There's no point me talking about rocket-science, if you have no idea/interest in it, just like there's no point in me talking about stranger things, if you don't watch it. ~~ Perhaps the idea you hint at here is that the internet 'culture' has a way larger audience, as such, it's users are exposed to more content, or "culture" (Although, it really isn't culture being referenced here). Q13. Is also a loaded question. Culture is the collection norms. Technically speaking, even in the US you may have a different culture between two different cities, states etc. Therefore nearly every single person will have a different "culture" to you. Q14. Also loaded. By being on the internet, you are automatically "sharing" your culture whether you know it or not. That in-turn is shaping the internet culture. You're already established the existence of an internet culture, so to think that individuals actually had a choice as to whether they affect the internets culture, is ludicrous. Just because I say I don't affect the internets culture, doesn't mean I don't. It just means im too dumb to realize how. Q15. The internet in its simplest form is a global spread of information. Therefore this question is again useless. The internet "offers" you the chance to learn about another culture, just type in "culture" into google. Anyone that can't access culture on their electronic device doesn't have internet, ironically can't take this quiz. Which then screws your results, as you're basically asking questions you already know the answer to... Q16. This is a very very interesting question, and a great one at that! ~ You could even argue (providing enough data is collected to support this), that as individuals can act in contrast to their in-person selves, that the spread of their "culture" can thus be affected. It's likely this is in a negative way [you can explore why, no accountability, no consequences etc]. This would also explain why AI bots who are programed autonomously tend to say some pretty disturbing things, and reach some very dark conclusions. ~ you re-explore this on Q22, and Q23, even tho Q23 is a useless re-phrasing of 22. Q17. Again, a great question! Q18. Communication is a multi-faceted interaction. I don't think there are people who can effectively (two way) communicate through sending gifs and memes. I know this isn't what you meant with your question, rather you meant in terms of communicating a certain point/message (one way communication), and sure, that's exactly what gifs and memes are good at. However, your question becomes useless when you consider that any form of communication is only considered communication provided a mutual understanding of the signs/whatever being used. To dumb it down, lets assume someone is running towards me, and i throw a brick at their head. I think that's a highly effective form of communication, because my action or "sign" is easily interpreted as a "dont run towards them". I dont think there's a single culture where having a brick thrown at your head is a good thing? Yet, to show a Gif that i know to a random person in the world (many of whom dont have internet, thus havent seen the gif) wouldn't be able to derive any meaning, and thus no communication would occur. Q19. Okay, decent enough question. Q20. As long as there are more users accessing the internet, the "culture" or more like pool of cultures is ever-growing. Whether you introduce new cultures to the pool, or have higher concentrations of a particular culture, it'll change the internet culture. As growth isn't determined by good or bad growth, rather just the capacity of growth, this question is stupid. Q21. Good Q22. Good Q23. Basically repeat of Q22, but worse.
  8. ReaperSurm

    Random Screenshots

    New dofus, new quests, kill me now
  9. ReaperSurm

    FML - Dofus Version

    Welcome to my life
  10. ReaperSurm

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Where's the overmage??
  11. ReaperSurm

    Selling Some Shit

    Bump. Merdi sold
  12. ReaperSurm

    Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    iooplettics (Reapersaurus), Sadi 200
  13. ReaperSurm

    Selling Some Shit

    Bump. Jammy Jack Reserved.
  14. ReaperSurm

    Selling Some Shit

    Belt of Prophets: 4m Fire Dial: 6m Merdi Cloak: 21m Spook Amulet: 12.5m Jammy J Amulet: 9m Deep Sea Sandals: 10m Pm IG @ Centaur or Reapersaurus

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