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  1. ReaperSurm

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    If you're doing korri souls: 1. Use Arrow of Judgement > Puni [You get to do like 2k dmg from turn 1]. 2. Go pure str (Did a str/pow set 4 u) + You use poison spell to dmg purple thing. 3. Don't even bother with aton / other spells that take long af to charge. The whole point is fights are fast af. 4. Pure = better dmg. 5. Bow = to speed up killing that purple turd 6. I assumed you had turq/crimson/cloud cuz yeah, if not, np, just replace with other stuff. 7. If you get hit, you suck, so fuck abso arrow. 8. If you want to use for other pvm, set offers a little elemental flexibility, but allows you to do dank af dmg. 9. Yes the resi sucks, but again, you're a cra. Don't get hit, that's the whole point of having a cra.
  2. ReaperSurm

    Lets Fuck Together (:

    I believe there are sources on dofuspourlesnoobs. Max is 0/2, and with an inbred rhine, you're reduced to 0/1. In addition, having the rhines are max energy when bred is said to influence that as well. I'll see if Amber can link the source
  3. ReaperSurm

    Lets Fuck Together (:

    WuW U think im nice :3 Keep posts related to Rhines or fuck off cunts
  4. Hey! So as many are aware, the new Rhineetles are kinda rare. You can't mate your wilds+wilds kids together, or they'll be genetically inbred, losing the maximum amount of births. As many of you know, the Fabulous Animuffin / @Amber is breeding her little cuties. I'm posting this because for an individual breeder to thrive, and build a successful tree, they'd need a total of 8 wild mounts just to be sure non are inbred. Ain't no one got time to hunt x8 of those fuckers, let alone 4m/4f of the same kind... So on behalf of Amber, we are looking for partners two who would be willing to mate their wild-wild offspring with hers. She currently has two fertile ebony rhines, 0/2 matings. What do you gain from this arrangement? She knows what she's doing, trusted and adored by the server too. If you rhines aren't fertile, we can do the hard-lifting for you. It takes about 36 hours for us to max a rhine from 0 everything. If you're still worried about the safety etc, we can do a trade/trade (e.g. trading a Male ebony for another Male ebony, so that we both have a pair of ebony's that can be bred together). I can level your rhines to 100 as an extra incentive, so when they're done mating, you won't have to do all the mount leeching at the end. If you supply a female, and are trusted int he community, we'd be happy to let you hold onto the rhine If you have a chamo, we'd be willing to compensate you for the sexing too. All babies are split equally (4 per arrangement). Only have one rhine? No problem, we might still be able to work something out! We'd just have to split the offspring/keep track of the partners. To be clear: We will only be accepting partnerships/arrangements with individuals we trust, or are trusted by the server. We will not be accepting any inbred rhines. If your rhines have been mated with another players, we'd like to know in advance, just so we don't accidentally cross-contaminate them when breeding the following offspring. There may be additional things, but that's it for now. Want to maximize your wealth, breeding achievements and make cute babies? Contact Animuffin / Allora or myself Centaur and we can discuss any additional details.
  5. ReaperSurm

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

  6. ReaperSurm

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    Wtf is a brairs? @oldxelor Mind clarify this translation?
  7. ReaperSurm

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    That's lowkey like buying a child sex slave on ebay, then when Liam Nelson has his fist up your butt, you just wail "I bought it so it's mine, rules against or not."
  8. ReaperSurm

    sell orchid rhinettle

    It's not even chamo... sheitle
  9. ReaperSurm

    The official newbie question thread!

    Thanks hardcore dofus nerd
  10. ReaperSurm

    The official newbie question thread!

    I know it is possible to "Reset a map." Does anyone have any clear rules/guidelines on how to do so? I've gathered that killing a large mob (7+ loot) usually resets, although killing smaller mobs does not. I'm far too lazy to actually experiment and see if u have to kill like 8 monsters on a map b4 reset, or what resets the map. So if any of you hardcore dofus nerds could help, i'd appreciate u
  11. ReaperSurm

    Ask a Mage

    1. All new shield runes are 15 power 2. % Ranged dmg is only better than say +20 overmage if you aren't pure elemental. (Double check in dofusplanner.com [add 20 element vs 1% spell dmg overmage [2% also possible, but much harder] and decide based upon ur spells etc]).
  12. ReaperSurm

    Post your goals and achievements

    Ehhhh Masik already soloed, step up ur game
  13. ReaperSurm

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Nothing godly, but i'll leave this here: (2 tries, 1AP, 1MP)