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  1. ReaperSurm

    Post your goals and achievements

    Watch him re-do it just to spite u hhhh
  2. ReaperSurm

    Best idol meta

    Just go to dofusgo and it automatically lines up higher--> lowest based on your combinations (adjust for your PP, as it will change the prosp multiplier). I think with 755pp i got it to an additional 93% bonus, (max being 113% ~ but even fighting noob stuff, is way way too hard). It's highly dependent on the bosses though, so you should look at exploiting a particular boss, and develop a strategy around that, that a. Lets you use hella pp items (680-750pp) (aka don't need hardcore dmg) or b. Lets you get hella idol advantage in regular pp/battle sets (~300-400pp), or 3. Use pp/battle sets (11-12ap/4-5mp) with hardcore idols and like 500-600pp per char. (PP includes candies).
  3. ReaperSurm

    2.48 Idol farming

    Idk why anyone would advertise the new meta if they discovered it. Everyone would just pounce. + Sadi's aren't ded. They're just handicapped. Sadi/sadi/cra/enu will work for range. wont be 1 turn, but it'll be range and faster than most
  4. Probably explains why there's always lag..... Bring in a "delete all naked chars" function.
  5. For those trying to create characters but unable to: I'm sure 99% of DofusPlanner people have like 1000 'set' ideas, or naked chars because they randomly forgot to save etc. Just go to history, and click any character that you don't mind over-writing, usually you'll find you have a bunch of gearless characters. + If you click create char, and don't let it load, then go into history, quite often it'll create a character, but not tell you. If that makes sense. It's not a fix, but a loop-hole
  6. ReaperSurm

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Acct1: Cra Omni 200 Acct2: Cra Omni 200 Acct3: Cra Omni 200 Acct4: Cra Omni 200 izi
  7. ReaperSurm

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    The fact that sadis could infect entire teams with literally no effort at all was the only broken aspect. The fact that they can no longer damage infected enemies after 3 hits is the bullshit. There's no differentiation between a weak ass 3ap spell and 5ap dank af spell for e.g. Would have been way better to limit the duration of infected to 1, to limit the casts of infecting spells, limit non-los, etc. Or even add in an effect along the lines of "Infected enemies take 50% of dmg." Even with this update, you could just run a pure mp red (220+/1k agi) and a full str sadi Just infect entire team turn 1, turn 2 you just use soothing + para = -9mp per monster, then use aggressive x2 = easy 2-3k dmg per monster. Repeat (you'll just have to use contamination to keep all infected). After like 3 turn, you have enough trees out to just spam force of nature x2 for 5k dmg. OR everyone that has sadis, just change entire army to str. With class boots. https://www.dofusplanner.com/swMDn/edit/ (relatively cheap/optimized. can remove cloudy for -20% dmg). x8 str sadis (baring in mind manifold doesn't dmg allies anymore) = 11,700 - 14,900. (With 6ap per char). You can throw in a catseye bow per enemy, or whatever else u want. OR just run 9/4 sadis.
  8. ReaperSurm

    Post your goals and achievements

    Pago is a fucking god. I love how he congratulates u for watching him slay boss.
  9. ReaperSurm

    IV Speedruns: Discussion

    1 run or 5000 attempts, fastest time Idols mean nothing, just as turns mean nothing.
  10. ReaperSurm

    IV Speedruns: Discussion

    Plz just go watch Masiks youtube for like a 3 minute count solo izi
  11. ReaperSurm

    IV Speedruns: Discussion

    Wait... Doesn't this give a HUGE adv to anyone who 1. lives closer to france, 2. has NASA pc? Shouldn't it be done on turns, then if drawn, time?
  12. ReaperSurm

    S/B > Bunch of stuff

  13. ReaperSurm

    S/B > Bunch of stuff

    Added items for sale + removed sold items. Added items I wish to purchase
  14. ReaperSurm

    S/B > Bunch of stuff

  15. Hi need ur inky pm me