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  1. Check out http://dofusidols.info/- I've not used it myself but this thread seems to suggest it's pretty decent for doing exactly what you want.
  2. Or just use the Wisdom ones for AP/MP res/take. 60 fights with a free +10 MP/AP reduction resistance and +10 MP/AP reduction ability isn't so bad. :)
  3. To be honest, you're not going to be using your Feca as a tank. The vast majority of content you come across will require you to just kill it as quickly as possible. Reinforced protection is too strong not be used, so you'll have that spammed more often than anything else. I use the armor spell (I don't even remember the name) about once every 15 fights. As to your questions. 1. % resist is far superior in pretty much every way. Any sufficiently difficult content is going to be hitting you with spells that deal 500-1000 damage per turn. You simply can't use +resist to counter that. 2. There would be no real specialization if you did want to 'tank'. Most equipment has % res and vitality. 3. Depends on content you're doing but generally, you're going to be next to most stuff you kill unless you're chance.
  4. Why not a happy medium? Any correctly placed totems apply a -% resist at the end of the 5 rounds.
  5. May be a long shot, but have you considered putting on a pair of pants related belt? Like the Bwork Chief ones. Also, standing right in front of the NPC may be the solution. The text makes it read as if you need to be inspected, maybe you can only progress if you're one cell away.
  6. Oh man, that video. HOW DO PEOPLE GET HIGH LEVEL AND NOT PASS TURNS D: That would have been torture for me if the Darkli decided to wall any of the glyphs. Could have been 20+ turns with that gang. =/
  7. An elemental change to a weapon isn't considered an exomage. I'd wager quite a lot that it wouldn't reset the elemental change: that would be silly.
  8. Not mine, anyone that has ever maged an Inky knows the pain.
  9. The Compentoken system already provides this to a degree. You get to have 100 PP or 100 Wisdom for a single fight. Shigekax also work in a similar fashion, although they're anything from 5 fights to 30 fights that provide AP, Wisdom, Heals, Damage, Vitality and other stats. I wouldn't be surprised if a rework of the candy system was in place. Single-fight buffs purchased with credits available from some system.
  10. Who cares if it's more like real life? What's next? We need to start contributing to a retirement account, buying health insurance, regulating the markets for the safety of products, allowing patent control for unique products, etc. etc. I don't play Dofus for it to be realistic, I play Dofus because I have a highly stressful job and want to relax and unwind. One of the greatest aspects of Dofus over the years has been the ability for people to specialize. If you wanted to run Dragon Pig and drop Turqs as a way to make money, you could do that. If you wanted an army of Enutrofs to farm you Kitsou hairs so you could mass produce capes, mage them and crush for Ra Vi runes to sell, you could do that. If you wanted to create an alt farmer to produce bread, you could do that. For many years, Dofus had the ability for you to specialize in one particular area and focus on it religiously. In the modern Dofus environment, there is no specialization. Rune crushing limits and diminished returns reduce your ability to have an exclusive focus. Requiring bread to be crafted using Farming, Fishing, Hunting and Fighting in general (for the previously NPC'd items) is incredibly labour intensive and fatiguing. I came back to the game recently after a year of leaving it and when I did so, HP restoration costs anywhere from 5 to 10 Kamas per HP. When you run a team of 8 characters with an average requirement of say, 1500 HP per death/loss of fight, that can be 60-120kk. Incredibly expensive and totally unwarranted. In fact, until I saw the latest patch notes and the nerfs to all of the meats/breads I already had stored, I used Earth Bwak eggs in order to heal after a fight with an Eni because it was more economically sound. I saw others doing the same outside various Frigost 3 dungeons after they died. Dofus has a very serious issue if people are resorting to farming a level 50 monster to drop eggs to start fights to heal before fighting again. That needs to be fixed, and the complexity of creating food has to be reduced. - Ultimately, the changes made in recent years to remove the ability to specialize is a step in the wrong direction for the developers as they force people to do incredibly extensive tasks in order to achieve desired goals. The changes made to food production were ill conceived, poorly executed and completely unjustified - they were also emblematic of where the game has headed: a complete lack of diversity in player focus. It is no longer profitable or sustainable to have any focus. The development team has decided that they want every player to be in the exact same position as everyone else, only making it no easier to get what you need in order to do something as simple as producing HP recovery tools. /rant
  11. You can drop them multiple times onto the hotbar. When switching over materials for the new patch, I went ahead and filled in 8 bars. Then mashed QWERTYIU - very simple and quick.
  12. I had around 10k cereal bread I've sold in the last few weeks because I figured they were going to do something retarded like this.
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      Hello All , As the years have been through and our lives have moved along , I have never forgot how Omni familly took care of me against Knights Templars agroeing during BrakmarVsBonta, I joined and became part of this familly .
      After many quits and hacks , I have came back a couple months and been keeping your legacy you passed on to me , Omni is still alive and kicking , if you wish to drop by just to say hello , please do I miss you all a lot
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