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  1. bump, guilds trying to rise again under these hard circumstances, all high level pvpers are welcome.
  2. Hello Im back to game and also, will be playing IOP from now on under nickname Beastbrook*will change later when i have enough money to not spend on other stuff* since I am little low on money after being hackered or scammered while I was quit. Illusionator back to recruiting, from now on we are looking for level 150+ players that can communicate in english and respect rules, thanks and see you! Also since alot of players are new and I dont know im looking for friends to have a fun time to play with, im pretty much a pvp person that loves alot of team PvP, h
  3. Bump, we are looking for some decent PVP people who wants to join our guild. :)
  4. Stay positive as you always are and calm. Good luck with life but I can tell you one, the life in not the same without Dofus so we might see you back in some months.(haha)
  5. Buying Cubist Shield with good stats with MP exo. Pm me Darwinian, Darw or Kizzaru. Link the shield and we will nego the price. (PRICE is around 25-30m) depending on MP reduction stats, if its not good the price will be lowered since this stat is not as important in our case.
  6. Can an administrator remove this topic to the right section please? in Echos war room thread.
  7. We are recruiting for level 195+ PvP minded players once again. After I passed leadership to The-Created while being absent the guild went to shit and everyone got kicked, since the moment we really couldnt manage to get the guild together in one piece. So far after this thing happened from months ago we have 72 members. Our family might be small but any new comer to the guild would be big for us. We are level 200 guild, average level is 198 and we are part of an small PVP alliance called [TRAP] Thank you.
  8. Achete eine Snowden
  9. Damn, this surprised me, but I guess it means even more of a change of the generation, didnt see this coming but you might of done one of the best decisions by far leaving dofus, enjoy the life man, had good time knowing you men, and still I have you on facebook if you decide to come play some Frisbee with me, will be just as easy as our perc hunts vs others kek Dont forget the game completely and log time to time, to chat with the people :) Take care bud!
  10. Indeed man! Thanks for everything and yeah no escape we will stay in touch haha :D
  11. So ugh, its been a very very long run in this game, started playing when I was around 14 or so and here im 20 years old. So much stuff have happened in the time I cant even remember everything, but this game did bring the best to the table. The game have changed so do people, I have finally decided to be no longer active player on DOFUS anymore, however I will log time to time to check up on my guild and chat to my budds who have left in the game. Starting from the noob Incarnam chaffers and then after 5years get in to Goultarminator always was my dream, sad I never made it as mai
  12. Well thats some new, I guess Timeless ran out of resources after previous scam, needed new PC for the Library kek.
  13. Bumpy. Once again in winter period I have been stepping out of leader position of Illusionator and our new leader for a while or forever will be The-Created he has done good job rebuilding guild together with few of the SiC`s they are taking over for now. So far Illusionator is level 191 and soon about to ding 200. Join us for the party, we have like 10 spots left in guild until we stop recruiting again. (183 members atm with avg level of 198) Cheers, Darwin.
  14. Bump, we are at the moment LEVEL 184 with 78 members, we are looking for active players both pvm and pvp wise. also an update we have found a new home(alliance) in the strong Alliance IRON. :) Dont be afraid to pm Darwinian(Broast) in game or any of our lovely SiC's. #IlluMafia
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